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Stepping into the vast world of weight management reveals a myriad of choices, each portraying its promise of transformation. The journey, although filled with aspirations, often presents multifaceted challenges:

  • Traditional Diets: While they promise rapid results, they can be restrictive, leading many to yo-yo dieting patterns and short-lived successes.
  • Exercise Regimes: Essential for holistic health, but starting and maintaining a consistent routine often becomes a challenge in the bustling pace of urban life.
  • Emotional Hurdles: Beyond the physical, the journey of weight management is an emotional roller-coaster. The journey often becomes a silent emotional battle, where every lost pound can signify a triumph and every gain, a setback

In this complex landscape, Dr. Schwarzburg introduces a new ally in the quest for optimal health: Semaglutide. This innovative solution promises not just weight loss but a comprehensive approach to health and well-being.


Semaglutide, initially a groundbreaking solution for diabetes and also known by its brand name Ozempic, has since unveiled a broader canvas of weight loss potential. Initially, Ozempic provided immense relief for countless diabetes patients, but as with many medical marvels, its boundaries were meant to be expanded:

  • Beyond Diabetes: As in-depth research and clinical observations continued, an unexpected boon emerged – Ozempic’s pronounced influence on weight loss.
  • Appetite Control: Its appetite-curbing attributes soon became a game-changer, presenting a promising approach to weight loss, well beyond its initial diabetes-centered scope.
  • More than Medication: Embracing Semaglutide is not merely about introducing a drug into one’s regimen. It’s a conscious pivot towards holistic well-being, taking steps towards a healthier future.

With its diverse applications and profound benefits, Semaglutide reshapes the narrative on weight management. It’s not just about numbers on a scale; it’s about holistic health, improved vitality, and an empowered approach to living.



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Delving deep into the realm of molecular biology, the potency of Semaglutide (marketed as Wegovy for weight loss) becomes evident. At its essence, it mimics and amplifies the role of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) – a vital hormone involved in satiety regulation. But this isn’t just about feeling full; it’s a sophisticated dance of signaling pathways, enzymes, and receptors:

  • Harmonized Hunger Control: By heightening GLP-1 activity, Semaglutide efficiently regulates appetite, ensuring individuals consume what’s needed, and not in excess.
  • Optimized Energy Expenditure: Beyond merely controlling food intake, Semaglutide contributes to reduced calorie absorption while fine-tuning insulin levels, thereby optimizing the body’s energy management.
  • Mimicking Mastery: With its molecular structure echoing the body’s natural hormones, Semaglutide seamlessly integrates, enhancing innate processes without disrupting the body’s equilibrium.

By building on our inherent biology, Semaglutide ensures that weight management is a cooperative effort between medication and metabolism, yielding lasting and harmonious outcomes.


In the bustling corridors of medical research, Semaglutide has emerged as an effective solution for those grappling with weight loss challenges. Its efficacy isn’t just rooted in its molecular prowess, but also the tangible benefits observed in clinical settings:

  • Appetite Regulation: A dramatic decrease in hunger pangs, snacking frequency and sugar cravings is the hallmark of the treatment, contributing to effective calorie control.
  • Reduced Stomach Motility: GLP-1 agonists like Semaglutide decrease stomach contractions allowing the food to remain longer in the stomach signaling the brain fullness and satiety.
  • Glycemic Stability: Beyond weight, it offers benefits for blood sugar regulation through its effect on the pancreas – an added boon for those with metabolic problems.
  • Fat Loss Amplified: Caloric deficit induced by decreased food consumption stimulates the body to process and melt internal fat reserves, leading to dramatic fat reduction, without compromising muscle mass.
  • Enhanced Safety Profile: Clinical trials underscore its favorable safety profile, noting potential reductions in associated health risks like elevated blood pressure.

Given this impressive clinical profile, it’s no surprise that Semaglutide is championed as a cornerstone of medical weight loss solutions at Skinly Aesthetics in NYC.


The realm of weight management is filled with a myriad of solutions, each with promising results. As someone familiar with this domain, Dr. Schwarzburg offers a simple observation: “There’s a vast array of methods out there, but effectiveness can vary.”

Highlighting the distinction of Semaglutide, he adds, “Ozempic’s origins in diabetes care give it a unique position. Semaglutide not only aids in weight reduction but also supports overall metabolic health.” The drug’s dual-action underscores the importance of looking beyond mere weight loss, emphasizing the broader benefits for overall well-being.


Frequently, potential patients approach us with a shared desire: significant weight loss without the constant hunger pain and a need for increased energy. Through Semaglutide injections for weight loss, we’ve witnessed astounding transformations. Our gallery of before-and-after images showcases adults unveiling lighter and slender physiques post-treatment. However, it’s essential to note that individual experiences and outcomes with this medical regimen can differ.

Before and after results following Ozempic treatment
Weight loss results 3 months after Ozempic



Semaglutide has emerged as a game-changer in weight management, but its prescription isn’t universal. Specific medical benchmarks guide its administration, ensuring both its safety and efficacy. Here’s a closer look at these criteria:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Standards:
    • Obesity Consideration: Adults boasting a BMI of over 30 fall into the ‘obese’ category and are thus primary candidates for Semaglutide.
    • Overweight with Added Complications: Those labeled ‘overweight’ with a BMI surpassing 27 become eligible if they also present weight-related health complications.
  • Associated Weight-driven Health Challenges: A higher BMI often ushers in an array of health concerns. Their presence can influence the decision to prescribe Semaglutide:
    • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): A challenge often exacerbated by excessive weight, hypertension can pose serious health threats.
    • Type 2 Diabetes: Weight control plays a pivotal role in managing and potentially curbing the progression of type 2 diabetes.
    • High Cholesterol (Dyslipidemia): A weight-associated anomaly, elevated cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol, can be indicative of heightened cardiovascular risks.
  • Holistic Health Examination: Beyond the BMI and associated health challenges, a holistic evaluation of a patient’s overall health status, including potential drug interactions and any other indications, will influence the prescription of Semaglutide.

Embarking on a Semaglutide journey should always be underpinned by a thorough consultation with a healthcare specialist. This ensures the medication is in sync with the patient’s unique health narrative and weight management aspirations.


Semaglutide, whether in its form for diabetes (Ozempic) or weight management (Wegovy), is introduced into the body via a subcutaneous injection. This means it’s injected into the fatty layer just beneath the skin, rather than directly into the bloodstream. Here’s a brief overview of the administration process:

  • Frequency: Typically, Semaglutide is administered once a week, making it convenient for those who might be daunted by daily injections.
  • Site of Injection: Common areas for subcutaneous injections include the front of the thighs, the upper arm, or the abdomen. It’s advisable to rotate the injection sites to minimize skin irritation.
  • Guidance & Training: It’s crucial for first-time users to receive proper training from Dr. Schwarzburg on how to administer the injection. This training ensures correct technique, minimizes discomfort, and maximizes the medication’s effectiveness.
  • Storage: Semaglutide is stored in the refrigerator until it’s ready to be used. 


A lot of patients are scared of the pain associated with Semaglutide injections. Dr. Schwarzburg reassures that the needle is tiny and the abdominal area is not very sensitive to pain with most patients feeling no pain whatsoever.


At Skinly Aesthetics we try to accommodate patients who can’t self-inject Semaglutide on a regular basis. To that end we are able to prescribe oral Semaglutide to ensure that those with needle phobia can still get the treatment they need and weight loss results that they want.


Starting with Care: New patients are initiated on a conservative dose of 0.25mg of Semaglutide per week to let your body acclimate to the medication. As time progresses, and based on individual response and tolerance, the dose will be increased if needed up to 1mg or 1.25mg per week.

Expected Results: On average, many Semaglutide users experience a weight reduction of approximately 15-20% of their initial body weight. Achieving optimal results requires a patient’s commitment to the discipline and regimen associated with the medication.

Consistent Monitoring for Success: Our commitment to you goes beyond just prescribing Semaglutide. Regular follow-ups whether in person or virtual are scheduled with Dr. Schwarzburg:

  • In-person or virtual consultations: Dr. Schwarzburg and his associates will answer any questions, discuss the monthly weight loss plan, and assess general health.
  • Administration: Depending on the chosen treatment plan, Dr. Schwarzburg will either administer weekly injections or provide prescriptions for the same.
  • Routine Checks: To ensure a comprehensive overview of your health, we incorporate lab analyses and physical examinations into our regular check-ups when appropriate.


Semaglutide (the active component in both Ozempic and Wegovy) is designed for a once-weekly injection regimen, which offers convenience compared to treatments that might require daily administration. Adherence to this weekly routine ensures the drug’s optimum efficacy in managing weight or glycemic levels.

What if You Miss Dose?

  • Immediate Realization: If you realize you’ve missed a dose within a few days, it’s typically advised to administer the injection as soon as you remember.
  • Close to Next Dose: If it’s almost time for the next scheduled dose, skip the missed dose. It’s crucial not to double up on doses to make up for a missed injection.
  • Consistent Adherence: Missing a dose occasionally may not severely impede your progress, but regularly skipping injections can reduce the drug’s overall effectiveness. It’s beneficial to set reminders or mark your calendar to maintain consistency.
  • Consultation: Always consult with Dr. Schwarzburg when in doubt about missed doses or if you’ve missed multiple consecutive doses.

To ensure the best results with Semaglutide, patients are encouraged to establish a routine or system that helps them remember their weekly injections, ensuring consistent drug levels in the body and promoting desired outcomes.


While Semaglutide, which is the main peptide in both Ozempic and Wegovy, has been instrumental for many in their weight management journey, understanding its potential side effects and how to manage them is crucial:

  • Nausea: This is among the most common reactions, especially when first starting Semaglutide.
    • Management Strategy: Begin with a lower dosage and gradually increase as recommended. If nausea persists you will be prescribed anti-nausea medication.
  • Stomach Upsets: Symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal discomfort.
    • Management Strategy: Maintaining a balanced diet with ample fiber and hydration can help. Over-the-counter remedies help as well.
  • Loss of Appetite: This can aid weight loss but must be monitored to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need.
    • Management Strategy: Focus on nutrient-dense meals. If appetite suppression is too strong, the dosage will be adjusted. 
  • Fatigue: Some may feel more tired or weak when on the medication.
    • Management Strategy: Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, and maintaining a balanced diet. If fatigue persists, discuss with our team for potential solutions or adjustments.


Semaglutide’s effectiveness varies among individuals, but many patients begin to observe noticeable weight loss within the first few weeks of consistent use. 

More significant results typically manifest over 2-3 months of continuous use. 


On average, individuals using Semaglutide for weight management can expect a weight loss of around 10% to 15% of their initial body weight over a period of several months. With higher doses and an optimized lifestyle, you can lose 20% and sometimes up to 25% over a longer period of time. 


Ending your Ozempic journey might come with its set of challenges. The appetite-curbing properties of the drug could fade, making calorie control feel a tad more demanding. Here’s what you should know:

  • Appetite Adjustments: After ceasing the drug, there’s a possibility of a heightened appetite. Being mindful of this can help in better food choices and portion control.
  • Habit Building: While on Semaglutide, it’s beneficial to cultivate healthy dietary and exercise habits. These habits can act as your safety net when transitioning off the medication.
  • Proactive Planning: Equip yourself with strategies to maintain the weight loss achieved. Consider seeking advice on meal planning, mindful eating, and consistent physical activity.

Remember, the end of Ozempic doesn’t mean the end of your weight management journey. It’s about evolving and adapting to maintain the milestones achieved.


Embarking on a weight management journey involves numerous decisions, and understanding the cost is crucial.  At our consultation we will discuss:

  • Personalized Treatment Options: We’ll dive deep into the ideal plan tailored for you, be it Semaglutide or weight loss peptides.
  • Cost Variables: Semaglutide’s price isn’t one-size-fits-all. Factors like insurance, the specific type of injection, and individual needs can alter the final cost.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Our primary focus is you. We aim to simplify and enlighten every step of your journey, ensuring your choices are well-informed.


Semaglutide is most effective when you maintain healthy lifestyle habits that further support your metabolic health. To help optimize the outcome while minimizing side effects we recommend the following:

  • Eating whole foods and light foods;
  • Avoiding fast-digesting carbohydrates and processed foods;
  • Minimizing dessert and sugar intake;
  • Limiting foods that are greasy, fried, or high in fat – these are rougher on your digestive system and can lead to more stomach upset and nausea, especially when taking Semaglutide;
  • Consuming cool, clear drinks – this means choosing water over soda, or tea over coffee;
  • Eating small portions at a gradual pace, rather than scarfing down giant meals.


Semaglutide is a potent tool in the weight management arsenal, but combining it with complementary strategies can enhance its efficacy. Here are some steps you can adopt to amplify the weight loss results of Ozempic:

  • Balanced Diet: While Semaglutide can help curb appetite, the quality of the food you consume matters. Embrace a nutrient-rich diet with ample proteins, fibers, and healthy fats, which can further assist in feeling satiated and providing sustained energy.
  • Regular Physical Activity: Engaging in a consistent exercise routine can help accelerate fat loss and muscle toning. Whether it’s walking, jogging, resistance training, or yoga, find an activity you enjoy to stay committed.
  • Stay Hydrated: Water plays a pivotal role in metabolism. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily can support the body’s ability to burn calories and reduce the desire to consume high-calorie beverages.
  • Mindful Eating: Paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues, eating slowly, and savoring every bite can lead to reduced caloric intake. This practice complements Semaglutide’s appetite-suppressing properties.
  • Regular Sleep Pattern: Sleep affects hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. Ensuring 7-9 hours of quality sleep nightly can help maintain balanced hunger cues and support overall well-being.
  • Routine Monitoring: Regularly tracking your weight, diet, and exercise patterns can be motivational and provide insights into areas of improvement.
  • Stress Management: Chronic stress can be a hindrance to weight loss. Techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, and maintaining a work-life balance can help manage stress levels.

By integrating these holistic practices with Semaglutide treatment, patients can expect to see enhanced weight management outcomes and overall improved health.


Semaglutide is an impressive cornerstone in weight management, but for those seeking a comprehensive body transformation, combining it with other aesthetic treatments can offer superior results.

  • CoolSculpting: While Semaglutide focuses on overall weight reduction, CoolSculpting zeros in on specific stubborn fat pockets that resist diet and exercise. This non-invasive fat-freezing procedure crystallizes and eliminates targeted fat cells, refining body contours.
  • EMSculpt: After shedding pounds, enhancing muscle definition becomes the next aspiration. EMSculpt steps in by using electromagnetic technology to induce powerful muscle contractions, aiding in the development and toning of muscles in areas like the abdomen and buttocks.
  • RF Tightening: Weight loss can sometimes lead to loose or sagging skin. Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening procedures can address this concern by stimulating collagen production, resulting in firmer and rejuvenated skin.

By strategically integrating Semaglutide with these advanced treatments, one can achieve a holistic transformation, balancing weight management with contouring, toning, and skin tightening for a complete aesthetic overhaul.


Semaglutide primarily aids in overall weight loss by regulating appetite, enhancing feelings of fullness, and stabilizing insulin levels. While many users experience a reduction in visceral fat, including belly fat, it’s important to note that the drug does not specifically target or “spot reduce” any particular region of the body. The areas of fat reduction will vary among individuals based on genetics, lifestyle, and other factors.


Semaglutide is not a direct fat burner in the way that certain metabolism-boosting supplements claim to be. Instead, it operates primarily as an appetite suppressant, mimicking natural hormones in the body to enhance feelings of fullness. This leads to reduced calorie intake, which, in turn, promotes weight loss and burns fat indirectly.


At first glance, Ozempic and Wegovy might seem nearly identical, as both are based on the active ingredient Semaglutide. However, they cater to distinct needs. Ozempic was initially approved to manage type 2 diabetes by improving glycemic control. Its primary objective is to aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels, and weight loss can be a beneficial side effect. On the other hand, Wegovy is specifically tailored and approved for weight management in adults struggling with obesity or overweight conditions with at least one weight-related medical condition. It’s designed with a higher dose of Semaglutide to maximize weight loss outcomes. Essentially, while both medications utilize the power of Semaglutide, their indications, dosages, and objectives differentiate them.


The walls of Skinly Aesthetics in New York resonate with tales of transformation brought about by Semaglutide. These success stories aren’t merely statistics; they represent individuals who took a step towards better health and well-being.

Take Michele, for instance, a 29-year-old who felt trapped in a cycle of unsuccessful weight management attempts. “With Semaglutide and the guidance from Skinly Aesthetics,” she recalls, “I’ve been able to break free from the weight-related challenges that once overshadowed my life.”

And then there’s Maria, 35, who enthuses, “My relationship with food has entirely changed. No more constant hunger pangs or overindulgence. It’s a new chapter for me.”

These experiences reinforce the potential of Semaglutide and showcase the dedicated approach of Skinly Aesthetics in assisting New Yorkers with their weight goals.


Weight management is a multifaceted journey that intertwines health, confidence, and overall well-being. At Skinly Aesthetics, located in the heart of NYC, the focus is on providing effective and sustainable solutions for those aiming to navigate this path.

With tools like Semaglutide and a team dedicated to patient care, the clinic offers an approach grounded in science and personalized care. As you consider your weight management options, know that Dr. Schwarzburg is here to guide and support you through every step.

Ready for a transformative leap in your weight management journey? Partner with Dr. Schwarzburg at Skinly Aesthetics, NYC, and pave the way for a revitalized tomorrow. Call 212-774-4264 or email: or submit a consultation form to get started!

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