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Body Treatments

Dr. Schwarzburg is the ultimate authority when it comes to non-surgical body improvements and transformations. Whether you want to look better in tighter jeans or your favorite T-shirt or to show off your booty at the beach – Dr. Schwarzburg has a non-invasive or minimally invasive option to help you achieve the result you want!

Our bodies are a major cause of admiration but at the same time a major source of insecurity that we deal with on a daily basis. For most, it is a continuous journey of improvement including dietary or lifestyle modifications, which sometimes include certain procedures to speed up the transformation process.  

When you come to Skinly Aesthetics you can rest assured that Dr. Schwarzuburg will devise a uniquely tailored plan to make you look and feel your best, so that you still remain you in your new body! Contact us online today or call 212-774-4264 to get you started with your journey!