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PDO Thread Lifting Before and After Results

Saggy and droopy skin is an unfortunate manifestation of the aging process and is secondary to the force of gravity and loss of skin elasticity. A variety of treatments exist from completely superficiall and non-invasive to fully invasive surgical facelifts. 

Superficial creams can’t penetrate deep into the skin to have any effect on internal collagen reserves and they are good for moisturizing the skin. Non-invasive energy emitting lasers and fractional radiofrequency devices require multiple sessions to see good outcomes, and are only effective on certain skin types and have limited impact on aged skin. Surgical facelifts are highly invasive procedures that carry a long list of complications with substantial recovery times and results that may not be satisfying.

PDO thread lifting emerged as a revolutionary method to get a non-surgical facelift without a surgery or complications associated with it. PDO thread lift before and after results clearly demonstrate the degree of skin lifting and skin tightening that can be achieved through this minimally invasive procedure. Following the PDO thread lift the results manifest themselves immediately – with skin lifted and looking tighter. Another benefit of PDO thread lifting is that results last for a long time, so that you your skin remains tight and rejuvenated for up to 2 years. A major advantage over a surgical facelift is that PDO non-surgical facelift carries very little downtime and minor complications such as bruising. 

It is critical to have a board-certified physician, like Dr. Schwarzburg in his private clinic in NYC, perform the PDO threading procedure to avoid side-effects or botched results.

PDO Thread Lifting Before and After Results


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