Many people feel a great deal of frustration trying to get rid of their double chin. Excess fat under the chin can be due to many things: diet and lack of exercise can be causes of this feature, but genetics also plays a large role. Even with a healthy diet and steady exercise, these pockets of fat accumulation can often be impossible to eliminate despite our best efforts.

If you have found little to no luck controlling your stubborn double chin, CoolSculpting can help you see the difference you’ve been waiting for. Fat freezing technology can contour your face to create a slimmer, more flattering jawline in as little 1 to 4 sessions. 

What is CoolSculpting for double chin?

Many people are bothered by the appearance of submental pockets of fat beneath their chin. This feature, often called a double chin, can have a significantly negative impact on one’s self-esteem and self-image. A well-defined jawline and slim neck are often seen as attractive qualities; however, even with proper exercise, a lot of people struggle to achieve a chiseled jawline. Even those of us who maintain a balanced lifestyle and have minimal fat, may not be able to get rid of their double chin. Unfortunately, even vigorous exercise and a strict diet regimen cannot spot reduce fat.

There’s no need to resign yourself to being unhappy with your facial features. CoolSculpting chin procedure is a non-invasive FDA approved treatment that requires no injections, incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. Through the use of fat freezing, cooling technology, submental fat can be targeted and eliminated for a smoother, more desirable chin and neck.

But how does it work? When the CoolSculpting chin applicator is applied to the submental or submandibular area, the cooling penetrates the skin to freeze and crystallize underlying fat cells. The body’s lymphatic system naturally absorbs these dead cells, eventually excreting and getting rid of them long-term.

coolsculpting double chin treatment


CoolSculpting Mini chin applicator can help significantly reduce the appearance of submental and submandibular fat. At around 6 months post-treatment, you will be able to notice a 25% reduction in the appearance of your double chin. Eliminating submental fat cells via cooling technology is a scientifically verified method of creating a more aesthetically pleasing neck and jawline. A recent study found a 40% decrease in skinfold thickness after multiple CoolMini sessions, which was larger in patients who had done multiple treatment cycles.


If you’re considering getting rid of an overabundance of fat beneath the chin, you may have weighed more extreme options such as liposuction. Liposuction is a type of surgery to remove unwanted fat in certain regions. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative with fewer risks and side effects.

If you want to compare these two fat reduction procedures to decide which one is right for you, consider these factors:

  • Liposuction for neck

Liposuction surgery can be a viable option for overweight or obsese patients looking to achieve instant and permanent results. It is, however, an invasive procedure associated with a long list of side effects (such as loose skin) and risks. Anesthesia is required for this surger, as well as a significant downtime period of 2 to 4 weeks. 

  • CoolSculpting for double chin

In contrast to liposuction, CoolSculpting for double chin is completely non-invasive and does not require anesthesia or downtime. While it does not produce an instantaneous result, frozen chin fat cells break down and metabolize gradually to leave you with a permanent reduction in submental fat.


CoolMini is a smaller version of the original CoolSculpting device and was released in 2011 by Allergan. Because the jawline area is small and delicate, with a specific curvature, it is best treated through a properly suited applicator, hence, the perfectly fitting CoolMini applicator. Featuring proprietary C-shape cup and size for submental fat, the CoolMini applicator ensures a smooth and comfortable process. CoolMini is popular at Dr. Schwarzburg’s clinic, Skinly Aesthetics, located on the Upper East Side of NYC.

coolsculpting double chin


There are a few primary differences between a Kybella double chin treatment and a CoolSculpting double chin session using a CoolMini applicator. CoolMini applicator technology is fully non-invasive; it targets fat cells through fat freezing technology. Kybella is minimally invasive, meaning it uses a needle to inject deoxycholic acid under the chin. It is often used in smaller areas that are not ideal for the shape of the CoolMini applicator. Kybella does come with slightly more risks and side effects, including some pain, as opposed to CoolSculpting. Both treatments permanently break down and dissolve fat around the submental area. In terms of cost and sessions needed, they are generally around the same price range.


  • Injectable treatment ideal for smaller collections of submental fat
  • Side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, followed by temporary numbness
  • Requires several treatments
  • Permanently reduces treated fat cells
  • May take up to 4 weeks to start seeing results
  • FDA cleared
  • $500 – $900 per session


  • Ideal for patients with larger collections of submandibular fat
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • No downtime
  • May require more than 1 session
  • Results can be observed within 1 – 2 months post-treatment
  • FDA approved
  • $900 – $1800 per session 

Which is better – Kybella or CoolSculpting?

Kybella and CoolSculpting are both designed to get rid of unwanted subcutaneous fat in various regions of the body, including the double chin. Because it is impossible to target where you lose fat by natural means, dieting, and exercising, both Kybella and CoolSculpting are great options to spot-reduce those “hard-to-reach” areas.

Depending on how much fat is present, CoolSculpting may be a better option if you have a significant amount of submental fat. Kybella on the other hand is a great option for those looking to address that last bit of fat that won’t fit a CoolMini applicator.

Both CoolSculpting and Kybella are minimally invasive and come with nominal risks and side effects, though Kybella may result in swelling for up to 2 weeks after the initial injection, which should be taken into consideration before scheduling your appointment. Both treatments are FDA approved and are effective methods to lose unwanted fat around the jawline.


A lot of people deal with some extra fat under the chin. With the rise of social media, and the ever-growing phenomenon of seeing yourself on your or your friends’ pictures, some of us are more aware of our pervasive chin fat than ever. In fact, 73% of responders to a survey carried out in 2017 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery said they were bothered by excess fat in the submental area. Healthy eating and consistent activity can and will help reduce overall body fat, though the unfortunate truth is that you can’t pick and choose where you lose it. Some people even resort to invasive surgeries, such as liposuction, to eliminate neck wattle.

There is, however, an easier solution. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, treatment for stubborn submental fat that does not utilize needles or incisions. With over 6 million CoolSculpting treatments taking place over the past decade, it’s clear why people are opting for this FDA approved solution.

When 22.4 million people are searching for a non-invasive fat reduction process, it’s no surprise that CoolSculpting is the most popular choice. The newest applicator, CoolMini CoolSculpting, has also grown to be the go-to choice for minimally invasive chin fat targeting methods. A lack of side effects and downtime makes this a convenient solution for many.

What can I expect to pay to treat my submental fat with CoolMini?

The cost of your CoolMini treatment largely depends on the amount of fat present and how many sessions are needed to address the area of concern. While some patients only need one session, others may require up to 3 sessions for their desired outcome. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $4800 to treat your submental fat using the CoolMini applicator.


There is little pre-session prep that you have to worry about with CoolMini. As the session can take around 45 minutes, you may want to bring a book, your favorite music, an iPad, or some other way to pass the time, as well as comfortable clothes. Patients are advised to stay away from NSAIDs, like aspiring, before their session; this helps to avoid potential chin bruising.

What can I expect during my CoolSculpting treatment for submental fat?

CoolSculpting is able to trim down under the chin fat without any kind of incision or even a needle. This chin and neck fat reduction occurs during a controlled process called chin cryolipolysis –– in other words, fat freezing of the turkey neck.

During a CoolSculpting neck fat session, vacuum pressure draws the neck fat onto a small applicator. The targeted neck area receives a controlled cooling temperature of -11 degrees Celsius through the applicator’s cooling panels. At these low temperatures, neck adipose cells freeze and die off through a process known as apoptosis.

The tissues surrounding chin fat cells including nerves and blood vessels are left unharmed. After the CoolSculpting session, your body’s lymphatic system slowly metabolizes the dead fat cells by flushing them out. You can expect to see an initial reduction in fat under the chin within the next one or two months after your treatment, which will become more significant over the following months. 


A CoolMini session for chin fat can take as little as 45 minutes, or as long as 2 hours, depending on how much area needs to be covered. This also influences the amount of applicators that need to be applied, as each applicator cycle lasts 45 minutes.


The first significant results following your treatment should be apparent in around one to three months. At this point, you can expect to see an noticeable reduction in the fullness under your chin. The fat flushing process will gradually continue for around 6 months following your session. 83% of patients who have undergone chin cryolipolysis report being satisfied with their results, with 77% noticing an improvement in their appearance.

Aside from the double chin, what areas of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting can be used on many regions of the body to address the areas that just won’t budge and that can’t be targeted through even the most specific exercises. This includes the legs (inner and outer thighs and knee fat), abdomen (upper and lower abdomen), love handles, back and bra fat, buttock fat, also known as “banana rolls”, arms (upper arms and armpit fat), and gynaecomastia (male breast tissue). Depending on the area of concern, Dr. Schwarzburg will select the appropriate sized applicator to address the issue.

What areas can be treated with CoolMini?

The CoolMini applicator is ideal for smaller pockets of fat present in areas such as the jawline region (submental fat / double chin), axillary fat or armpit fat, bra fat (or bra bulges), and knee fat. In some cases CoolMini can be used in other areas such as the abdomen if the amount of fat is miniscule.

Are there any side effects associated with CoolSculpting chin fat with CoolMini?

The side effects associated with CoolMini are little to none as the procedure is non-invasive. Immediately after the procedure, you may experience some tenderness, which will subside within 20 minutes. Redness and bruising may occur, though these side effects are rare. If you have sensitivities to cold temperatures, cryoglobulinemia, or cold agglutinin disease, you are not a candidate for CoolSculpting. More serious complications, such as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, are extremely rare and only occur if the treatment was administered improperly by an inexperienced or unqualified provider. 

Am I a candidate for submental CoolSculpting?

If you have a collection of fat below the chin, in other words, a double chin, then you are most likely a candidate for submental CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is designed for patients who live an overall healthy lifestyle complete with a balanced diet and regular exercise, which should be maintained even once your submandibular fat is gone after your CoolMini treatment. You should always consult with Dr. Schwarzburg beforehand to discuss your medical history to ensure that you are in fact a candidate for fat freezing, as there are some contraindications that may disqualify you from being an applicable patient for the procedure.


Depending on several contributing factors, most patients will be happy with the results of their cryolipolysis after one or two sessions. Some patients may require up to three sessions to cover the full jawline area and achieve their ideal results.

During a single session, one to three CoolMini applicators may be used. This can lead to 3 to 9 applicators being applied in total throughout your entire treatment journey. Each session of CoolSculpting is clinically proven to reduce fat in the submental area by up to 25%.

Some factors that impact the amount of time and applicators needed for chin fat freezing session include:

  • The existing volume and fullness of fat in the jawline area
  • The patient’s submental tissue density
  • The body’s individual response to cryolipolysis and patients desired outcome with the jawline’s look

How long will my CoolMini results last?

The fat cells treated with the CoolMini applicator will be permanently removed. While your submental fat will be permanently destroyed, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution, meaning that significant weight gain or an unhealthy lifestyle change may cause you to develop new adipose tissue in the treated area. As such, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle following your CoolMini session in order to keep your newly contoured submandibular and jawline region.

Do CoolSculpting and CoolMini work to get rid of the double chin?

Yes! With more than 6 million patients treated, CoolSculpting submental applicator is one of the most beloved methods of targeting unsightly chin fat. When carried out by a properly qualified and experienced physician, this procedure can reduce 20% to 80% of excess chin fat. It is a safe, effective, and convenient way to combat a stubborn double chin. Studies have proven that multiple sessions of CoolSculpting can help significantly reduce a double chin.

Is CoolMini really worth it for my double chin?

Yes, CoolMini is worth it if you are looking for a permanent solution to the stubborn fat under and around your chin. By maintaining a well balanced lifestyle and focusing on a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you can kiss your double chin goodbye for good. Dr. Schwarzburg has extensive experience using various CoolSculpting applicators and has perfected the execution of using the CoolMini applicator to create a beautifully sculpted chin and jawline, without the need for plastic surgery or the risks and downtime associated with it!


A lot of patients opt for CoolSculpting that stubborn pocket of fat under their chin to achieve their ideal slim neck and chiseled jawline. If that is your desired goal, there are other procedures that are often used in conjunction with CoolSculpting to create such an effect. A few examples of complementary minimally or non-invasive procedures include:

  • PDO Threads: PDO threads are most frequently used around the jawline, neck, and jowls as a method of giving the face a lifted appearance, without any surgery.
  • Chin Filler: Adding slight volume to the chin can give it a more prominent and evenly proportioned appearance. Radiesse or Juvederm fillers are often used for this result.
  • Jawline Filler: Jawline filler can help shape and enhance a weak jawline through the injection of Radiesse or Juvederm fillers.
  • Kybella: During a Kybella treatment, deoxycholic acid is injected into the targeted area to break down excess fat.
  • Masseter Botox: Masseter muscles sit at the side of your jawline; some patients with large masseters wish to slim down their appearance through botox injections.


Non-invasive cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is a fat reduction method that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2012. It requires no incisions or anesthesia. The CoolSculpting CoolMini applicator has been developed to match the unique contours and shape of the jawline and chin area for fast and efficient treatments. If you have any concerns, consulting a board certified physician is always advisable when considering a cosmetic treatment to make sure it’s suitable for you.


Double chins are hard to get rid of, especially due to the unfortunate fact that regardless of how much we exercise and reduce our calorie intake, we simply cannot choose where we lose our fat. Double chin removal through CoolSculpting technology is an FDA approved non-invasive method to specifically target and permanently eliminate stubborn chin fat. The procedure itself takes 45 minutes to 2 hours and may require more than just one CoolMini chin treatment for optimal results. Each session is designed to get rid of 25% of the treated fat cells over the course of 1 – 3 months. Always consult with a medical professional before undergoing localized fat freezing to avoid the possibility of risks and side effects.


Dr. Schwarzburg at Skinly Aesthetic is a board certified physician with extensive experience in non-invasive and minimally invasive fat reduction procedures. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, Skinly also provides a long list of other cosmetic procedures, including fillers and botox, to contour the face and jawline.CoolSculpting for double chin is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments. To get started, schedule your first consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg by calling (212) 774-4264, or emailing us at Don’t hesitate to reach out to begin the process of reducing stubborn submental fat through the use of the CoolSculpt CoolMini chin applicator.