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Sculptra Hip Dips Before and After Results

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Hip dips are the hollow indents that are present along the lateral aspect of the hips and are usually the result of genetically pre-determined positioning of gluteal muscle groups. While physiologically normal, they can be a cause of social anxiety and decreased confidence because of the unflattering appearance. Research conclusively demonstrated that no exercises or other external manipulations can improve the appearance of hip dips. Measurable results in correcting hip dips can only be achieved through surgical or non-surgical means. 

Surgery involves general anesthesia, scalpel cuts and removal of fat deposits from various regions of the body. Surgical outcomes are not always satisfying because the extracted fat doesn’t always settle symmetrically and asymmetry is relatively common and hard to correct. 

Non-surgical hip dip filling with Sculptra filler consistently results in aesthetically pleasing results that eliminate hip dents leaving you with full and round butt you always dreamed about. Non-surgical hip dip correction involves a tiny needle that smoothly glides under the skin while Sculptra solution is painlessly injected into deep subcutaneous layers. Before and after results of hip dips treatment with Sculptra and Radiesse fillers clearly demonstrate significant reduction in the appearance of hip dip deformities that look natural without anyone knowing that anything was ever done. 

Sculptra injections for hip dip dents are painless, with minimal side effects and the gradually developing results that adapt to your body’s dimensions over time. Most patients are able to achieve hourglass shape of their butts in a matter of months. Before and after results following Sculptra hip dips injections are known to look and feel authentic as if it was your own butt owning to the fact that newly produced collagen is your own tissue. An additional benefit of getting Sculptra treatment for hip dips is that the results tend to last 2-4 years with infrequent touch ups to maintain the excellent results. 

As you browse the collection of before and after results of the patients that Dr. Schwarzburg personally treated with hip dip Sculptra injections at his private clinic in NYC you will be able to find a body shape similar to your own to start your own hip dips transformation.