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Quick Skin Care Tips for Thanksgiving

Quick Skin Care Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is pretty much here and with the commotion of the holiday, it’s easy to forget about the things that matter just as much as making your family happy. Having a big, beautiful table, with all your favorite food, decorated in the most beautiful way, is a pretty big achievement, but while you’re getting all this ready for the holidays, it’s easy to forget how to take care of yourself.

This is a very warm time for many people, as Thanksgiving is all about being happy and thankful for what you have. But while the atmosphere may be warm inside your dining room, outside, the weather is nowhere near as soothing. Which is why it’s easy to completely forget about yourself and make sure that your body is properly taken care of. We’ve already spoken about recent trends in cosmetic treatments and which ones to take advantage of, but understanding what you need at this time of the year could help keep your skin as safe as possible, as winter slowly creeps into our lives.

Even if you’re busy with all the stuff that you have to take care of during thanksgiving, don’t delay your skin care routines. Take them as seriously as you would at any other time of the year, and follow these steps provided to you by Skinly Aesthetics.

Watch Out for Stuffy Air

Clean air is something that your skin constantly needs. The more fresh it is, with just a little hint of chilling, the more refreshed your skin will be. However, in late autumn, not everyone likes to feel cold considering how everything around them is naturally getting colder by itself. You like to stay at home, maybe bundle up and turn on the heating.

This is fine if you have guests over, since you don’t want them to celebrate Thanksgiving in the cold, but let’s just consider a couple of factors. You have a rounded dozen people cramped in a room that is being heated so the air is even more stuffy and nowhere near as fresh as you’d like it to be. Sure being exposed to this for a couple of hours won’t really do any kind of serious damage to your skin or body, but if you’re having guests over for several days at several times of the week, this may become a routine.

And especially if you have one of those families that likes to stay at the table for long periods of time, this stuffy air could lead to your skin becoming a little weaker than it normally is. In general, this also has a negative effect on your respiratory system as well. People being stuffed in a room together, especially during Covid times, could result in people getting a little sick.

Remember to keep fresh air flow through the room, even if it means making the room just a little chillier than a few people at the table would like. Your body is in constant need of fresh air regardless of how resistant to the cold you are. So make sure that during the Thanksgiving holiday, you don’t just heat the entire house and turn it into a sauna. Give yourself and your loved ones a little more breathing room.

Be Careful of the Kitchen

Cooking a large Thanksgiving meal is a big chunk of what makes the holiday so special and memorable. It’s the effort that you put into making everyone happy that pays off with the happy and cheerful times that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

You mean find cooking to be super fun, especially when your loved ones are by your side to help you out. but as far as cooking might be, if you have an overcrowded kitchen, whether with people or with cooking appliances, you may be faced with a few dangers.

There’s a lot of fumes going around whether from the turkey in the oven, or all the different things on the stove. And while these smell great, they’re not particularly good for your skin. Especially when you’re cooking fatty foods, the grease that fries up and turns to steam or smoke can land on your skin, leaving an unpleasant surface. Hot oil is especially a big danger to your skin’s well-being and you should always steer clear of spilling it on yourself period not only is it painful but it will also leave long-lasting negative effects.

Make sure that your kitchen workstation is decluttered and everything is within hands reach, but not to the point that you might accidentally spill something. Leave a crack in the window open to allow fresh air to come in and take away all the steam and smoke that may develop while you’re cooking. This is important, as you’ll need all the fresh air that you can get when the kitchen will be the hottest room in the whole house.

Also, try cooking certain foods which exude a lot of smell as early as possible, so that once the guests arrive, all you’ll be left with is to heat that food and serve it. This is done so that after you finish cooking you have enough time to go and clean yourself up, taking a little shower right before guests arrive period this will ensure that you are at your freshest and that your skin remains clean of any cooking residuals.

Most of these you’ll notice are pretty simple tips, but in between all the commotion of the holiday, sometimes you don’t really think of doing any of them and you focus on getting everything ready. It’s important to take a little breather once in a while, in between everything that you, to rally yourself, get everything together and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as much as all your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Skinly Aesthetics.

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