Increase your stamina, define your abs and sculpt the butt with EmSculpt. Utilizing magnetic stimulation it causes muscular super contractions.

Results seen after just 1 session

No downtime and 100% noninvasive

Lift and sculpt your butt and achieve greater Abs definition

Crunch 20,000 times in just 30 minutes!

Fast Facts:

About: EmSculpt is the first FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring system that builds muscle mass while simultaneously burning fat for a naturally more toned and sculpted body. It can be used in various regions including the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and legs.

Safety: EmSculpt is not associated with any negative side effects or downtime. It is FDA-approved as a safe and effective method to contour the muscles without the need for surgical intervention.

Convenience: Each EmSculpt cycle takes no longer than 30 minutes per area. Deemed a “lunch break procedure”, EmSculpt is quick, convenient, and comes with zero downtime.

Cost: On average, the cost of EmSculpt can range anywhere from $500 – $1000 per treatment.

Efficacy: EmSculpt is an effective non-invasive technology used to enhance and strengthen treated muscle groups. Clinical studies have demonstrated a 19% reduction in fat and a 16% increase in muscle strength with a well-established treatment plan.

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What is EmSculpt Treatment? Why is it so popular?

EmSculpt is a non-invasive treatment using electromagnetic muscle stimulation through the application of electrodes on various regions of the body. Everybody is built differently, though most of us tend to struggle with the appearance of one or the other area, whether it be a lack of abdominal definition or a “saggy” butt. The most common way to work on our bodies is to engage in a regular exercise regimen and maintain a balanced diet. Unfortunately, depending on your genetics, age, and overall lifestyle, even vigorous exercise and a strict diet don’t always get you the body you want.

EmSculpt technology is currently the only device that will improve muscle definition and burn fat in the treated area and can be used in select muscle regions including the abdomen, firmer buttocks, arms, and legs. This procedure is able to give you the curvature, tone, and lift that exercise alone cannot achieve to make you feel more comfortable in a bathing suit with a stronger core and visible results. This revolutionary technology is used amongst a variety of demographics, even for Kim Kardashian, EmSculpt has become a go-to to keep her toned and shapely body maintained.

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How does EmSculpt body sculpting work?

EmSculpt works through the application of electrodes to your muscles, which emit energy to stimulate rapid muscle contractions, duplicating the effects of 20,000 situps or squats in 30 minutes. This technology uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to stimulate these supramaximal muscle contractions more effectively and deeper than the body can produce through natural means. In return, the muscles undergo hypertrophy and hyperplasia (increased muscle fibers) and cause a metabolic reaction that strengthens and builds muscles while simultaneously eliminating fat cells. As a result, patients are left with a leaner and more toned physique with an average increase of 16% in muscle mass and 19% in subcutaneous fat reduction. With EmSculpt Neo before and after, the additional benefit of radiofrequency heat raises the temperature of the fat cells in the treated area, eliminating additional fat.

What areas can EmSculpt treat?

Emsculpt is FDA cleared for use on the buttock, abdomen, thighs, legs, and arms.

  • Buttocks – EmSculpt butt lift can be used as a non-invasive butt enhancement. It can give you the lift, tone, and shape you’ve been wanting. It gives the butt a clear and well-defined shape and gives you stronger glutes that will benefit you at the gym. You can explore EmSculpt before and after glutes photos to see what kind of positive results can be achieved with the treatment.
  • Abdominal muscles – EmSculpt is used to improve muscle definition in your abdominal region and can also be used to treat postpartum diastasis recti.
  • Arms – With this procedure, you can define the muscles in your arms, namely, the biceps and triceps without any surgical intervention or excessive exercise. This provides naturally toned arms, rather than the classic “skinny fat” flab that many of us have.
  • Legs – Using electromagnetic muscle stimulation, you can tone and tighten your thighs and calves for a more shapely leg which is often an elusive goal for many patients.
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Am I a candidate for body sculpting treatments?

EmSculpt is ideal for both men and women of all ages who are generally in good shape, live a healthy lifestyle, and have a healthy BMI. It is a great tool to use to build a stronger core and reduce small pouches of fat that are hard to eliminate with exercise alone. It can also be beneficial for those who do not have sufficient body fat to undergo other body sculpting procedures or for women with postpartum diastasis recti.

Patients who are pregnant, have had hernia mesh repair, have metal hardware in the treatment area, or metal IUDs should not be treated with this technology. It is also important to keep in mind that EmSculpt is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise, and is more so an addition to an already healthy lifestyle. If you apply to the above-mentioned categories, EmSculpt NYC may be the right procedure for you. If you are a candidate, your EmSculpt Neo before and after results will not be disappointing.

How do I prepare for EmSculpt?

Your results will be more enhanced if you properly hydrate before and after your session. It is important to wear comfortable clothing and the skin must be cleaned before the applicator can be applied directly to your skin. If you have any piercings or electronic devices near or in the treatment area be sure to remove them beforehand as this can result in burns.

What can I expect during the treatment?

During your EmSculpt appointment, you will be sitting or lying in a comfortable position for the electrode applicators to be strapped onto your area of concern. Once the machine is turned on, you will feel powerful muscle contractions, which will persist in waves for 30 minutes. Once your session is complete you will be able to return to normal daily activities immediately. There is no post-treatment care.

How long is an EmSculpt procedure?

One cycle of electromagnetic muscle stimulation lasts 30 minutes per treatment area.

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Are there any risks and side effects with EmSculpt?

There are no risks or side effects associated with EmSculpt. You may experience soreness, similar to the soreness you would experience after an intense workout, which will subside within 2 – 3 days post-procedure.

Is there aftercare or downtime for EmSculpt?

EmSculpt involves no downtime as the treatment itself is non-invasive, meaning you can resume daily tasks immediately after your visit with no restrictions. You may experience some soreness for 2-3 days following, similar to what you would experience after a rigorous workout.

Maintaining a healthy and protein-rich diet along with regular exercise will boost and maintain your results. Many patients also purchase maintenance packages for monthly or bi-monthly follow-up treatments.

How much does EmSculpt cost?

The cost of EmSculpt can range $500 – $1000 per 1 session. This depends on the number of sessions purchased, as many clinics offer package deals, the geographical location, and the level of expertise of your provider.

Comparing EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo

  • EmSculpt: EmSculpt is a non-invasive treatment FDA approved as a body contouring device to build muscle while burning through fat cells using high intensity focused electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) causing the muscles to contract. As such, these supramaximal contractions tighten, strengthen, and tone the treated muscle regions, equating to 20,000 crunches or squats in only 30 minutes. Secondary to muscle enhancement, this technology also results in fat reduction, allowing patients to achieve a more sculpted and defined body without the need for surgery or associated downtime.
  • EmSculpt Neo: EmSculpt Neo utilizes electromagnetic energy to strengthen and tone targeted muscle groups. In addition, this advanced device utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy for added heat, resulting in more intense muscle building and fat reduction. Combining the effectiveness of EmSculpt’s high intensity focused electromagnetic pulses with RF energy, the muscles are more intensely stimulated and a higher number of localized fat cells are eliminated.

What areas of the body can EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo treat?

Both EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo are able to target 5 different regions of the body including:

  • Abdomen – for tighter and more defined abs;
  • Buttocks – for a non-invasive butt lift and overall sculpting;
  • Arms – to enhance bicep and tricep size and definition, and reduce upper arm fat;
  • Thighs – to firm and tone the thighs and to reduce unwanted inner and outer thigh fat;
  • Calves – to sculpt and add definition to the calves.
  • Diastasis Recti – tighten abdominal muscles after birth.

What are the similarities between EmSculpt Neo and EmSculpt?

  • Both procedures are designed to strengthen and build muscle and reduce fat through electromagnetic technology;
  • Both restore muscle wall strength;
  • Both Non-surgical.

What is the key difference between EmSculpt Neo vs EmSculpt?

The primary difference between EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo is their technological make-up.

EmSculpt depends specifically on HIFEM energy to strengthen targeted muscles and achieve fat reduction, while EmSculpt Neo uses HIFEM combined with radiofrequency energy for added heat, resulting in more dramatic fat burning and muscle strengthening results.

Other differentiating factors include:

  • Cost: EmSculpt Neo treatments are typically more costly than traditional EmSculpt sessions.
  • Muscle: While EmSculpt increases muscle mass by 16%, EmSculpt Neo increases muscle mass by 25%.
  • Body fat: Clinical studies have found a 19% reduction in fat after EmSculpting, and a 35% reduction in fat after a properly planned out EmSculpt Neo treatment plan.

Who is more suitable for an EmSculpt Neo Treatment?

Because EmSculpt Neo has a more intense fat-burning effect, it is ideal for patients with slightly more fat to shift, such as those with a BMI exceeding 30.

Who is more suited to an EmSculpt Treatment?

EmSculpt is a great option for those who want to build muscle but live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and have a BMI below 30.

Can I combine EmSculpt with other treatments?

EmSculpt is primarily designed to enhance and strengthen the muscles. While it does have some fat reduction effects, more dedicated modalities may be needed to truly target adipose tissue.

CoolSculpting and Kybella are minimally invasive procedures, both of which target to eliminate subcutaneous fat cells and are often combined with EmSculpt.

Other body contouring treatments such as Sculptra butt lifts are commonly used to enhance one’s overall shape beyond the muscles alone.

An alternative to EmSculpt is CoolTone, which also uses electromagnetic muscle stimulation to strengthen and tone targeted muscle groups.

EmSculpt Neo vs TruSculpt

EmSculpt Neo is a minimally invasive treatment that combines high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation with radiofrequency energy to stimulate deep muscle contraction and fat cell destruction. Due to the radiofrequency emissions, the muscle temperature is rapidly raised to 44° Celsius preparing the muscles for stress, similar to what happens during a warm-up before a workout. The underlying fat cells are raised to a temperature that causes apoptosis, allowing the body to naturally and permanently eliminate an average of 30% of treated fat cells over the following months. One EmSculpt Neo session takes 30 minutes.

TruSculpt uses monopolar radiofrequency through the application of several paddles that are placed on various targeted areas. Similar to EmSculpt Neo, the radiofrequency energy moves through the adipose tissue, heating adipocytes to approximately 43.5° Celcius, causing the permanent destruction of targeted fat cells. The treatment destroys approximately 24% of fat in the treated area during one 15 minute session.

While both EMSculpt and TruSculpt can be used interchangeably, EmSculpt Neo is often preferred as it reduces more fat and strengthens targeted muscles along the way.

What is the difference between EmSculpt Neo vs. CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure? What is the best technology for fat destruction?

Depending on your goals, any of these treatments could work for you. There are some minor differences in body fat reduction percentage, session time, thermal technology, and treatment areas. You can book a consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg to establish which one is best for you.

What is the treatment regimen? How many EmSculpt body sessions will I need?

Clinical trials have demonstrated significant results after 4 – 6 sessions completed over the course of 2 weeks. Just like any other workout, consistency is key for optimal results.

Does EmSculpt hurt?

EmSculpt is not painful and more often than not, simply feels like an intense workout. You may experience some soreness afterward, just as you would after a workout at the gym.

When will I see the results?

Results can be observed 2 – 4 weeks after the initial session and continue to improve for several weeks. Optimal results are seen after 4 – 6 sessions. Clinical studies demonstrate a 19% – 29% fat reduction and 16% – 19% muscle growth in patients that undergo biannual follow-up appointments.

How soon can I work out after EmSculpt?

Because there is no downtime, you can work out as soon as your session is complete. You can work out before and after your procedure with no restrictions.

What will my EmSculpt before and after results look like?

Before your Electrode treatment, you will have areas, such as the abdomen and buttocks, in which you are lacking muscle tone and definition. This may make you look “unfit” or “flabby” even if you have a low BMI and body fat percentage. After your EmSculpt cycles, you will notice more overall muscle definition and tightness in the treated areas, for an overall more sculpted appearance.

Emsculpt neo before after

How long does EmSculpt last?

Just like any workout, consistency is important to maintain results. As such, your EmSculpt results will last as long as you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, as well as monthly, follow-up treatments.

Is EmSculpt covered by insurance?

Because EmSculpt is an aesthetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance.

Does EmSculpt work?

Yes, EmSculpt works! With over 96% patient satisfaction and numerous successful clinical trials proven by MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, and cellular data, EmSculpt is a safe and effective treatment to increase muscle and decrease fat in 4 30 minute sessions.

Can EmSculpt help reduce muscle separation of pregnancy (Diastasis Recti)?

EmSculpt can absolutely help reduce muscle separation after pregnancy and has been clinically proven to reduce the separation by 19%.

Is EmSculpt safe?

EmSculpt is safe and has not been associated with any serious adverse events since its launch in 2018. There is zero downtime after the treatment, allowing patients to return back to everyday activities immediately after their appointment.

Can I get EmSculpt if I have an insulin pump?

If you are able to remove the pump during your treatment, which will last 30 minutes, then you should be able to undergo EmSculpt. The best way to confirm this is to consult with Dr. Schwarzburg and discuss your medical history and concerns beforehand.

Can I get EmSculpt if I have an IUD? What about copper IUD?

While HIFEM technology does not penetrate deep enough to affect your uterus, you should still let Dr. Schwarzburg know that you have an IUD to confirm whether you are able to undergo an EmSculpt procedure.

Can you get EmSculpt while you are pregnant?

While it has not been studied, EmSculpt should not be administered on a pregnant woman whether it be on her abdomen or another part of her body.

Can you get EmSculpt while breastfeeding?

There is no correlation between breastfeeding and EmSculpt having negative effects on one another. So yes, it is safe to get EmSculpt while breastfeeding.

Can you get EmSculpt if you have dental implants?

There is no correlation between EmSculpt and dental implants having negative reactions to each other, so it is safe to get EmSculpt with dental implants.

Can you get EmSculpt after having surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery and whether or not your surgeon gives you the “ok” to move forward with the treatment, the answer to this question varies. If you have had a hernia repair or tummy tuck, for example, it is best to wait 3 – 6 months post-op to get an EmSculpt treatment.

Can you get EmSculpt if you have had hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery?

This depends on the type of prosthetic you have and whether your orthopedic surgeon has approved you for EmSculpt. Be sure to confirm with your surgeon as well as with Dr. Schwarzburg before moving forward.

Can you get EmSculpt if you have had back surgery and have some metal hardware in your spine?

Once again, this depends on your spinal surgeon’s approval. If you were able to get an MRI on your back, then you should be fine with EmSculpt as the magnetic energy of HIFEM is not as strong as that of an MRI.

Can you do EmSculpt if you had a Liposuction procedure? How long should you wait after liposuction to get EmSculpt?

You can get EmSculpt after lipo, as long as you wait 2 – 4 weeks post-op.

Can you get EmSculpt Neo if you have a tattoo in the area?

EmSculpt over a tattoo can lead to blistering of the skin due to the RF factor of the treatment. Tattoos involve micro-scarring of the skin, which may not work well with radiofrequency.

Can you get EmSculpt Neo on Darker skin color?

Studies demonstrate that patients of Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Caribbean, African, and African American skin may require special caution. Be sure to discuss this with your physician before moving forward with EmSculpt.

What are the Pros and Cons of EmSculpt?


  • Purely non-invasive treatment
  • Painless
  • No downtime


  • Results are not immediate
  • May need several sessions for optimal results
  • Not a weight loss procedure


EmSculpt is a non-invasive procedure that uses electromagnetic muscle stimulation to strengthen and tone targeted muscle groups through controlled muscle contractions in 30-minute sessions. The treatment involves zero downtime, allowing you to resume normal activities immediately after your visit

How can I get started with my EmSculpt NYC treatment?

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