Sculptra is a product that has been in the market for several years, originally FDA approved for the treatment of lipoatrophy and to restore volume in the faces of HIV positive patients. Today, sculptra has grown into a common and popular injection that can be used not only for the face, but as a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and to add volume to the buttocks and hip dips. Due to its minimally invasive nature and minimal downtime, Sculptra has been blowing up in the market of cosmetic medicine. Particularly in patients who specifically would like to correct their hip dips, which typically does not involve a ton of intervention, Sculptra is incredibly popular as it allows the patient to skip all the risks, side effects, and downtime associated with surgical fat transfers. Because of medical advances in the field of cosmetic and dermatological medicine, Sculptra is used as a minimally invasive tool to achieve the same results as may be achieved through older procedures requiring surgical intervention and extensive surgical downtime. If you look up Sculptra buttocks before and after pictures, you will see the major difference that a few injections can make in hip dips vs no hip dips without the need of cosmetic hip implants.


Hip dips are the concave dips that are visible from an anterior and posterior view of the body around the hip area. Hip dips, also called hip dimples, hip dents, or “booty dips” can be caused by low amounts of body fat that leaves the lining of the pelvic bone more visible, the physical hip dip anatomy of the patient, genetics, and amount of muscle that the patient carries. It is extremely difficult to control the nature of hip dips. Many women desire that “hourglass” look, which consists of a smaller waist and fuller hips, leaving them with the question of how to get rid of hip dips. Hips dips are the lack of volume in the hips, which can be filled in with Sculptra injections before and after for the optimal hourglass figure. While the procedure is more common in girls with hip dips, hip dip men are also quite common, as the anatomy of a man’s body often results in hip dips.

Sculptra hip dips injections


You can get rid of hip dips using minimally invasive tools such as Sculptra to fill in the concave areas causing the appearance of hip dips. Sculptra is the first most effective non surgical tool that can be used as a butt enhancement, and has the added benefit of having the ability to target specific areas for example as a hip dip filler, for individualized results. At Skinly Aesthetics, we understand that everyone’s body is different, meaning that Sculptra before and after hip dips results vary for each and every patient.


Sculptra is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that works by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. This collagen wraps around particles that typically would naturally break down, however, because the collagen stops them from breaking down, the treatment area grows and increases in size. The main component of Sculptra is Poly-L-lactic acid (PPLA), which is what causes the stimulation of collagen production and increase in volume. In order to see optimal results, it is common to undergo more than just one sculptra treatment, each of which may be scheduled 4 – 6 weeks apart from each other, depending on the original state of the treatment area, the patient’s response to the treatment, and the patient’s desired outcome. Furthermore, the results will only show once new collagen is formed to volumize the treatment area, which may take anywhere from 1 – 2 months.

Before Sculptra was officially used to add volume to the buttocks as a non surgical butt lift, it was primarily used to restore lost facial fat and volume under the eyes and cheeks, and to fill in and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, such as the nasolabial folds (also called smile lines), marionette lines, temple, chin, and jawline, through the stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the skin. Now, Sculptra is used to treat a variety of areas in the face and body including the arms, knees, decolletage, buttocks, and even for the treatment of cellulite as well as stretch marks due to its collagen and elastin stimulating properties.

While Sculptra before and after results are not permanent, they are deemed to be the longest lasting minimally invasive butt lift and hip augmentation procedure available on the market, as results can be expected to last up to 2 – 3 years.

Sculptra hip dips treatment


Sculptra is a Poly-L-lactic acid based injectable dermal filler that increases volume in any given treatment area by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. Results from Sculptra injections may take 1 – 2 months to show, as the effects are gradual. Hyaluronic acid based dermal hip fillers such as Juvederm add immediate volume to the treatment area as hyaluronic acid absorbs water surrounding the injection site, resulting in additional volume. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are frequently used in various areas of the face to restore lost volume and to fill in lines, wrinkles, and folds. Botox along with various other neurotoxins, is used to eliminate and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, rather than to add volume to certain treatment areas. This works through the injection of Botox into the muscle in question, which then paralyzes or weakens that muscle, restricting the muscle contractions that would otherwise lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles. While Sculptra, Hyaluronic acid fillers, and Botox vary significantly, they are often combined to achieve each patient’s desired result.


You may be asking, is it possible to get rid of hip dips and if so, how do you get rid of hip dips? The answer is yes. Hip dips are common primarily among leaner and more athletic patients with a lower body fat percentage, making the dip between the hip bone and thigh stand out more. Depending on the anatomy of your pelvis and hips, this hip dip can be more or less prominent with less volume present in the area. This leaves a lot of patients wondering how to fix hip dips and what steps they need to take to eliminate them. Unfortunately, hip dips can not be corrected through exercise and need cosmetic help to be filled in. While there are some people that get a Brazilian Butt Lift for hip dips, which requires a hip dip fat transfer, many who have hip dips do not carry enough fat on the rest of their bodies to fill them in. This is why Sculptra for hip dips is particularly common, as it requires no liposuction or fat transfer, is minimally invasive, and just as effective.

Usually 2 – 3 treatments is a sufficient amount to fill in hip dips, however, it does depend on factors such as the individual’s anatomy, how much fat is or is not present, and how many vials are used per session. When you have your consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg, you will have the opportunity to discuss all your questions on how to fill in hip dips.

Upon injection, the Sculptra hip dips treatment begins to stimulate collagen production, however because this process is more natural than simply injecting a full on instant filler, your body needs time to develop new cells. As the procedure is non surgical, it comes with the benefit of limited risks and side effects as well as zero downtime.


The standard amount of vials of Sculptra for hip dips range 20 to 30 vials total. This may be spaced out over the course of 2 – 3 sessions to allow the body to gradually adjust to its new change in shape. For a full and more dramatic result, more vials of Sculptra will likely be needed. However, it is important to keep in mind that 20 – 30 vials is only a general range and that some people will need far beyond 30 vials to get their desired result. Similarly, while it is rare, it is possible for someone to see amazing results with only 10 vials. The extent to which someone needs more vials all depends on the person’s original state, their desired result, as well as their personal response to the treatment, as everyone will respond differently.


The average cost of Sculptra collagen butt injections for hip dips is $800 – $1000 per vial. However, this price range can fluctuate depending on how many total vials are purchased. For hip dips in particular, depending on the size of the hip dips, anywhere from 6 to 12 vials may be used per session. For some people one session will suffice, while others may require 2 – 3 for optimal results. The Sculptra injections buttocks price may also vary depending on the administrating professional. For example, a board certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist may charge more than a nurse. You may want to look up “Sculptra BBL near me,” to explore and compare the prices in your area to see if you can get your non surgical hip dip filler for a good price in your area.


A good candidate for Sculptra hip dips is an overall healthy patient who simply wants to add more volume to their hips, fill in their fat hip dips, and add overall fullness to their backsides but without having to undergo surgery. While Sculptra can be used only to address hip dips, the majority of patients also choose to get some booty injections throughout their buttocks for more overall projection. Because it is non surgical and painless without any downtime, Sculptra is a quick and easy way to get a butt lift, without having to plan weeks of post operational downtime in advance.

Sculptra results take time to start showing because it takes time to build new healthy tissue to fill the hip dip area. For this reason, each consecutive session will produce more volume over the course of several months.

Sculptra is very controllable, meaning that it allows you to choose how much volume you want. You can do one session, see how you like it, and then choose to move forward with a second or third. This allows the patient to think about how much more volume they would like to add gradually, rather than going all out immediately for unnatural looking results.


If you have tried to find an answer on how to hide hip dips, exercise can help fill in hip dips in a sense that muscle growth around the hips may increase the size of the area around the hips and help disguise hip dips. Some of the best exercises for hip dips include exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts, which target the muscles around the buttocks and hips. However, because part of the reason hip dips can be particularly prominent is due to the structure of the surrounding muscles, building muscle isn’t always very helpful. If you want to maximize your hip dip workout before and after, a few Sculptra sessions may be the right option for you. The most successful method to fill in hip dips is to get Sculptra injections, which can target specific areas such as the hip dips and add as much volume as the patient desires. Sculptra can be combined with exercise for overall increase in size and definition. You may combine exercise for your hip dips before and after your Sculptra procedure to possibly optimize your results. Some patients may also use cosmetic treatments to strengthen the muscles surrounding the hips, such as EmSculpt.


There are various body contouring procedures that can be used in conjunction with Sculptra. While procedures such as liposuction can be combined with Sculptra hips, the market for non surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has begun to take over, leaving us with a variety of non surgical alternatives. One of the most popular minimally invasive body sculpting procedures often combined with Sculptra is CoolSculpting before and after hip dips augmentation. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure designed to permanently eliminate unwanted fat. It works through the use of cryolipolysis delivered through a topical applicator to freeze underlying fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting can be administered on several treatment areas including the abdomen, back, thighs, arms, and under the chin. Similarly, Kybella is an injectable treatment used to eliminate small unwanted pouches of fat, for example the fat underneath the butt (banana rolls), but is mainly used under the chin. Other treatments often used in conjunction with Sculptra are CoolTone. Both CoolTone and EmSculpt work through the use of electromagnetic pulses that are sent to the muscles through a topical applicator placed on the treatment area of choice. They are designed to strengthen the muscle through controlled muscle contractions without the hassle of having to go to the gym. CoolTone and EmSculpt are often used on the glutes, thighs, and abdominal muscles, to add definition and sometimes size, to optimize the patient’s body sculpting desires. There are also several hip dip filler surgery before and after results that you can find to see what other injectables may look like for butt dips. Sculptra is also used in the face, in which case it can be combined with other fillers and injectables such as hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane. In addition, it can be combined with neurotoxin injections such as BotoxAn alternative buttocks injection is Radiesse, which is also commonly used to enhance the buttocks and hip dips.


Treatments to eliminate cellulite, such as QWO injectable treatment are also commonly used along with Sculptra to eliminate surrounding cellulite for an overall more appealing backside. Cellulite is commonly seen in patients who want to undergo body sculpting treatments, and is often addressed along with their Sculptra butt enhancements or other body sculpting treatments. QWO is the most effective treatment to eliminate cellulite and has been growing significantly in the field of cosmetic medicine.


If you are looking for Sculptra buttocks injections “near me”, Dr. Schwarzburg is a board certified cosmetic physician with several years of experience. Many of his patients come to him with the desire to increase the size of their backsides or to fill in their hip dips. During your one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg you will have the opportunity to discuss all of your questions, goals, and concerns with him, to develop the optimal treatment plan that will meet your needs in a safe and effective manner. If you live in New York and are searching for “Sculptra near me,” to fix hip dips of your own, Dr. Schwarzburg will likely be one of the first to show up. If you are interested in getting Sculptra injections for your hip dips and would like to schedule your one on one appointment with Dr. Schwarzburg, please call his boutique medical spa office, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at (212) 774-4264, or email us at