Age, genetics and lifestyle are major contributing factors to developing unwanted fat bulges around the body. As we get older our metabolism slows down and it gets harder to burn the excess pounds that we accumulate. Genetics plays a major role in how we look and how adipose tissue gets distributed. A lot of people are genetically predisposed to have unsightly fat pouches in all the wrong places – under the chin, around the bra or arms or in the back. Research has also demonstrated that our lifestyle plays a definitive role in the way that we look. If we stay active and engaged throughout our lives it helps with burning extra calories that would otherwise get deposited in all the wrong places. 

Back fat distribution is especially treacherous and can be hard to handle despite your full commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle and maintaining excellent physical shape. It tends to gather under the armpits, in the bra area, where it’s informally known as “bra bulge”, and in the lower back where it’s casually called “love handles”. 

If you are one of those patients who have to endure unattractive back fat and are self-conscious about the way your clothes sits on you, then non-surgical back fat reduction with CoolSculpting is a proven solution that has earned accolades in the cosmetic surgery world. Dr. Schwarzburg is one of the few doctors in New York who is both board-certified and can perform this revolutionary procedure for the permanent elimination of unwanted back fat. 

With the advent of CoolSculpting it has become possible for doctors to target hard-to-eliminate areas of fat collection including stomach fat, double chin, outer and inner thighs, and now even back fat. This revolutionary technology allows to razor focus on isolated body and facial areas through the process of non-invasive controlled fat freezing. The advantages over invasive plastic surgeries are numerous including no downtime, gradual and permanent results, and no side effects. 

If your frustration with the back or bra fat reached the levels where professional help and interventions are needed then CoolSculpting back fat freezing treatment is an option that you may strongly consider. Once you have decided to proceed with CoolSculpting body contouring it’s critical to see a fat reduction specialist who understands all the nitty gritty details of this advanced treatment and has perfected the procedure for you to achieve the best outcomes. Dr. Schwarzburg has been successfully treating patients in New York who suffer from resistant back fat for over a decade and is world-known for his expertise in body and facial restoration and rejuvenation.

CoolSculpting for back fat reduction

How does CoolSculpting work on back fat?

You may have noticed that it’s nearly impossible to lose fat in hard-to-reach places like submental region (double chin), inferior anterior abdomen (belly pooch) and back fat despite having an elaborate diet and exercise routine. It is not uncommon that as you adjust your lifestyle habits and lose overall body weight the pockets of fat where it matters most to you stay unfazed. The most stubborn areas of fat that are mostly complained about are the mommy’s belly and the back fat love handles secondary to the post-pregnancy state in women and the beer belly secondary to sedentary lifestyle in men. Similarly, the upper and lower back are notorious for retaining clusters of fat after multi-pound weight loss. 

CoolSculpting procedure is ideal for men and women seeking to spot reduce stubborn areas of fat deposits despite adjusting their diet and lifestyle. CoolSculpting utilizes innovative fat freezing technology that allows to selectively target fat cells while leaving surrounding tissues intact. After adipose tissue gets subjected to very low subzero temperatures, it undergoes a process known as aseptic apoptosis which induces fat cells to involute without spilling their contents into the intercellular matrix. This entire biochemical process is also known as cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting cryolypolysis technology has been approved for over a decade to treat back fat. This scientific approach to fat reduction was invented by Harvard researchers who observed that when children suck on the popsicles the children’s cheeks get characteristic cheek dimples, secondary to fat cells being frozen. This led to realization that fat cells can be selectively targeted all over the body and face, and back fat is one of the most popular places for targeted fat freezing application. 

CoolSculpting applicators destroy fat cells in the back through a controlled freezing process and are then metabolized and flushed out through the lymphatic system over a period of 2-4 months. Dr. Schwarzburg likes to remind his patients from New York that this body contouring process is gradual taking a few weeks to a few months to finalize, leaving you with permanent fat reduction without any need to undergo liposuction or other invasive procedures to see the desired results without any downtime. This is one of the main benefits of this revolutionary technology that allows your body to melt fat in “banana rolls” and other fat bulges on the back once and for all without any risks associated with plastic surgery. 


CoolSculpting process is smooth and seamless when performed by highly recognized experts in the medical field. During your initial consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg you will review your overall goals for body contouring and discuss with him all advantages and pitfalls for achieving your desired body proportions with CoolSculpting back fat procedure. Dr. Schwarzburg will perform a thorough physical examination at his private medical practice in NYC to determine the best action plan to treat your body with CoolSculpting as well as assess the areas on your back that have most of the fat deposits. Throughout this process, a treatment plan will be created that meets and exceeds your needs and expectations.

The actual CoolScupting procedure consists of an applicator placed on the previously demarcated skin and applying strong negative pressure to suck in both the skin and the underlying subcutaneous back fat. The metal plates then cool the back fat to the point where the fat cells get crystallized and then destroyed by the body’s own immune system. This entire process is usually 35-60 minutes and depends on the type of the applicator that is being used. 

Since CoolSculpting application for back fat is completely non-invasive meaning that there are no stitches, cuts or surgery of any kind, patients can immediately return to their normal life in New York without any restrictions. Some may experience some tenderness in the treated area secondary to strong suction, but this feeling is transient and resolves in 1-2 days and can be alleviated with over the counter pain killers. 


The process of fat cell removal after CoolSculpting treatment is gradual and depends on a few factors including your intrinsic metabolic rate, activity level and the area being treated. Treated areas that have more vascular supply tend to respond faster versus areas that receive less of the blood supply. The results from CoolSculpting back fat treatment usually start to be visible in approximatelly 1-2 months, but it may take up to 4-6 months for results to fully settle and for dead fat to be flushed away. Since the results are permanent, the pockets of fat in the back won’t come back as long as you adhere to a healthy diet and workout routine. If you live in New York keeping an active lifestyle is fairly easy to maintain and to keep the fat off your body.


You are a good candidate in NYC for fat freezing of your posterior backside if you have well-delineated fat bulges that don’t budge regardless of your hard work in the gym and good eating habits. In some instances the culprit for having the unsightly and unattractive backside is purely genetics, which dictates how your fat gets distributed. And because it is nearly impossible to spot reduce fat through weight loss the only viable options that remain are liposuction or CoolSculpting, which both allow targeted fat removal. 

There are certain medical conditions that may preclude you from having the CoolSculpting treatment on your back and they are all a group of autoimmune diseases that cause vascular constriction secondary to low temperature exposure. They include cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. 


Unline invasive plastic surgery like liposuction which involves general anesthesia, prolonged recovery time, skin sagging and many other unpleasant and dangerous side effects, CoolSculpting is completely non-surgical and is associated with minor sequela such as redness, tenderness, and minor swelling for a few days after the procedure. During the CoolSculpting procedure you will experience mild tugging and pulling sensation in the area where the applicator is attached, followed by mild numbness of the skin up to 7 days.

Coolsculpting back fat - before and after


One of the major appealing factors for CoolSculpting fat freezing process is that the fat melting is gradual meaning that you will not have to go through drastic body transformation and a possiblitiy of having saggy skin in the treated area, which is common with surgical procedures. Instead the skin will adapt to the underlying fat being removed by shrinking and contraction, so that you never have to deal with unattractive skin ptosis


For small pockets of bothersome adipose tissue such as under the chin, the bra area and around arms CoolSculpting procedure can be complemented with Kybella injections. Deoxycholic acid that is the main component of Kybella targets fat cells by causing them to burst and rupture. CoolSculpting is usually used to debulk larger areas of fat accumulation be it in the back fat, chin fat, or stomach fat and then Kybella is used to clean up any remaining fat cells. Per Dr. Schwarzburg who practices cosmetic surgery in NYC this dual treatment approach has significantly changed the fat elmination paradigms by allowing doctors to utilize both modalities that each have successful track records.  

It’s important to recognize that after CooSculpting induced fat cell apoptosis is complete you may develop minimal skin laxity over the treated areas of your back. There are various treatments that can be employed to tighten and lift the sagging skin. PDO thread lift is one of the popular procedures and addresses skin ptosis by inserting collagen generating sutures under the skin. Over time threads dissolve and the newly generated collagen continues to maintain skin tightness. Another effective treatment to address loose skin is Secret RF microneedling which stimulates collagen production via radiofrequency energy deposition in the dermal layers of the skin. 


Prior to advent of CoolSculpting fat freezing technology liposuction was the only way to address unwanted excess body fat. Surgical fat removal remains relatively effective especially when patients desire immediate results with large amount of fat removed. However, it has gradually fallen out of favor because of the numerous and serious side-effects. Liposuction is associated with significant downtime, bruising, fluid retention and scarring. Because large amount of fat is instantaneously removed it leads to skin drooping and laxity in the treatment area, which can be permanent. All of these nuisances cause patient frustration and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, CoolSculpting back fat results are equivocal to invasive liposuction with the added benefits of no downtime or side-effects. 


Patients who live in NYC frequently inquire “how much is CoolSculpting for back fat?” and the answer is that it depends. To evaluate the total cost of CoolSculpting for back fat reduction multiples factors must be accounted for including body contouring goals and cosmetic needs. Since different CoolSculpting applicators are needed to get patients to their desired results the cost depends on how intensely they are used, the number of times the applicators are used and the types of CoolSculpting applicators needed for effective back fat melting. 

Typically, the upper back and bra areas fit nicely into CoolMini or CoolPetite applicators and range $600-1000 per cycle. For back fat deposits around the waist or flank area, CoolAdvantage applicators can be deployed which cover two to three times the surface area compared to CoolMini and CoolPetite. Hence, CoolAdvantage applicator can cost anywhere from $800 to $1600 per single session. The seamless and effortless process of CoolScupting procedure with immediate resumption to normal life is well worth the cost for all patients in New York and surrounding suburbs who are considering this gold standard in non-invasive fat reduction.


Clinical studies have conclusively shown that a single CoolSculpting back fat treatment effectively melts away up to 30% of fat in the treatment area. Since fat freezing is intended to target hard to get rid of fat bulges, a single cycle of CoolSculpting is often all that is needed for some patients with a little pouch of back fat. However, to maximize CoolSculpting results patients also opt to continue with cryolipolysis treatments and frequently get anywhere from 2-4 total treatments for best body contouring results. 

The revolutionary CoolSculpting technology allows to eradicate fat with lifelong results without the risks associated with invasive plastic surgery allowing patients to regain their confidence and self-esteem about how they look and feel.


Since CoolSculpting is a completely non-surgical procedure there no risks involved without any need for downtime. A major difference when compared to invasive liposuction surgery is that the process of removing crystallized cells after fat freezing involves body’s own machinery such as kidney, liver and lymphatics. Immune system’s macrophages absorb dead fat cells and carry them through the blood vessels and lymphatics to liver and kidney to be further excreted from the body. This entirely natural process takes anywhere from 1-3 months to finalize and allows your body and skin to adapt to these gradual changes. Unlike liposuction, with CoolSculpting’s gradual fat reduction ensures that the skin has enough time to shrink, so that patients don’t have to worry about loose and hanging skin. 


The transformative power of CoolSculpting has long been acknowledged by all plastic and cosmetic surgery societies both in the United States and on the local level in New York. Universally, CoolSculpting results bring about satisfaction in your physical appearance as well as psychological effects of boosted self-esteem and confidence. Not only do you get your body to go through a visible transformation you also serve as inspiration for friends and family members who may be struggling from same body image issues. 

Choosing your CoolSculpting provider is important once you realize that not all treatments are created equally. When you start working with Dr. Schwarzburg you will have a CoolSculpting expert who has undergone rigorous training to become one of the top CoolSculpting providers in NYC. It is critical that you have realistic expectations about your fat freezing treatment and what it can and can’t achieve. Dr. Schwarzburg consistently gets rave feedback from his patients for the excellent body contouring results. 


Numerous clinical trials and research have convincingly demonstrated that CoolSculpting’s innovative fat freezing technology eliminates diet and exercise resistant fat including armpit fat, lower and upper back fat, underarm and axillary fat as well as mid back fat and love handles. After Dr. Schwarzburg decides which applicator to use to shave off unnecessary fat bulges in the back you will have up to 30% of fat eliminated after single session. The effect is cumulative and builds up with each successive treatment. If there’s asymmetric distribution of fat tissue on one side versus other, Dr. Schwarzburg will recommend multiple sessions and addition of other interventions such as Kybella injections. 


By applying controlled cooling technology to subcutaneous fat, the fat that is found immediately under the skin. Because the temperature at which fat is destroyed is higher than the temperature of other surrounding tissues, including blood vessels and nerves, they are not affected at all. The frozen and crystallized fat cells are then slowly metabolized and excreted from the body through different mechanisms, including the lymphatic system. The time that it takes the body to recycle dead fat cells is usually around 3-4 months, and hence your final results will take up to 4 months to fully show. 


There is a common concern that fat may come back after cryolipolysis. When talking about fat melting treatments many patients ask a valid questions whether back fat can come back after CoolSculpting or does CoolSculpting fat come back? Many patients also forget that CoolSculpting is not a tool for overall weight loss, it was specifically developed for spot fat reduction that is no longer responding to diet and exercise. As such the best candidates are those within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. Once fat cells are frozen they are physically removed from the body and can’t reappear if you stick to reasonably healthy and active lifestyle. If patients return to unhealthy habits that lead to significant weight gain fat can return to the areas previously treated by CoolSculpting. In the end you can rest assured that if you stick to reasonable eating habits and other healthy activities that back fat that is removed with CoolScupting is permanently gone. Hence, if you are suffering from the presence of back fat, which is unresponsive to classic weight loss routine, CoolSclpting with Dr. Schwarzburg in NYC could be your way to achieve best body contouring results.