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When we talk about physical transformations, often the spotlight shines on the more common areas like the abdomen or thighs. But nestled behind us is the often-overlooked, pesky problem of back fat. From restricting our clothing choices to impacting our self-esteem, back fat is an unwelcome guest for many. Dr. Schwarzburg, with his extensive experience at Skinly Aesthetics, offers a solution: CoolSculpting for back fat.

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    We’ve all been there: that perfect dress ruined by the dreaded bra bulge, or the hesitancy to don a swimsuit because of underarm or lower back fat. Back fat doesn’t just lurk in one area. It’s sneaky, showing up as armpit fat and lower back love handles..

    • Clothing Harmony: With CoolSculpting, those tricky spots that once made dressing up a challenge can be transformed. Welcome back fitted shirts, sleek tops, and confidence in any attire.
    • A Boost to Your Confidence: A smoother back is more than skin deep. It’s about the empowerment one feels when looking in the mirror and loving the reflection staring back.
    • Elevated Overall Well-being: A harmonized body boosts mental wellness. It’s about feeling at your prime, both inside and out.


    • Expert Consultation: Dr. Schwarzburg evaluates the specifics of your back fat distribution, crafting a treatment plan tailored to you.
    • Science in Action: CoolSculpting employs advanced fat-freezing technology, meticulously targeting the stubborn back fat regions. Your surrounding skin and tissue remain untouched and unharmed.
    • Witness the Transformation: Unlike many procedures that have you ducking from the public eye, CoolSculpting lets you resume daily life instantly. Over the next 1-4 months, your back begins its metamorphosis, with results that speak for themselves.


    Every journey has a beginning and an end. The true testament to CoolSculpting’s efficacy for back fat at Skinly Aesthetics is the stunning visual transformation captured in before-and-after photos. From subtle reductions to dramatic changes, these photos not only validate the procedure’s effectiveness but serve as a beacon of inspiration for those on the fence about the treatment.

    CoolSculpting for back fat reduction


    • Is the Procedure Safe? CoolSculpting is a safe and FDA-approved method. By focusing only on fat cells in the back and leaving surrounding tissues untouched, it ensures minimal side effects.
    • Sessions Required? While many experience significant changes after a single session, some opt for 2-4 treatments to chisel out their desired silhouette.
    • Costs Involved? Given the bespoke nature of the treatment, costs vary. Consultations at Skinly Aesthetics provide clarity on the approach and its associated expenses.

    Celebrate the freedom from back fat and embrace a new chapter of confidence and poise. Let the experts at Skinly Aesthetics guide your transformation.

    Explore treatment options tailored just for you. Schedule your consultation right now.

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