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Sculptra Butt Lift Before and After

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A lot of us experience personal insecurity when our butts begin to sag with age. Gravity, collagen and fat loss, decreased muscle strength and weight fluctuations are the leading factors behind the descent of the buttocks downward. These processes are unrelenting and there are very few non-surgical interventions available to help reverse the droopy butt cheeks. 

Sculptra butt injections have emerged as a safe and effective alternative to an invasive surgery. Before and after results following non-surgical butt enhancement demonstrate an appreciable increase in size and volume of the buttocks with significant butt lifting and tightening.  

Compared to invasive lipofilling surgery Sculptra butt lift is an undisputed leader becasue of its completely non-surgical nature with minimal downtime, few if any side effects and the results that speak for themselves. Patients who undergo non-surgical butt augmentation with Sculptra are invariably happy with their before and after results and describe their post-treatment results as feeling and looking natural, and yet visibly enhanced. 

An important distinctive aspect of Sculptra BBL is that the results tend to last for a very long time, which is up to 4 years. The newly created collagen creates very dense tissue inside the buttocks that resists degradation leading to long-lasting outcomes. Another factor to consider is that Sculptra butt lift results take a few months to fully develop, as new collagen slowly grows inside your butt and adapts to your new curves and shapes. Instead of a drastic immediate change that is associated with large volume of fat transfer during surgical Brazilian butt lift – the non-surgical Sulptra butt augmentation results are gradual and don’t result in significant skin stretching that is associated with surgical Brazilian butt lift enhancement. 

As you browse through the before and after images of the patients who have completed their non-surgical Sculptra butt enhancements at Dr. Schwarzburg’s private medical practice in NYC you will see the different shapes and sized that are possible through this minimally invasive treatment.