D. Schwarzburg, M.D. has been featured in Haute Living

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Haute Living journal

If you follow luxurious lifestyles and enjoy reading about contemporary fashion, interior design, and beauty trends, then you know about The Haute Living magazine, which has been covering these topics since the mid-2000s. And in one of their recent issues, Skinly Aesthetics was featured.

The article featured an interview with Skinly Aesthetics’ leading expert, Dr. Schwarzburg, who is an Ivy League trained professional. Working from the heart of Manhattan, Dr. Schwarzburg has helped a diverse set of clients reach their desired results and find their perfect appearance.

And while The Haute Living article only featured questions regarding one of the many treatments performed by Dr. Schwarzburg, it does open up conversation about why Skinly Aesthetics or any other cosmetic center is being featured in an article in the first place.

The Positive Sides of Cosmetic Treatments

It’s no secret that cosmetic treatments have had a long-lasting stigma attached to them. Many people to this day believe that they are exclusively for rich people, like celebrities and public figures, who want to look young and beautiful for the cameras.

There’s no denying that there is plenty of that in the beauty industry and popular culture. But cosmetic treatments and practitioners go far beyond this superficial idea and are there for a much more important reason.

Confidence exists in everyone, just in different doses. Some people naturally exude charisma, not only in their abilities, knowledge, social status but also in their appearance. In fact, appearance plays an immense role in your confidence. This is where cosmetic treatments and centers like Skinly Aesthetics make their entrance.

Haute Living speaks all about fashion and beauty trends. This is true. But what it doesn’t tell you is how these larger-than-life concepts are incorporated into everyone’s lives. Even if you don’t have a multi-million dollar mansion, you still have a home with its own distinct interior design. You also follow beauty and fashion trends in your way, even if you don’t wear the latest Gucci or Versace.

Cosmetic treatments function with a similar sentiment. It’s about you reaching your own beauty standards and getting that extra boost of confidence to make it through any social gathering or event. Getting people to be proud of how they look is a priority for cosmetic centers and practitioners like Dr. Schwarzburg.