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Sometimes your ability to experience all the world has to offer is hindered by your health or energy levels. Daily exhaustion, malnutrition, colds, and stress affect us all at one point or another. Nobody wants to be held back from living life to the fullest – that’s why a lot of us turn to temporary energy-boosting solutions, like caffeine or energy drinks, that often have a short-lived, crash-and-burn effect. That’s where IV therapy can give you a helpful hand. You may have heard celebrities refer to this as a one-stop-nutrient-shop, but it’s not just for the elite – anybody can benefit from an IV therapy treatment.

IV therapy is a type of vitamin infusion therapy in which an intravenous (IV) catheter is inserted into a vein in your forearm to deliver a liquid cocktail with high concentrations of vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, and hydration directly into your bloodstream. This infusion varies in formulation but can feature vitamins B, C, D, E, K, and more, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. Some IV solutions consist of a blend of nutrients, others involve only a high concentration of one specific vitamin. IV therapy is also customizable to fit your personal needs. For some, that means treating a nasty cold; for others, it can be for the purpose of skin rejuvenation, stress relief, or even combating a hangover.

Everybody needs vitamins and nutrients to survive and stay healthy. Especially in the colder seasons when colds and illnesses are easily passed around, a strong immune system relies upon the right vitamins and minerals. The body does not manufacture vitamins on its own – they need to be taken in from external sources, like food, drinks, or dietary supplements. 

Because nutrients that are consumed need to travel and be filtered through the digestive system, your body does not always get the full benefits from them; with IV therapy, these nutrients are sent directly into your bloodstream, where your body is able to absorb 100% of them. Oral doses of vitamins and minerals often hit an upper limit of serum concentration, whereas higher peak plasma and serum levels can be reached through IV injections. That means IV therapy is able to correct intracellular nutrient deficits better than oral supplements.

This way, you can often get instant effects from these nutrients, which is particularly impactful when you are trying to recover from illness. IV drips can help battle fatigue, brain fog, headaches, dehydration, and symptoms of illness, and can even give you fresher, more hydrated-looking skin.

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    The surge in popularity of IV therapy isn’t so surprising when you consider what’s lacking in a lot of regular diets. You may not realize it, but a majority of the US population is not getting enough nutrients in their everyday lives. A lot of people fail to get the proper vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies healthy, strong, energized, and youthful. Americans regularly consume calorie-heavy foods that nonetheless lack proper micronutrient requirements. In fact, foods that are high in energy but poor in nutrients make up about 27% of the daily diet of Americans. Take that with the fact that 75-80% of the US population eats less than the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, and you start to see the issue.

    It’s not always easy to maintain a nutrient-rich diet; sometimes, our packed schedules make us turn to quick, basic take-out meals when we don’t have time to thoughtfully cook and prepare food. Even those of us who take pleasure in cooking have trouble keeping track of what exactly we put in our bodies on a daily basis. It’s just one more thing to juggle in our already busy minds. Unfortunately, this can take a toll on our personal well-being.

    Even if you’re conscious of your health, it’s still easy to miss out on vitamins here and there. Personal food preferences and convenience often trump a carefully thought-out diet and lifestyle – after all, we’re only human, and we often fail to put our health first. While micronutrient deficiencies are rare in industrialized nations like the US, micronutrient inadequacies – which are still below the recommended dietary intake – occur very frequently across the country. Certain nutrients, like vitamin D, A, C, and E, calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and iron, are regularly reported to be underconsumed. A whopping 94.3% of the US population including people who live in New York fall short of the daily requirements for vitamin D. Vitamin D works to keep your bones and immune system strong, and it’s definitely not something you want to leave out of your body.

    It’s important to remember the kind of adverse effects that skipping out on these nutrients can have on your life. Not only can it make you feel symptoms like fatigue, diarrhea, and inflammation, but you may actually be increasing your risk for certain health conditions. Lacking important nutrients over time can lead to negative health effects and chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

    In light of all this, it’s clear why IV therapy can be helpful to people. It can be a quick and easy way to give your immune system an extra boost, reducing issues related to illness, colds, and even hangovers. While taking oral supplements is helpful and often advisable as a daily habit, it doesn’t have the instant effect you might be looking for when you are feeling particularly sick or fatigued. IV therapy gets these nutrients straight into your bloodstream without having to work through the digestive system first. That’s why so many people are booking their IV drip appointments in 2022.


    Now that you know what IV therapy is all about, you probably want to know what it can do for you. A lot of generally healthy individuals can receive a great health kick from IV therapy. Many Americans lack the recommended amount of micronutrients in their system. For example, the reported prevalence of vitamin inadequacy in the US population stands at 45% for vitamin A, 46% for vitamin C, 95% for vitamin D, and so forth. Given these dietary inadequacies, it’s easy to say that a lot of people can benefit from IV therapy to restore essential nutrients they may be lacking.

      There are many reasons that people may be lacking certain nutrients. For example, during the winter, a lot of people get less sun and therefore lack vitamin D. Other nutrients are harder to come by because of dietary restrictions, like vegetarianism. Few of us keep detailed tabs on what we do and do not put into our bodies – and those of us with chronic illnesses don’t always have full say in the matter. Suffice it to say, even when we don’t know what nutrients our body is lacking, we can feel the effects as our bodies crave replenishment.
      IV drips is especially helpful for those presently suffering from some kind of ailment and who are seeking a boost to their immune system. If you are sick with a cold or flu, getting an extra intake of vitamins and minerals can give your body the strength to recover faster. Infusions that include vitamin C, D, zinc, and vitamin B12 are helpful for illness prevention, as they bolster the immune system and help the body produce red blood cells.
      IV therapy can also come in handy after a wild night out. Some hangovers can feel like you’ve been hit with a bad and sudden virus, keeping you out of commission for a day or even more. Unfortunately, old college tactics – like eating greasy – seldom prove to be helpful. If you’re looking to recover from a nasty hangover, a quick session of IV therapy can help brighten your mood and lessen your chances of spending all day in bed.
      Even pregnant women can feel the benefits of a boost of vitamins, particularly if they are suffering from morning sickness. Pregnant women are often prone to experiencing fatigue, nausea, dehydration, and specific cravings. A fluctuating appetite along with food aversions can sometimes prevent you from getting the right hydration and nutrition throughout your pregnancy. Since you are taking in nutrients not just for yourself but for your baby – or babies – it’s crucial to stay on top of the vitamin and mineral supplements throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal drips often feature an extra dose of hydration and vitamin B6 to help replenish fluids and relieve nausea.
      If you are trying to rejuvenate yourself while feeling extra fatigued, stressed, or jetlagged, IV therapy can help there, too. IV drips are a type of wellness procedure that can efficiently boost your mood and energy levels by sending fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes directly into your system. Stop chugging caffeine or energy drinks – these can often just make you feel jittery and make you crash after a while. Your body needs proper hydration and nutrition to perform at its best levels. This is also a great option for athletes who are recovering from or preparing for an endurance-based task – amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration can re-energize the body and aid in repairing the muscles.

      The nutrients absorbed through IV therapy can also help reduce inflammation in the body – so, if you suffer from chronic conditions like migraines or gastrointestinal issues, you may find relief through IV therapy. A lot of people with chronic conditions have trouble absorbing nutrients through digestion, a problem that can be circumvented using IV drips.
      Finally, A lot of patients turn to IV drips for aesthetic purposes. The stresses and demands of everyday life in New York, as well as good ol’ gravity and the passing of time, can cause premature aging of the skin. Certain nutrients can build up your immune system on a cellular level and aid metabolism, fighting off free radicals and aiding in weight loss. Glutathione, for example, is a super-antioxidant made up of three amino acids – L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine – which promotes new cell growth. Glutathione infusions can even out skin tone and repair skin texture for a glowing, youthful appearance. IV drips can also keep you more hydrated, a key factor to skin suppleness.

      IV therapy isn’t ideal for everyone. If you have a kidney disease or heart condition, it’s possible that your body is not able to process high concentrations of vitamins. It can also disturb your electrolyte balance, causing an adverse reaction, even a heart attack in some individuals.

    Lastly, it’s vital to remember that IV drips are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle; you should still pay attention to your diet first and foremost when trying to get in good health. While IV therapy can give you a healthy boost, it’s not a miracle cure. Make sure to take care of your body in small ways every day! Make sure to tell your provider about any supplements you may already be taking so they can be accounted for.


    IV drip is a simple, minimally invasive, in-and-out procedure. You don’t have to worry about any prior prepping before your appointment. Think of it like getting a flu shot, vaccine, or any other kind of routine shot – there is no pre-planning necessary on your part. That’s what makes it a simple solution for a lot of people. Especially when you’re dealing with a cold or a hangover, you can quickly schedule an IV therapy appointment for a speedier recovery. Remember, however, to talk to your board-certified provider beforehand about your medical history, diet and supplements you may be taking, and what you’re hoping to get out of IV therapy. That way, they can ensure that you are getting the best infusion or cocktail combination for you.


    A lot of people search for IV drip in New York City for a long list of reasons. You may be one of the millions of residents in NYC, looking for a pick-me-up to get through the hustle and bustle in the city that never sleeps. If you’re a tourist dropping in for a short period of time, you probably want to be feeling your best so that you don’t miss out on any amazing experiences. Whatever the case may be, Skinly Aesthetics has got you covered.

    At Skinly Aesthetics, we make the IV drip process easy and efficient. You will start things off with a consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg at his private clinic in NYC. This is a discussion in which you will establish your medical background, current health status, lifestyle, and personal requirements. Through this consultation, Dr. Schwarzburg will best be able to determine the specific infusion formula that will best suit your needs and be able to treat whatever symptoms you may be experiencing. Whether it’s a cold, chronic illness, hangover, aesthetic goal, or stress you seek to treat, there are different cocktails and infusions that can target various issues. It’s vital to have this conversation so that Dr. Schwarzburg can ensure you are a good candidate for IV therapy, and that he can choose the right nutrient combo for you.

    The injection procedure itself is fairly straightforward. The injection will take place on your forearm, which will be cleaned and sanitized beforehand. Dr. Schwarzburg will then puncture the skin with a saline lock, or small catheter. If you’re apprehensive about needles or pain, don’t worry – this should only feel like a small prick and shouldn’t bother you during the procedure. Through a thin tube, the cocktail or infusion from an IV solution bag will be delivered right into your vein. The nutrients will then be able to directly enter your bloodstream, where they will take nearly instant effect.

    It only takes about half an hour for this infusion to take place; during this time, you will be monitored to make sure everything is going smoothly and you have no adverse reactions. At the end of the session, the saline lock is removed. After a moment of pressure on the injection site, it will be covered with a bandage to keep it sanitary. Then you can carry on with the rest of your day as usual. You can expect to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and overall in better spirits at the end of your session. Depending on the type of treatment you receive, the outcome will likely be felt within a few hours.


    Getting IV drip only takes around 30 to 60 minutes, which can vary slightly based on what kind of IV treatment you are getting. During this time, you will be monitored to make sure there aren’t any adverse effects. While you are receiving your IV drip, you are free to rest, which can be especially rejuvenating if you are dealing with an illness.

    The amount of time it takes to get IV therapy is negligible when you compare it to other methods of receiving nutrients. Taking daily supplements or adjusting your diet are wonderful ways to maintain your health over time – however, when you’re in need of a quick fix, these methods often do not deliver you the speedy results you’re looking for. Whether you’re dealing with a bout of tiredness, foul mood, or the lingering effects of an illness, you probably want to feel better as soon as possible. We don’t all have time to lay around and wait for a lengthy recovery. That’s where IV drip can offer quick relief of certain symptoms so you can carry on with your life.


    IV therapy is a low-risk procedure that is generally tolerated well by otherwise healthy individuals. You may experience some bruising around the injection site, which will abate within 2 to 3 days, similar to when you receive a shot or give blood. Individual intolerances and existing conditions should be discussed with your board-certified physicians, as they might contribute to more adverse effects, which can be serious in some cases.

    Everybody is different, and more serious side effects are not unheard of. There are a couple of risks and adverse reactions to be aware of when it comes to IV therapy. Some people have contraindications that make them unfit for IV therapy, such as liver or heart problems. Pre-existing conditions can make you susceptible to headaches or even heart attacks. Other side effects include infections where the IV was injected, inflammation, bruising, blood clots, rashes, or air embolism. You are more likely to experience these risks when IV therapy is given by an unqualified provider with poor protocol; that’s why it’s vital to seek out a qualified professional like Dr. Schwarzburg . It is important that you be monitored by qualified staff for any abnormal reactions.


    There isn’t really any aftercare when it comes to IV therapy. In most cases, you will be feeling healthier and refreshed after your treatment. Just like you would with a routine shot, you will likely be asked to apply some pressure for a minute or two after your IV drip is removed; then the tiny puncture will be covered with a bandaid, which you can keep in place for a few hours or the rest of the day. It’s common to experience a bit of bruising around the injection site. To relieve this, simply apply a cold compress.

    There are no restrictions following IV therapy. You can use it as a jumpstart to your day, giving you an extra bit of energy for whatever plans you might have. Some even look at IV drips as a form of aftercare in itself when recovering from a cold, stressful week, or bout of headaches. IV is a favorite amongst patients who lead driven, demanding lives; they do not want to be held back by a cold or bad mood. They look to IV therapy to get them in the right mindset, as well as give their body a little extra TLC.


    There is a pretty wide range of prices when it comes to IV therapy. That’s because personal needs and wishes differ so heavily from patient to patient. On the one hand, different ingredients come with different price tags. Vitamin C, for example, is a cheaper ingredient than glutathione. Desired result, and treatment complexity also play a role in the final price outcome. A simple headache treatment is also generally cheaper than a more complex cocktail aimed at boosting your immune system.

    On top of this, you should also take into account the level of experience of your provider and the location of the clinic you’re visiting when calculating the price. In New York City, IV drip prices tend to be a bit higher; but it’s important to keep in mind that a top-notch physician with plenty of experience will ensure you better care and decrease the risk of side effects. Overall, a session of intravenous therapy can cost between $200 and $1000. When it comes to your health and well-being, many patients find this to be well worth it. Spending a bit of extra cash to look and feel your best – especially when you’re in the Big Apple – can give you an advantage when tackling the trials and excitement of everyday life. It can also save you time otherwise spent laying on the couch, waiting to feel better, while you could be out having a wonderful day.


    There is no one-type-fits-all solution when it comes to IV drip cocktails. Just as people have various different needs to meet, there is a plethora of IV cocktails and infusions to achieve different desired effects. All infusions are isotonic, osmolar, alkaline, and magnetized for the best results.

    Here are some of the most popular mixtures when it comes to IV therapy:

    • Mood Boost Cocktail: The mood boost cocktail combines various minerals, amino acids, and vitamin B to refresh your mind and pull you out of an all-too-familiar slump. Many patients seek this cocktail not just to feel more upbeat, but to relieve overall stress.
    • Cold and Flu Cocktail: A lot of patients flock to IV therapy particularly during cold and flu season to prevent or treat, the bothersome symptoms of seasonal illness. The Cold and Flu cocktail delivers high doses of vitamins C and D, along with zinc, to help treat sickly symptoms.
    • Glutathione Cocktail: Certain cocktails and infusions are aimed primarily at detoxifying the body –– the Glutathione Cocktail is one of these. Glutathione is an important antioxidant in the body that protects the body by combating free radicals and helping the immune system build tissue.
    • Hydration (or Hangover) Cocktail: There are many instances that can leave you feeling dehydrated. A hot summer’s day, strenuous exercise, or a night of partying leave lots of patients lacking proper hydration, leading to diarrhea, nausea, and headaches. The Hydration Cocktail, also known as a hangover cure, combines vitamins, electrolytes, fluids, and other nutrients to help relieve some of these side effects.
    • Myer’s Cocktail: The Myers Cocktail is one of the classic and most beloved infusions available in IV therapy since as far back as the 1970s. It features certain minerals (namely magnesium and calcium) along with high doses of vitamins B and C to give ample support to your immune system.
    • Anti-Aging Cocktail: Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that can contribute to aging by damaging proteins and cell membranes. The anti-aging Cocktail includes antioxidants, as well as glutathione, to combat free radicals, skin dryness, and UV damage to contribute towards a refreshed and youthful glow.
    • B12 Cocktail: Vitamin B12 is an important part of white blood cell production; it is naturally present in animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy, which is why a lot of vegans and vegetarians in particular need to be conscious of their B12 intake. An infusion of B12 can help you feel healthier and more alert.
    • Vitamin C Cocktail: Vitamin C is a vital nutrient helps your body fight infections, injuries, and damage from free radicals. Unfortunately, 46% of the US population receives an inadequate amount of vitamin C in their daily lives. The Vitamin C cocktail can help you get an extra dose.
    • Weight Loss and IV Nutrition Cocktail: A lot of us embark on weight loss journeys to have an overall healthier life. However, weight loss efforts often include cutting out certain foods and, before you know it, you’re missing important nutrients that you actually should be consuming. The weight loss and nutrition cocktail helps you restore some of those by offering a combo of alpha-lipoic acid, B-vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help boost your metabolism and help you on your weight loss mission.
    • Stress Cocktail: Not getting adequate nutrients can make you feel even more frustrated and stressed than you usually would. If you’re suffering from stress and a lack of sleep, the stress cocktail can give you nutrients that will relieve some of your mental distress.
    • Folic Acid Cocktail: Folic acid is an important nutrient for women who are pregnant, especially in early pregnancy, for preventing birth defects and aiding in the formation of the neural tube.
    • Iron Cocktail: Anemia is a condition that occurs when you lack sufficient amounts of iron in your body. Being anemic can make you feel tired, sluggish, weak, and lightheaded; it often befalls women on their periods. The iron cocktail can help anemic patients, as well as others who need extra iron.



    For many patients, the appeal of IV drip therapy is both internal and external. After all, proper nutrition and hydration are a major component in a refreshed, beautiful, and reinvigorated appearance. By giving you an extra dose of nutrients, IV drip therapy helps you work on your appearance from the inside out. If you’re interested in a more youthful and flattering look, you can absolutely look into different cosmetic treatments alongside your IV drip therapy treatments.

    At Skinly Aesthetics in New York, you can find a wide range of non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. Botox, dermal fillers, Fraxel laser treatments, and Sculptra Butt lift are just a few examples of procedures that can smooth the skin, contour the body, and sculpt the face in effective, low-risk ways. Just like IV therapy, a lot of these treatments are focused on improving your aesthetic, leading to changes that are natural and subtle yet result in a massive confidence boost. Certain treatments, such as Botox and laser treatments, are aimed at creating a youthful look by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Others, like Sculptra or CoolSculpting contribute to a toned body that will have you looking gorgeous and sculpted in pictures and real life.


    The contents of an IV bag vary based on what kind of therapy you are receiving. There is no single list of ingredients that applies to every single IV therapy drip bag. IV solutions are often formulated with saline for rehydration. A couple of common ingredients include dextrose, lactated Ringer’s, vitamin B, vitamin C, glutathione, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants. A lot of these nutrients are important to the average person’s health, but nevertheless are missing in many peoples’ diets.

    For example, in 2006, 6% of the US population was discovered to be severely deficient in vitamin C. Vitamin C inadequacy is even higher in adults than amongst children, meaning that many can benefit from an extra shot of this nutrient through an IV drip. Magnesium is another nutrient commonly applied through IV therapy. It can be found in green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the US – 61% of adults – lack the ideal amount of magnesium in their diets. An under-intake of magnesium can lead to increased risk of certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease –– this can be prevented with IV therapies containing this vital mineral. If you want more information on what kind of ingredients are in different IV therapy infusions, feel free to ask Dr. Schwarzburg for clarification.


    A single IV drip session is all you need to experience immediate results. However, they won’t last you indefinitely. A lot of New Yorkers love the way they feel after their IV therapy – refreshed, energized, and even aesthetically improved. They are eager to head back for another treatment, or are happy to know that this is an option if they run into a bad cold or hangover. If you like the way you feel after your IV therapy session, you can come back in for regularly scheduled appointments to receive more infusions. Dr. Schwarzburg at his NYC based clinic will help you create a custom IV drip treatment plan that will be beneficial for you and may include weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits. While it is still up to you to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle outside of these treatments, they can be a helpful tool to achieving extra uplifting and stimulating effects.


    The vast majority of patients do not find IV therapy to be painful – at most, you might experience slight discomfort at the injection site right at the beginning of your session, but even this should be minimized by the tiny size of the catheter. Some patients even find IV therapy to be relaxing; you will likely forget that there is a needle in your arm in the first place, and can slowly let your mind wander as you receive your health and energy boosting treatment. If you’re worried about getting bored, feel free to bring a book, magazine, or headphones to pass the time. This can also be a helpful way to distract yourself if you have a mental aversion to needles and would rather ignore the IV drip as it happens.


    Patients often notice the effects of their IV drip mere minutes after the procedure. Because of the hydration boost of IV drips, it’s likely you will feel somewhat instantly refreshed. If you were getting IV therapy to clear up uncomfortable symptoms like nausea, you will likely experience relief pretty quickly. Others feel the results settling within a few hours after their session, as the nutrients get to work hydrating, healing, and energizing the body.


    If you’re looking to get an IV therapy treatment, you’re probably curious about what the results will look or feel like. The truth is that this wholly depends on the type of treatment you are receiving. Most infusions will leave you feeling more hydrated and energized. If you’re receiving treatment for a headache, hangover, or morning sickness, you will likely feel relief from these symptoms and leave the clinic in a better mood. Certain solutions may result in slight aesthetic changes, like clearer, healthier looking skin and an overall brighter, more vibrant look. If you came in with a hangover, you will probably already feel better a few minutes after your IV treatment – more rested, less nauseated, and more able to take on the day ahead. Some of these results will be more or less instantaneous, while others – such as more physical appearance-based outcomes – will take a few hours or days to take hold. Many patients also experience a calmer disposition, leading to great sleep the following night.


    A lot of people feel the results of IV therapy for a couple days or even two weeks after their treatment. If you love the effects of your IV therapy treatments, it’s only natural to want it to last as long as possible. Since nutrients in the body must be regularly replenished, IV therapy is not a permanent solution, or a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. However, regular follow-up appointments can help repeat the positive effects of an IV drip, such as a reduction in stress, smoother skin, and a more sunny, energetic disposition. If you’re interested in repeating the outcome of your IV therapy session, talk to your provider about creating a plan to help you feel your best for as long as possible Your age, metabolism, lifestyle, and overall health can also play a factor in just how long and strongly you feel the effects of IV therapy.


    IV therapy is covered by insurance if it is medically necessary –– for example, while in the hospital or emergency room –– but IV therapy administered as a supplementary treatment for extra nutrients is generally not covered by insurance.


    IV therapy is an exceptionally safe procedure, given that it is administered by a qualified and reputable provider. An experienced provider will help lessen the risk of side effects. Dr. Schwarzburg is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in NYC who is happy to give you thoughtful and personalized advice when it comes to IV therapy. He will also help create a cocktail of vitamins and minerals personally suited to you, taking into account your lifestyle and any supplements you may already be taking.

    A qualified, board-certified physician is necessary to reduce the chance of side effects. An expert hand is also necessary to prevent infection at the injection site. The most common side effect is slight bruising in the arm, where the injection takes place, but this is only temporary. Be sure to discuss any possible contraindications, like liver or heart problems, prior to your IV drip session, as these could be contraindications for the treatment. As mentioned above, some more serious side effects can occur; these are often a result of an underqualified provider, patient health condition, or improper technique.



    IV therapy is a wonderful way to many people to encourage their body’s healing process, garner energy, and contribute overall to both internal and external wellbeing. From eliminating hangovers to improving sleep and everyday function, this rapid shot of vitamins and minerals can come in handy for people with a particularly busy lifestyle. IV therapy delivers quicker results than oral vitamins while still being a minimally invasive treatment. It requires no downtime and comes with little to no usual side effects.


    Not everybody is perfectly suited for IV therapy and those with certain contraindications should take care before seeking it out. Some may also not experience as strong or fast results as others; it is also not a permanent health solution, and more prolonged effects require multiple sessions.


    IV therapy is a low-risk, effective method of instantly feeling mood-boosting, energy-increasing, and immune system-promoting effects. By streamlining the nutrient absorption process via an intravenous infusion, IV drip therapy can treat symptoms from head and body aches to mental fog and exhaustion. Many patients from NYC praise IV drip therapy for delivering quick and easy results that are not possible merely through oral dietary supplements. There are many different infusions and cocktails to meet different needs; all of this, along with your own medical history, can be discussed in a one-on-one consultation with your healthcare provider.


    If you’re in New York City, you probably want to be feeling your best. Especially if you’re just visiting, this is the time to boost your energy so you can experience everything this incredible city has to offer –– from Central Park to Madison Square Garden, there are plenty of iconic sights to see in Manhattan alone.

    While you’re here, you can visit Dr. Schwarzburg at Skinly Aesthetics on the Upper East Side for an IV drip therapy session individually suited to your needs. Dr. Schwarzburg’s extensive knowledge and expertise will put you in the best position to receive high quality treatment. If you’re interested in getting IV therapy, simply schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg by contacting us as (212) 774-4264 or e-mailing

    Explore treatment options tailored just for you. Schedule your consultation right now.

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      My thin lips always made me feel insecure, but I was scared of injections as I thought they were painful and would look unnatural. I came along MiracleFace as I… read more

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