Deep lines & volume loss? Juvederm line of dermal fillers rejuvenates your skin naturally from the inside! At Skinly you can rest assured with the beautiful outcomes!

Non-surgical volume replacement & deep fold correction for eyes, cheeks, smile lines, lips, jawline and many more

No downtime and no pain

Instantly amazing, long lasting (9-24 months) and naturally looking results

Made from organic ingredients

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable hyaluronic acid based dermal filler FDA approved in 2006 for treatment of loss of volume, wrinkles, and facial folds, Juvederm is manufactured and distributed by Allergan, which is also known as the manufacturer of Botox. Juvederm is used in several areas of the face to reduce and eliminate hollowness, wrinkles, and folds, such as under eye hollows, Juvederm cheeks, smile lines (also called nasolabial folds), lips, chin, jawline, deep wrinkles, and more. As an expert in cosmetic and laser medicine with several years of extensive experience, Dr. Schwarzburg is deemed one of the best injectors in NYC, making Skinly Aesthetics a go-to clinic to get Juvederm injections.

Over the past 10 years, Juvederm injections have become incredibly popular due to its advanced formulation of hyaluronic acid that can be used on a variety of skin types with natural looking results. As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin that can not naturally be replaced. With the help of Juvederm injections, volume lost due to this loss in hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elatin, can be replaced to enhance facial features and create a more youthful appearance.

The Juvederm line comes with a variety of Juvederm fillers, which have slightly different formulations, making each one uniquely ideal for very specific treatment areas and patient needs. The list of Juvederm fillers includes Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Voluma XC, JUvederm Vollure, Juvederm Volbella, and Juvederm Volite.

Is Juvederm the same as Botox?

Juvederm is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid based dermal filler used to increase volume in hollow areas of the face, or fill in wrinkles and folds. Botox is an FDA approved neurotoxin that is injected into the muscle to relax and paralyze the muscle, causing restricted muscle contractions, which in turn reduces and eliminates the appearance and development of fine lines and wrinkles. While Juvederm and Botox can be used together and often complement each other very nicely, they are very different in purpose and use.

juvederm filler before and after
Under Eyes, cheeks, smile lines, lips, chin - before and after photo

Juvederm Family of facial fillers

  • Juvederm Ultra: Juvederm Ultra is typically used to restore moderately lost facial volume in the mid and lower face. Common treatment areas for Juvederm Ultra CS include nasolabial folds (or smile lines), marionette lines, and lips.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus: Juvederm Ultra Plus XC treats moderate to severe folds in the face including the nasolabial folds (or smile lines), and marionette lines. It can also be used for lip enhancement and contains lidocaine to make the overall injection experience more tolerable.
  • Juvederm Voluma: Juvederm Voluma, just like its name, is ideal for extra volume, It is specifically designed for facial contouring and is most commonly injected in the cheeks, chin, jowls, and other hollow areas in the face to restore lost volume and create a more youthful look. Juvederm Voluma is also sometimes used to treat acne scars to restore lost volume and collagen from atrophic acne scars.
  • Juvederm Vollure: Juvederm Vollure is known for its longevity, lasting up to 18 months. Most other fillers last up to one year. Juvederm Vollure is most commonly used to fill in nasolabial folds, also called smile lines.
  • Juvederm Volbella: Designed primarily for under eye rejuvenation, Juvederm Volbella is ideal for more delicate areas (and subtle enhancements) for injection in fine lines and wrinkles, under eyes (also called tear troughs), and the lips. Juvederm Volbella is also sometimes used to treat acne scars to restore lost volume and collagen from atrophic acne scars.
  • Juvederm Volite: Juvederm volite is generally used to improve the quality of your skin through increase in elasticity and hydration, and reduction in fine lines.

What makes Juvederm Voluma unique?

Aging causes us to lose collagen and fat tissue which leads to loss of volume in the face. This volume loss causes us to look hollow and makes us appear older, particularly when it comes to volume loss in the midface, under eyes, and cheeks. Volume loss can also lead to sagginess which is a tell tale sign of aging. Juvederm Voluma was specifically designed to add volume to the face to fill in these hollow areas creating a more youthful appearance and fuller face.

How is Juvederm Voluma unique from Juvederm Ultra?

Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Ultra were both designed to fill in hollow areas and deep folds in the face. Juvederm Ultra is ideal for the nasolabial folds and can also be used in the lips. Depending on your particular case, Dr. Schwarzburg selects the Juvederm filler that he finds most appropriate for your individual goals and features.

How long does Juvederm Voluma last?

Juvederm Voluma can last anywhere from 9 to 12 months depending on how many syringes are used and how quickly it is metabolized by the patient. The longevity of Juvederm Voluma results vary on a case by case basis.

Juvederm voluma injections

How much is Juvederm Voluma?

The cost of Juvederm Voluma varies depending on the number of syringes used, the treatment area, as well as the geographical location of your clinic and the qualifications of your injector. It is possible that a board certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will charge more than a nurse or aesthetician at a medical spa.

Can you combine Juvederm Voluma with other procedures?

Juvederm Voluma can be combined with a variety of treatments and fillers. Depending on the treatment area it may be combined with Botox to erase fine lines and wrinkles around the treatment area or relax the facial muscles to create the desired result. It can also be combined with medical grade skin tightening treatments such as Secret RF microneedling or Fraxel laser. If Juvederm Voluma is combined with another treatment such as Botox injections or skin tightening treatments, it should be injected after the other procedure to avoid migration of the product.

Can Juvederm Voluma be used for acne scars?

Acne scars can also be treated with Juvederm Voluma. Extensive amounts of acne scarring results in volume loss, leaving us with small indents, and Juvederm Voluma can be used to replace this lost tissue volume to fill in the scarring. Depending on the severity of the scarring, Dr. Schwarzburg often starts with a Secret RF microneedling treatment, followed by a Fraxel Dual laser treatment to smooth out and refine the skin through fractional thermal ablation. If the patient is still left with some deeper scars, Juvederm Voluma can be used to fill them in.

What is Juvederm Ultra Plus?

Juvederm Ultra Plus is a Juvederm cosmetic gel manufactured by Allergan. It is FDA approved to treat loss of volume and wrinkles in the face and is a hyaluronic acid based gel. Juvederm Ultra Plus is one of Juvederm’s five products and is designed mainly as a lip enhancement. The other Juvederm products can be used as a lip enhancement, however because Juvederm Ultra Plus is more dense, it provides additional volume and structure. Depending on the ultimate goal and desired look of the patient, Dr. Schwarzburg may use Juvederm Ultra Plus or another dermal filler to add volume to the lips. Juvederm Ultra Plus is the same product as Juvederm Ultra Plus, but contains a small percentage of lidocaine which makes the overall injection more tolerable.

What is Juvederm Ultra Plus used for?

The main purpose of Juvederm Ultra plus is to add volume to the lips and fill in deep folds around the lips such as the nasolabial folds, also called smile lines, and the marionette lines (the lines that run from the corners of the mouth down the chin). Other areas that can be injected with Juvederm Ultra Plus include the chin, temples, cheeks, and jowls.

Juvederm ultra injection

What are the side effects of Juvederm Ultra Plus?

The side effects of Juvederm Ultra Plus are the same as the possible side effects involved in any hyaluronic acid dermal filler and include redness, swelling, bruising and formation of granulomas. After your treatment you will be provided with an ice pack to reduce the swelling. If you do bruise, Dr. Schwarzburg recommends applying a warm compress and arnica gel which can speed up the healing process, starting at 24 hours after the injections. Severe side effects such as ulceration and vision impairment are incredibly rare and typically only occur with improper injection technique. For this reason it is important to get your injections administered by a board certified medical professional such as Dr. Schwarzburg to avoid these severe side effects.

How long does Juvederm Ultra Plus last?

Juvederm Ultra plus typically lasts between 9 months to a year. Depending on how much filler is injected and the treatment area, the longevity of your Juvederm Ultra Plus results may vary. Some people tend to metabolize fillers quicker than others, while others tend to hold on to fillers for over a year.

How much is a syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus? How much is Juvederm Ultra Plus?

The cost of Juvederm Ultra Plus varies depending on how much product you get, the area in which it is injected, and the specific pricing of your clinic and injector. Larger cities and board certified doctors may charge more than medical spas suburban areas and nurses. In New York the average cost is anywhere between $700 to $1200 per 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus filler.

What is Juvederm Volbella?

Juvederm Volbella is a hyaluronic acid based Juvederm filler FDA approved for lip enhancement. It is one of the most popular lip filler options and uses VyCross technology which results in very smooth and longer lasting results. Because it is softer and thinner than most hyaluronic acid fillers, it will leave you with very natural and smooth appearing results, which is why it is particularly popular for Juvederm lip injections. Juvederm Volbella can also be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, also called smoker’s lines. It is not hydrophilic enough to create a lot of inflammation and hence volume expansion, nor is it dense enough to maintain a certain shape or structure. It’s primarily used for subtle lip enhancement and for thin skinned individuals wanting to correct their tear troughs.

Who makes Volbella?

Juvederm Volbella is manufactured and distributed by Allergan, the company that also manufactures Botox, Kybella, and CoolSculpting. Allergan is a well known company that uses innovative technology to create some of the best medical cosmetic products on the market.

How long does Juvederm Volbella last?

Juvederm Volbella can last anywhere from nine months to over a year depending on how much filler you get, and where it is injected. The longevity of Juvederm Volbella results varies from person to person and how their bodies respond to the treatment.

Juvederm volbella injection

What is the difference between Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella?

Juvederm has a variety of dermal fillers each of which is specifically designed for different purposes and treatment areas. Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Ultra are particularly popular for use in the lips. The main difference between Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella is the texture. Juvederm Ultra is slightly denser and results in more swelling and volume, while Juvederm Volbella uses Vycross technology which creates a very smooth and natural looking result. Depending on the result you are trying to achieve, one or the other will be more appropriate for your particular goal.

How much does Juvederm Volbella cost?

The cost of Juvederm Volbella varies depending on how much, where, and who is injecting you. Some places offer lower rates based on how many syringes you get, while others have set pricing. A board certified physician may charge more than a nurse practitioner or aesthetician. If you live in NYC the cost of 1 syringe of Juvederm Volbella may range anywhere from $800 to $1300. You should also take into account the experience of the doctor doing the procedure and the complexity of your anatomy, as you may need more than 1 syringe to achieve optimal results.

Does Juvederm Volbella last longer than Juvederm Ultra Plus?

Juveder Volbella typically lasts at least one year while Juvederm Ultra Plus will usually last between 9 months and a year. This varies depending on how much is injected and how you personally respond to the treatment. Juvederm Volbella typically does last longer than Juvederm Ultra Plus, however there are exceptions.

What is Juvederm Vollure?

Juvederm Vollure is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid based dermal filler in the Juvederm family of fillers and is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as volume loss in certain areas of the face. It is primarily used in the midface for fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nasolabial folds, and cheeks. Because it contains both high and low molecular weight, it can be used for lines and wrinkles while allowing for natural movement and mobility in the face.

Advantages of Juvederm Vollure?

Juvederm Vollure is one of the longest lasting hyaluronic acid fillers with an average longevity of 18 months secondary to the use of Vycross technology, which is very resistant to degradation by tissue enzymes. Because of its long lasting results, it is a great option to use in areas such as the nasolabial folds and has the added benefit of containing lidocaine, making the overall injection process less painful.

What is Juvederm Vollure used for?

Juvederm is particularly ideal for moderate to severe lines and wrinkles in the mid face, in areas such as the nasolabial folds. Because it has a combination of low and high molecular weight, it works particularly well by retaining water molecules in its intermolecular lattice, and creates a sustainable degree of tissue volume. Hence, it gives an additional lifting effect making it ideal for more natural and flexible results.

How long does Juvederm Vollure last?

Juvederm Vollure is one of the longest lasting hyaluronic acid fillers owing to the use of Vycross molecular linking. It usually lasts for up to 18 months making it particularly popular for use in the nasolabial folds.

How many treatments of Juvederm Vollure will I need?

One treatment of Juvederm Vollure is typically enough depending on the results you are trying to achieve. Dr. Schwarzburg uses a “less is more” approach when injecting dermal fillers to avoid overfilling the face. Because Juvederm Vollure typically lasts up to 18 months, you will not need to get an additional treatment until its effects subside. Some patients choose to get touch ups every 12 months to maintain the most optimal results.

juvederm vollure injections

What is the process of Juvederm injections?

The first step in getting your Juvederm injections is to schedule a one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg, during which you will have the opportunity to discuss all treatment related concerns, treatment areas, and procedural options with Dr. Schwarzburg. Taking your unique case into consideration along with your medical history, skin type, goals, and concerns, Dr. Schwarzburg will determine the optimal treatment plan for you. Depending on timing, you will then be able to get your Juvederm injections either during your consultation visit, or you will be scheduled for a day and time that works for both you and Dr. Schwarzburg.

Prior to your treatment, you will be advised to take two Tylenols to reduce discomfort during the procedure. You will also be instructed not to take any blood thinners as these could potentially cause excess bleeding and bruising. Depending on the treatment area, Dr. Schwarzburg may apply a local lidocaine based numbing cream on your sanitized treatment area 15 – 20 minutes prior to your injections to reduce any discomfort during the procedure. Once the numbing cream is removed, the area is once again properly sanitized to avoid infection.

The injections themselves are relatively quick and painless, and depending on how many syringes you receive, will likely only take up to 30 minutes. Once you have been injected, Dr. Schwarzburg will provide you with an ice pack that is to be applied to the treatment area for the rest of the day. Be sure not to rub or touch the area for 3 – 5 days and avoid heat, exercise and extreme sun exposure to avoid excessive swelling. If you bruise, you will be advised to apply a warm compress and arnica gel until the bruising subsides.

What should I expect during treatment?

The treatment itself is fairly quick and painless. Some Juvederm fillers contain lidocaine which makes the overall injection process more tolerable. Additionally in some cases, Dr. Schwarzburg will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area 15 – 20 minutes prior to the injection process to alleviate and prevent any additional discomfort. During the treatment Dr. Schwarzburg will use one of many techniques that he deems the most appropriate for your specific case. The treatment itself will take 20 – 30 minutes and results will be seen immediately. There is a possibility that bruising and swelling will occur in which case you may not be able to see the full results as clearly. In this case be sure to apply an ice pack for the remainder of the treatment day, and a warm compress on the following days until the bruising subsides.

Does Juvederm hurt?

Most people do not feel too much pain during Juvederm injections. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may or may not experience some discomfort and pain during the procedure. Some Juvederm fillers are formulated with lidocaine which will reduce any discomfort. In addition, depending on the treatment area, a topical numbing cream is applied to reduce any additional pain or discomfort. You will also be advised to take two Tylenols before your treatment to make the whole thing more tolerable.

Does Juvederm work immediately?

While the results of Juvederm injections are immediate, in some cases bruising and swelling occur immediately after the injections, which will obscure the actual results. This may last up to two weeks and can be treated with an ice pack on day one to reduce the swelling, and a warm compress on the following days until the bruising subsides. If you want to get your Juvederm filler for a special event, Dr. Schwarzburg recommends leaving 2 – 4 weeks time between the injections and the event in case of unforeseen bruising or swelling.

How soon until I see the results of Juvederm injections?

Juvederm results can be seen immediately after injection as the filler expands and fills the hollow spaces or deep wrinkles. In some cases there will be some bruising and swelling in which case it may be harder to see the final results until they subside. To speed up the healing process you can apply an ice pack on the first day and a warm compress and arnica gel on the following days for the bruising.

How long do dermal fillers such as Juvederm last?

The longevity of Juvederm results vary based on the type of Juvederm filler used, how much is used, and the patient themselves. Some people tend to metabolize fillers quicker than others, and some have above average longer lasting results. On average, Juvederm Ultra Plus lasts between 9 and 12 months, Juvederm Vollure can last up to 18 months, making it the longest lasting Juvederm filler, Juvederm Volbella can last up to one year, and Juvederm Voluma can last 12 months or longer.

Is Juvederm safe?

Juvederm was FDA approved in 2006 to treat tissue volume loss and deep facial wrinkles and folds as safe and effective treatments. While just like any other procedure there is a risk for possible side effects, they are incredibly rare and in most cases treatable. The best way to avoid these risks and side effects is to get your treatment administered by a board certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist with the experience and expertise to inject your Juvederm filler safely and effectively.

What are the common side effects of Juvederm Injections?

Generally Juvederm injections require little to no downtime. There are a few things to take into consideration after your treatment to reduce bruising and swelling, which are to avoid exercising and heat for 2 to 3 days, and to ice the treatment area on day one, followed by a warm compress on the following days to reduce the swelling.

Possible risks and side effects from Juvederm injections include bruising, redness, swelling, discoloration, tyndall effect, irritation, lumps or bumps, pruritus, and tenderness, all of which can be reduced and eliminated with proper treatment. Keep in mind that these risks and side effects are less likely to occur if you get your treatment done by a board certified physician or plastic surgeon with experience such as Dr. Schwarzburg.

How to avoid bruising from injectables?

The best way to avoid bruising from injectables is to discontinue any use of blood thinners such as Aspirin and Motrin or any other supplements that may cause bruising, two weeks before your procedure. Alcohol and smoking cigarettes can also increase bruising as well as the duration of your downtime. If you do bruise, you can apply a warm compress as well as arnica gel to speed up the healing process.

Is it safe to exercise after Juvederm?

It is okay to exercise 48 hours after your Juvederm treatment. Any exercise before that could possibly increase the swelling and bruising in the treatment area and increase the chances of filler displacement.

Which areas of the face can Juvederm treat?

Juvederm can treat several areas of the face to replace lost facial volume, enhance existing features or fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Areas of the face that can be injected with Juvederm fillers include the lips for increased volume and definition, fine lines and wrinkles (also called smokers lines or vertical lip lines), corners of the mouth, marionette lines (the lines that run from the corners of your mouth down to the chin, nasolabial area, tear trough (under eyes), chin, temples, hands, cheeks, jawline, neck, and to fill in acne and surgical scars.

Juvederm for jawline enhancement

There are various dermal fillers that can be used around the jawline to add more prominence to a weak mandible. Juvederm is one of the dermal fillers often used in that area, though fillers such as Radiesse are typically more common due to the density and longevity of the product. Jawline contouring may require various treatments to achieve the desired outcome, particularly if there is fat present that may need to be eliminated in order to properly enhance the jawline.

Age-related volume loss and the liquid face lift

As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, which typically keep our skin looking youthful. Once we begin to lose collagen and hyaluronic acid, our faces begin to lose volume, especially under the eyes and cheeks. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to replace this lost volume as well as fill in wrinkles, lines, and folds that form with age. This is often called a liquid face lift, as it gives you a rejuvenating and youthful lift without any surgical intervention.

Juvederm Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement has become incredibly popular over the course of the past ten years, not only for celebrities and social media influencers, but for everyone from your friends to your family and neighbors. There are several different techniques that can be used for lip augmentation to achieve a particular look, whether you want to go for something dramatic, Kylie Jenner style, or something more subtle to simply add a little bit of volume. Juvederm is one of the most frequently used dermal fillers for lips, because of its versatility and its hyaluronic acid base. Aside from adding volume to create a fuller lip, Juvederm can also be injected around the lips to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, also called smoker’s lines and perioral lines that are caused by smoking, aging, and sun damage. Juvederm Volbella was developed specifically for these lines and will also add a subtle volume in addition to the elimination of the lines.

Full lips can become smaller as we age and lose collagen and moisture in our faces. This lost volume can be restored with Juvederm fillers to fill in your thin lips for a younger and more hydrated look.

What should I consider when choosing a lip filler?

The main thing to take into consideration is what kind of result you are looking to achieve. If you want a fuller look, then you may want to go with Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, or Juvederm Vollure. For a more natural look, Juvederm Volbella may be the best option. The best thing to do is to allow an experienced and knowledgeable injector to make the decision for you to avoid any undesirable results.

Which Juvederm is best for lips?

While all Juvederm fillers can be used on the lips, the most common Juvederm products used on the lips include Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Ultra, and Juvederm Ultra Plus. Depending on your desired result, Dr. Schwarzburg will choose the dermal filler that he finds most appropriate for your unique case.

How many syringes of Juvederm are needed for lip fillers?

The number of Juvederm syringes needed for lip fillers varies depending on your original lip, your desired result, and the kind of Juvederm used. On average most patients will need anywhere from 1 to 3 syringes to achieve their desired result. Three syringes is usually on the more dramatic side while one syringe is standard.

Can you use Juvederm Voluma for the lips?

There are several Juvederm products each of which is optimal for different purposes and areas of the face. Juvederm Voluma can be used in the lips if the lips are extremely thin and lack volume and structure. Because of Voluma’s high density and viscosity it can achieve dramatic eversion and height increase of both upper and lower lips. The lips feel harder and more rubbery to the touch compared to other lip fillers. So while Voluma is most frequently used in the cheeks, it can definitely be used to augment the lips if you are a good candidate.

Which Juvederm do I choose if I want lips like Kim Kardashian?

Juvederm Ultra Plus is a Juvederm filler that will typically add more volume and definition than other fillers. Nevertheless, you will likely need two syringes for that fuller look.

How much is Juvederm for the lips?

The cost of Juvederm for the lips depends on how much filler you need, what kind of Juvederm filler you need, your geographical location, and the qualifications of your injector. One syringe of Juvederm Ultra injected by a board certified plastic surgeon in New York or Los Angeles will cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the complexity of your anatomy. Some medical centers extend discounts if other procedures are combined or more than 1 filler is used.

Cheek enhancement with Juvederm Voluma

As we age, we lose collagen, elastin, and fat in our faces, which directly results in loss of tissue volume in our cheeks and other areas of the face. This volume loss essentially deflates the cheeks resulting in flatter appearing features and creates an appearance of older age and goes hand in hand with loss of volume under the eyes. Juvederm Voluma was FDA approved in 2013 to treat hollowness in the cheeks to restore lost collagen and volume in the treatment area. Juvederm Voluma for the cheeks is a great way to increase volume in hollow areas of the face and typically lasts up to 12 months.

Jaw contouring with Juvederm Voluma

Little to no definition around the jawline is something that affects many people due to genetics, bone structure, fat, or loose skin. Juvederm Voluma is an ideal filler to lift the jowls and add more volume to create a lifting and tightening effect, as well as a more defined jawline. Juvederm in jawline will create a more chiseled and defined look from a side profile perspective. Dr. Schwarzburg also often combines this with Botox or Dysport In the masseters to slim down the jaw area, as well as Botox in the neck bands to treat and prevent the formation of wrinkles and lines around the neck.

If there is a lot of fat around the jawline obscuring the angular bony features, Dr. Schwarzburg recommends a fat elimination treatment such as Kybella or CoolSculpting before Juvederm Ultra injections in the jaw, for more prominent and desirable results. PDO thread lift is another popular procedure that helps shape the jawline.

Nose Contouring With Juvederm:

Juvederm is commonly used as a dermal filler to contour the nose in various ways. Nose fillers are often meant to even out a crooked nose or to straighten out bumps and dents on the nasal bridge. There are a variety of fillers that can be used for this, including Juvederm, as it is a hyaluronic acid based filler which can be dissolved should results be unsatisfactory.

Chin enhancement with Juvederm Voluma

Dermal fillers are most commonly known for areas such as the lips, under eyes, and cheeks. An area that is often neglected is the chin, which goes hand in hand with the jaw that can also be injected with Juvederm Voluma. Voluma in the chin not only evens out asymmetry in the face, but gives your chin more prominence for a more projected profile view. Many people prefer this minimally invasive option over surgical implants that are incredibly invasive and come with additional risks and side effects as well as extended downtime. Dr. Schwarzburg sometimes combines chin fillers with CoolSculpting or Kybella treatments first, to eliminate the fat around the chin and jawline, for more definition and prominence.

Tear trough: treating under eye fillers with Juvederm

Loss of volume under the eyes goes hand in hand with volume loss in the cheeks. As we age and lose collagen and adipose tissue, we also lose volume in our faces making us appear older. This lost volume can be replaced with under eye Juvederm filler to rejuvenate and refresh your face and skin. Under eye hollows are often confused with dark circles or discoloration under the eye, however all this really is a shadow cast by loss of volume in the tear trough. Dermal fillers in the tear trough such as Juvederm Volbella are a great option to eliminate this hollowness and refresh your overall appearance.

Treating nasolabial folds with Juvederm

A common area that is often overlooked are the nasolabial folds, also called the smile lines or parenthesis. The nasolabial folds are the folds that go from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth and make you appear older. They are often the first area that show volume loss in the face. Juvederm injections are commonly used to fill in these lines, Juvederm Vollure being one of the most popular Juvederm fillers for that particular area. It can last up to 18 months and is a great way to reduce or eliminate the appearance of smile lines.

Can I combine Juvederm with other cosmetic procedures?

Juvederm can be combined with other cosmetic procedures including other hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero, Sculptra, Revanesse, and Teosyal; neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeaveau; skin tightening treatments such as Fraxel laser and Secret RF Microneedling and skin lifting procedures such as PDO thread lift.

Botox and other neurotoxins such as Dysport are often combined with Juvederm as it will prevent and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the treatment area as well as relax other muscles around the jaw and neck depending on where it is injected.

Juvederm can be used in conjunction with other fillers too. For example, a popular mix includes injecting Restylane Silk filler under the eyes, Juvederm Voluma for the cheeks, Juvederm Ultra for the smile lines and Radiesse for jawline definition.

If sagging skin remains after liquid facelift with Juvederm Voluma and other fillers then a PDO thread lift would be a logical next step to improve the appearance of loose skin around the jowls and jawline.

Sometimes before Juvederm Voluma can be injected for chin definition and augmentation, it is necessary to rid the area of excess fat. To reduce the stubborn fat around the chin area either CoolSculpting, which is a non-invasive cryolipolysis system or Kybella injection, which is a synthetic version of fat dissolving deoxycholic acid can be used.

If you plan on getting a skin tightening and acne scar removal treatment, you can get the treatment before you get your fillers to avoid migration of the filler. Some of the most popular treatments include non-ablative fractional laser treatments such as Fraxel Dual, or Secret RF microneedling, which is a fractional microneedling treatment utilizing radiofrequency energy to coagulate the dermal-subdermal layers to stimulate collagen production.

Combing the best skin care, laser treatments, and dermal fillers

The best form of skin care is oftentimes combination treatments depending on the original state of your skin. All treatments serve different purposes and can be used on their own or in combination with other treatments. Dr. Schwarzburg frequently combines skin tightening treatments such as different forms of microneedling and laser treatments such as Fraxel, with Botox to relax the muscles, and reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and dermal fillers to replace lost collagen and hyaluronic acid with volume.

How does Juvederm Compare with Restylane?

Both Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers FDA approved to enhance volume in certain areas of the face and body. While the two are very similar, they differ in molecule size and chemical composition, thickness and longevity. Juvederm tends to swell a bit more than Restylane and hence Juvederm creates more volume; however, it depends on how you personally respond to either. There are several types of Juvederm fillers and several types of Restylane fillers, some of which are direct competitors. Dr. Schwarzburg chooses the filler based on your particular needs, skin thickness, anatomical structure, and desired results. While the differences are minor, a skilled medical professional will know which one to use on a case by case basis.

Which is better, Juvederm or Restylane?

There is no single filler that is better than the other. All fillers serve their own individual purpose and while one may be better in some cases, the other is better in other cases. Juvederm and Restylane are both FDA approved hyaluronic acid based fillers that can be used to replace lost volume and fill in lines and wrinkles in the face, neck, and hands. Which filler is the correct filler to use will be determined by Dr. Schwarzburg upon injection after a careful analysis of your case and skin.

Can you combine Juvederm and Restylane?

Juvederm and Restylane are both hyaluronic acid fillers that can be used for the same purposes. Both Juvederm and Restylane have several varieties of fillers that can be combined in different areas of the face to complement each other. Sometimes one or the other makes more sense depending on the patient’s face and desired results, in which case they may or may not be combined.

Can smoking affect Juvederm injections?

Smoking can have a negative effect on your skin overall because it reduces the amount of collagen in your skin as well as the longevity of hyaluronic acid. Smoking can also thin out your skin and slow down the healing process post injection.

Am I a candidate for Juvederm dermal fillers?

A good candidate for Juvederm dermal fillers is someone who is generally in good health. If you are looking to eliminate deep lines or hollowness in your face, Juvederm is likely a solid solution for you. If you are simply looking for a little bit of volume in your lips or to even out your chin or jawline, Juvederm could be a good option for you too.

If you do have allergies or skin conditions, be sure to discuss them with your injector before moving forward with the treatment. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should not get fillers.

Do you have to be 21 to have Juvederm lip fillers?

Legally you can get Juvederm fillers starting at age 18. Depending on what kind of filler you want, you may or may not be a candidate and some Doctors prefer not to inject anyone under the age of 21.

Can I dissolve Juvederm if I don’t like the results?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid based filler, which means that it is dissolvable with a hyaluronidase injection. Hyaluronidase injections will immediately dissolve any of the Juvederm fillers. Depending on how much filler you have, it may take more than one session to dissolve, which is why it is always good to start with less filler and add more gradually rather than getting 2 to 3 syringes at once.

How to metabolize Juvederm faster?

The best way to get rid of your Juvederm filler is to get a hyaluronidase injection. You can however try massaging the treatment area after the injection and going out in the sun, which will thin your skin and possibly diminish the filler quicker. Overall the best way to dissolve the filler is to get hyaluronidase injections.

What is the cost of Juvederm Injections?

The cost of Juvederm injections varies depending on how many syringes you get, the type of Juvederm filler, the Juvederm treatment area, as well as your geographical location and the qualifications of your injector. A board certified doctor may charge more than a nurse or aesthetician at a medical spa.

Why choose Juvederm dermal fillers?

Juvederm filler is a great filler to use for a variety of injections and treatment areas. Because there is such a wide selection of Juvederm fillers that are specifically designed for different treatments and treatment areas, such as nasolabial fold injections, Juvederm for the under eyes, and Juvederm lip fillers, there will almost always be a good Juvederm product to fit your needs.

Med Spas for Juvederm injections

Most med spas offer dermal fillers including Juvederm fillers. Depending on the med spa, there may or may not be a board certified physician available to do your injections. At Skinly Aesthetics, Dr. Schwarzburg, who is a board certified expert in cosmetic and laser medicine will be performing your injections. Be sure to investigate the experience and credentials of your injector to make sure that you are getting the best possible treatment.

Why choose Dr. Schwarzburg in New York City for your Juvederm injections?

Dr. Schwarzburg is a board certified expert in cosmetic and laser medicine. With several years of experience, his expertise and skill have deemed him one of the best cosmetic practitioners in New York. Dr. Schwarzburg’s goal is to create a natural and youthful appearance using a wider variety of state of the art equipment, products and technique.

Best Juvederm injectables in Manhattan, New York

Dr. Schwarzburg is amongst the best injectors in NYC and has acquired an exceptional skill set over his years of experience. As one of the most sought after cosmetic practitioners, Dr. Schwarzburg treats a variety of patients on a global scale from New York and surrounding states to patients across the globe who travel internationally seeking his expertise.
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