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Russian Lip Filler Before and After

Russian lip filler technique emerged as a revolutionary way to augment, shape and sculpt the lips. Russian style lip filler is a profound improvement that borrows all the previous advantages of old-fashioned lip augmentation techniques, but gets rid of all the drawbacks that were associated with the classic way the lips were injected. The greatest disadvantage of the classic injection style is the exaggeration of the vermillion border, which results in the ducky and swollen appearance that is unnatural and unattractive. 

The vertical administration of the dermal filler through the vermillion border allows to place the filler in the lips to get them tented and simultaneously enhance the height of the lips for a naturally looking appearance. 

Before and after results of the properly administered Russian lip filler demonstrate a lip shape that is extended from top to bottom and elevates the lip vertically for a flattened and augmented look, but still maintains plump and luscious appearance. 

Before and after results following Russian lip filler injection technique are all performed by Dr. Shwarzburg in his private NYC clinic and can be seen in the gallery below.

Russian Lip Filler Before and After


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