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With only a small set of injections, the Mesotherapy treatment is able to smooth out wrinkles, as well as other age marks, reduce fat, tighten loose skin, and lighten skin pigmentation wherever it has been damaged. You won’t find many treatments that are capable of this much with nothing more than a few injections. But this is the reality with this procedure and why among the many other treatments that are similar to Mesotherapy NYC clinics recommend it to patients who are looking to freshen their skin. Our own Skinly Aesthetics patients are also big fans of this treatment and always ask for it whenever they are looking for a refresher.

The injections contain a variety of vitamins, enzymes, and hormones which carry out a set of tasks in order to improve the skin quality and even contour the body. There are also plenty of other cosmetic body contouring treatments out there. But only a handful of them offer as many positive effects on your skin and body as this treatment. These vitamins, enzymes, and hormones are just what your body needs to freshen up its appearance, look younger, and more vibrant.


The injections used in Mesotherapy treatment are full of vitamins, enzymes, and hormones. While there is no one recipe for these injections as everyone’s body requires a different combination of dosages. The doctor will create a unique mixture of prescription medication, hormones, enzymes, and other nutrients beneficial to your body’s health and well-being that will match your necessities.

Before the Mesotherapy injections are administered you will be asked to avoid certain kinds of medication before and after the procedure. This ensures that you are safe all throughout the treatment and are not at the risk of developing some harmful chemical reaction. Most treatments have been successful with only a few rare cases of negative reactions which were very easily dealt with to ensure the patient’s safety.


During the procedure, your face will be injected with a special mixture of all kinds of minerals, vitamins, medication, and hormones that will boost your skin’s strength and make it healthier. The injections themselves are quite small, so they cause barely any damage to the injections sites.

For the best results, doctors recommend that you go in for more than one treatment, and most patients should expect to take another 10 to 15 appointments after the initial procedure. The injections will be administered every week and up to 10 days. This is done to ensure that your body has enough time to recover and is not overburdened with the injections. However, if the doctor notices visible improvements in the skin quality, the injections will be moved to further intervals, up to two weeks or even once a month.


A major advantage to this treatment over many others is how reasonably priced it is. When it comes to looking for practitioners with more accessible payment plans for Mesotherapy NYC is a good place to start. While there is no one clear-cut answer to how much Mesotherapy can cost, you can expect each session to be priced from $250 to $600, though this may greatly vary depending on where you live. You can contact Skinly Aesthetics to get a more concrete answer to your question about pricing and costs.


All the positive effects this treatment has sound great on paper, but what do they actually look like? Since the treatment utilizes a different compound or mixture of chemicals for each individual patient, the results are not similar for everyone. Some patients may focus more on skin pigmentation and so the results are more apparent when you pay closer attention to their skin. For others, the aim is to contour the body and reduce fat, so you may see a difference in their figure. And if a patient is looking to boost the vitamins in a given area of the body, the difference will only become noticeable once you physically touch their skin and feel how supple and healthier it has become.



Some of the Mesotherapy side effects include but are not limited to skin sensitivity, itching, redness, bruising, as well as small dark patches near the injection sites. These side effects are not pleasant, but they do go away rather quickly and do not cause too much discomfort.


The mesotherapy treatment has proven time and time again that it is a great procedure for anyone looking to get a set of results in a limited time slot. With just a few injections, the compound will remove excess fat, make the pigmentation of your skin more consistent, and will fade away wrinkles and other age marks.


To start seeing visible improvements in your skin quality, it is recommended that you go for at least 4 to 5 sessions of injections. And since initially each session requires a 5 to 7 day interval, it will take you around a month to see visible results. But the more sessions you go for, the more noticeable these improvements will become.


While tests have shown that the injections are quite safe and rarely have any negative reaction occurred within a patient, it is still highly recommended that you consult your medical professional before signing up for a treatment.


Depending on where you live and how much compound is going to be injected, each session of the treatment can cost you anywhere from $250 to $600. For a more accurate answer on the cost of Mesotherapy NYC practitioners offer a consultation session during which you will be given a full breakdown of the pricing. The difference between these two numbers is quite large, but that only goes to show you how versatile of a treatment it is and the wide range of possibilities that come with it.