5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks For A Natural And Dewy Look

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5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks For A Natural And Dewy Look

We all want to have that natural dewy glow that enhances our femininity and creates a more youthful look. Truth be told, at some point, we may have deluded ourselves into trying out various kinds of glitter-filled products to achieve that elusive J. Lo glow, only to wind up looking like something between a disco ball and a showgirl.

Well, if this is your story, don’t give up. Aside from having J. Lo’s makeup team contact information or being a 16-year-old, there are several makeup tricks you could employ to get this natural dewy look. Here are five of them:

1. Hydrate Your Skin

One essential step to achieving a natural dewy look is to hydrate your skin well. You can hydrate your skin by chugging down 100 liters of water a day or using a hydrating toner.

A hydrating toner will keep your skin lightweight and bouncy so that your foundation will not look heavy. You can then mix a small amount of your moisturizer with your foundation, which will allow your skin to breathe while blurring any imperfections.

To keep the elasticity of your skin and hydrate your body, drink the recommended eight liters of water per day. Hydrated skin can also be accomplished through intradermal vitamin delivery using treatments such as AquaGold, which can be acquired at medical spas such as Skinly Aeshtetics.

2. Brighten blemishes and dark circles

Once your skin is hydrated, the next step to looking natural and dewy is to use a concealer and brightening eye cream to look awake and bright. 

Most people develop puffiness, discoloration, or dark circles under their eyes. Therefore, a good eye cream applied under your eye will reduce puffiness and give you a brighter look. Focus first on the inner corners just under your eyes.

Then, apply concealer where or if needed. The concealer has the effect of naturally and subtly highlighting your face, particularly if you can extend it to the tops of your cheekbones.

3. Avoid Heavy Blush

When going for that natural dewy look, select rosy shades of blush that harmonize with your natural flush, and remember, applying less is more. Some would prefer matching their blush to their pout as another brilliant way to get that natural glow.

If you don’t have a suitable shade of blush, then select a peach-toned, creamy nude or some other subtly colored lipstick and dab some onto your cheek apples. Doing so should do the trick.

4. Use Tight-lined Mascara Instead of Eyeliner


Tight-lined mascara, if done right, has the same effect as eyeliner without giving away the fact that you have makeup on. Tight-line mascara is a simple trick of applying your mascara as close to your lash and water lines as possible. In this way, you will intensify and define your lashes.

If you are not a fan of mascara, at the very least, settle for a clear mascara option. Clear mascara can also condition, define and intensify your lashes without a trace of color pigment.

5. Don’t Overdraw Your Eyebrows.

It is important to achieve full, lush eyebrows without crossing the line into eyebrows to remove painted and too defined eyebrows. If you are unsure how you would look with full brows, try to edit your eyebrows on an eyebrow filter app. Select your desired look, then set it to work.

Use a dry spoolie to brush up your brows into the shape of your choice. Then, using a brow crayon or pencil, draw a few wisps of hair to fill in any sparse areas or gaps, and increase the fullness of your brows.

Apply a swipe of clear, or even tinted, eyebrow gel to set the natural look. You are well on your way to your dewy day look.


  • Finally, to nail that dewy and natural look, keep in mind these hacks:
  • As far as is possible, opt to use your hands or fingers instead of makeup brushes. Your hands have the added effect of warming and sheering out the makeup well. 
  • If you must use eyeliner, opt for a cream or white shade. White or cream eyeliner on your waterline will brighten and define your eyes without compromising your natural dewy look.
  • Give special attention to the center of your face. For instance, focus your concealer around your nostrils and concentrate on perfecting your lashes and brows.
  • Apply your base makeup products in reverse. First, apply concealer, then blush. Next, spread a sheer foundation or moisturizer for that barely any-makeup look.