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Juvederm Filler Injections In NYC – All You Need To Know


Juvederm, a premier product of Allergan pharmaceuticals, has firmly established itself as a leader in the realm of dermal fillers since its FDA approval in 2006. Today, with over 50 million injections performed worldwide, its popularity is unquestionable.

The Juvederm line boasts seven distinct gels, each meticulously formulated for specific cosmetic needs. From reversing signs of aging to amplifying the beauty of facial features like the lips, cheeks, and jawline, its applications are diverse. Notably, it addresses nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and volume deficiencies under the eyes.

Its adaptability is a significant draw. The product’s variety, based on differing densities, concentrations, and cross-linking technologies, ensures each patient’s unique needs are precisely met.

Professionals like Dr. Schwarzburg of New York recognize and harness the potential of Juvederm to produce remarkable results. In NYC and beyond, Juvederm’s reputation as a top-tier hyaluronic acid filler is well-deserved, making it a go-to choice for various aesthetic applications.

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    When it comes to cosmetic dermatology in New York, Dr. Schwarzburg stands out. With his Ivy League education and board certification, he has positioned himself as a top expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Over a decade of hands-on experience, coupled with glowing 5-star reviews, testifies to his unmatched skill in the application of Juvederm.

    When you choose Juvederm treatment at Skinly Aesthetics with Dr. Schwarzburg, you can expect:

    • Exceptional aesthetic outcomes, backed by thousands of satisfied patients.
    • A procedure marked by minimal pain and discomfort.
    • Reduced risk of side effects, thanks to his advanced expertise and training.
    • A reassuring, friendly approach, ensuring you’re at ease throughout your treatment.


    Juvederm is a leading hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler in the world of cosmetic dermatology. Juvederm offers a range of solutions tailored to address varied cosmetic objectives. From diminishing visible signs of aging and erasing wrinkles to accentuating facial contours like lips and cheeks, this versatile filler continually meets and exceeds aesthetic expectations.

    At the heart of Juvederm’s effectiveness is hyaluronic acid. This substance, which is naturally found in our skin, plays a pivotal role in maintaining hydration and volume. As we age, the natural production of HA diminishes, leading to a loss of volume and the appearance of wrinkles. Juvederm’s formulations replenish this lost HA, restoring skin’s youthful elasticity and plumpness. Due to its smooth gel consistency, results look and feel incredibly natural.

    Juvederm has consistently emerged as a go-to choice for both professionals and individuals keen on facial rejuvenation. With its seamless blend of top-tier science, innovative techniques, and a track record of patient satisfaction, Juvederm showcases the future of cosmetic procedures.


    Aging often leads to a decline in our skin’s natural hyaluronic acid, causing a loss of volume and hydration. Juvederm enters the scene as a leading hyaluronic acid-based filler designed to restore this lost volume and smoothen facial lines. Its unique feature lies in its use of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which offers a robust structure and increased longevity. This cross-linking transforms typical liquid and fragile hyaluronic acid into a more resilient gel, ensuring Juvederm’s lasting effects.

    The consistency of various Juvederm products is determined by the size of their hyaluronic acid particles. For instance, larger particles create a denser gel suitable for profound volume restoration, like in the cheeks. Conversely, finer particles yield a softer gel, apt for more subtle enhancements such as lip augmentation or addressing minor wrinkles. 

    Once injected, Juvederm seamlessly integrates with the skin’s natural architecture, offering an immediate boost in hydration and volume, leaving users with a rejuvenated and youthful glow.


    • Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus:
      • Address moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.
      • Especially favored for achieving voluminous lip enhancement.
    • Juvederm Volbella:
      • The top choice for subtle lip augmentation.
      • Expertly handles perioral or smoker’s lines, ensuring lips exude a naturally hydrated aura.
      • Designed for the delicate under-eye area, it addresses dark circles and hollows, revitalizing tired eyes.
    • Juvederm Voluma:
      • With a denser consistency, it’s exceptional for restoring volume to cheeks, jawline, and chin.
      • A favored solution for non-surgical nose jobs, with results being optimized by professionals like Dr. Schwarzburg.
    • Juvederm Vollure:
      • Specifically formulated to treat nasolabial folds.
      • Combines durability with adaptability, ensuring a seamless finish.
    • Juvederm Volux:
      • A recent addition, Volux excels in providing definition to the lower face.
      • Perfect for sculpting the chin and jawline, crafting a more refined facial contour.

    With Juvederm’s comprehensive filler lineup, patients can be confident in achieving harmonious results tailored to their individual aesthetic goals.



    In New York, where appearance often matches pace with ambition, Juvederm offers a solution for those seeking facial rejuvenation. Ideal candidates are individuals who observe signs of facial volume loss, emerging fine lines, deepening wrinkles or have the desire to enhance certain facial features. It’s essential that these individuals are in overall good health, possess realistic expectations, and understand the treatment process. 


    If you’re considering Juvederm treatments, preparation is key for ensuring optimal results and minimizing side effects. Here are some essential steps to follow:

    • Consultation: Always start with a consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg to address any personal concerns or specific needs.
    • Medications and Supplements: Avoid medications and supplements that can increase bruising or bleeding, such as aspirin, NSAIDs, vitamin E, and fish oils, for 2-3 days before the treatment.
    • Alcohol: Refrain from drinking alcohol a few days before the procedure to reduce the risk of bruising.
    • Pain Management: Consider taking Tylenol a few hours before your injection to help with any discomfort.
    • Scheduling: Try not to schedule your treatment close to any significant events or special occasions to give your skin time to settle and any potential side effects to diminish.

    By adhering to these steps, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother procedure and more satisfactory results.


    The Juvederm injection process is streamlined and efficient at Skinly Aesthetics. After a preliminary consultation, Dr. Schwarzburg will cleanse and apply a topical anesthetic to the target area, ensuring a comfortable experience. Using a fine needle, Dr. Schwarzburg will then strategically inject the Juvederm filler into the predetermined areas, focusing on achieving the desired enhancement and contouring. The entire procedure typically takes less than an hour.


    While Juvederm injections involve a fine needle, most patients describe the sensation as a mild pinch. Most Juvederm products contain lidocaine to minimize discomfort. Additionally, Dr. Schwarzburg applies numbing cream before the procedure to ensure patient comfort. Overall, the brief discomfort is deemed worthwhile by many for the transformative results.


    After receiving Juvederm injections, it’s essential to follow specific postcare guidelines to ensure optimal results and minimize potential side effects. Patients should:

    • Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for at least 24 hours post-treatment.
    • Refrain from excessive sun exposure, saunas, and hot tubs for a couple of days, as heat can exacerbate swelling.
    • Gently apply a cold compress to the treated area if any swelling or bruising occurs for the first 24 hours followed by a warm compress the following day.
    • Steer clear of alcohol for 24 hours to reduce the risk of swelling.
    • Keep the treated area clean and avoid applying heavy makeup for the first 12 hours.
    • Stay hydrated and maintain a regular skincare routine, but avoid massaging or pressing on the treated areas for a few days.


    Because of their non-surgical nature, Juvederm treatments boast minimal downtime. Most patients return to daily tasks immediately after the procedure. However, it’s not uncommon to experience minor swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection site, which generally fades within a few days. While many feel ready for social engagements soon after, scheduling treatments away from major events can be beneficial.


    A typical Juvederm injection at Skinly Aesthetics ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Several factors can influence the duration of your appointment, including:

    • The application of numbing cream extends the process by an extra 15 minutes;
    • The number of syringes utilized during the treatment;
    • The number of facial regions being addressed with Juvederm.


    One of the standout features of Juvederm fillers is their instant gratification. Immediately post-injection, patients often observe noticeable enhancements in the treated areas. While some of this is due to the swelling, the true results become clearer within a few days. By a week, most patients see the full benefits, such as smoother skin and restored volume.


    • Product Variation: Different Juvederm products have distinct lifespans. For instance, Juvederm Voluma might last up to 2 years, while Juvederm Ultra can last around 6-12 months.
    • Treatment Area: Areas with frequent movement, such as the lips, may metabolize the filler more quickly, leading to shorter-lasting results compared to static regions like the cheeks.
    • Individual Metabolism: Personal metabolic rates play a role. Those with faster metabolisms might notice the filler dissipating more rapidly.
    • Lifestyle Factors: Activities like smoking, excessive sun exposure, and high-intensity workouts can potentially shorten the filler’s lifespan.

    For best longevity, regular maintenance sessions and following post-treatment care advice are essential.


    The quantity of Juvederm syringes necessary for your optimal results varies based on several considerations:

    • Treatment Area: Different facial regions have varied requirements. For instance, jawline contouring often calls for 2 syringes, whereas a nonsurgical rhinoplasty typically uses just 1 syringe.
    • Severity of Concern: More pronounced volume loss in the midface might necessitate 4 or even more syringes of Juvederm. Conversely, someone with only slight under-eye hollows may achieve the desired results with a single syringe.
    • Aesthetic Goals: Your vision for the end result will influence the quantity of product used. If you’re aiming for a significant transformation, you might need more syringes than someone seeking subtle enhancements.

    Dr. Schwarzburg, emphasizing a natural outcome, often adopts a conservative approach, beginning with a single Juvederm syringe and gradually adding more


    Juvederm injections, being minimally invasive, typically carry a low risk of complications. Some side effects might be observed, even if they’re generally temporary. Patients might notice:

    • Immediate redness due to the skin being punctured.
    • Swelling or mild inflammation, which often subsides within 1-3 days.
    • Tenderness or soreness at the injection site.
    • Rarely, patients may develop small lumps or granulomas. These can usually be treated with hyaluronidase or steroid injections.
    • The Tyndall effect, a blueish hue, can sometimes be seen under the eyes if the filler is placed too close to the skin’s surface.
    • Minor bruising can occur, often the result of inadvertently puncturing small blood vessels during the injection.

    It’s essential to consult with a skilled and experienced injector like Dr. Schwarzburg to minimize these potential side effects and ensure optimal results.


    Absolutely! Should you be dissatisfied or experience complications from Juvederm injections, there’s a solution: hyaluronidase. This enzyme is a powerful agent that specifically targets and breaks down hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvederm, leaving the surrounding tissues untouched. Once administered, it can dissolve the filler, typically within just 24 hours.

    Reasons one might opt for reversal include:

    • Overcorrection or undesired aesthetic outcomes from the filler.
    • The filler migrating from the initial injection site.
    • A need to counteract any complications, such as unintentional filler injection into blood vessels.


    In New York City the cost of a Juvederm dermal filler can vary significantly, with an average price range of $700 to $1800 per syringe at established cosmetic dermatology practices. At Skinly Aesthetics, a single 1ml syringe of Juvederm typically costs around $800. When estimating the total expense of your treatment, several factors come into play:

    • Expertise of the Injector: A seasoned, board-certified cosmetic physician often charges a premium compared to a nurse or less experienced practitioner.
    • Clinic Location: Practices situated in large cities like NYC have higher rates.
    • Juvederm Product Type: While most Juvederm fillers are similarly priced, some variants, such as Juvederm Voluma or Volbella, can be on the higher end given their enhanced longevity and volumizing capabilities.
    • Quantity of Syringes: Some clinics offer attractive package deals or discounts for those requiring multiple syringes, ensuring value for money.


    Juvederm, while highly effective on its own, often plays a harmonious role in a symphony of cosmetic treatments tailored for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Combining Juvederm with other procedures can optimize results, addressing a broader range of aesthetic concerns. Some popular combinations include:

    • Botox or Dysport: These neuromodulators relax wrinkles caused by muscle activity, particularly frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. When combined with Juvederm, which addresses volume loss and static wrinkles, patients often see a more holistic facial refreshment.
    • Chemical Peels: By exfoliating the skin’s top layers, chemical peels can improve skin texture and tone. When used alongside Juvederm, they can further enhance the skin’s smoothness and radiance.
    • Laser Treatments: Procedures like Pure Plasma or Fraxel can address issues like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or skin laxity. Coupled with the volumizing effects of Juvederm, they can provide a more complete facial rejuvenation.
    • Microneedling: This treatment stimulates collagen production by creating micro-injuries in the skin. When combined with the volumizing effects of Juvederm, it can result in even more pronounced skin firmness and elasticity.
    • Skincare Products: Topical products with active ingredients, such as retinoids or hyaluronic acid serums, can complement Juvederm’s effects, ensuring prolonged skin health and hydration.

    It’s essential to consult with a skilled dermatologist or aesthetician, like Dr. Schwarzburg, to design a tailored treatment plan that maximizes the benefits of each procedure while ensuring safety and efficacy.


    Before undergoing Juvederm treatment, many patients often feel overshadowed by signs of aging, such as facial wrinkles, deflated lips, or sunken cheeks. They might voice sentiments like, “I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore” or “I miss my youthful fullness.” However, the transformation post-treatment is profound and deeply affirming. After Juvederm injections, facial features are revitalized, with lines softened and lips enhanced. 

    Michele, a recent patient, exclaimed, “It’s like the clock was turned back! I feel like me again.” Similarly, Michael noted, “The results are so natural; I just look like a refreshed version of myself.” 

    This instant uplift often goes beyond skin deep; many patients feel a resurgence of confidence and a renewed zest for life. The testimonies echo a common theme: with Juvederm, it’s not just about the visible change, but the emotional rejuvenation that accompanies it.


    While there’s no one-size-fits-all Juvederm filler for the lips, the ideal choice hinges on individual facial structures, lip contours, and personal beauty aspirations:

    • For those seeking a subtle lip enhancement, aiming for a refined yet natural finish, Juvederm Volbella stands out. Not only does it deliver a gentle plumpness, but it also adeptly addresses those troublesome perioral and smoker’s lines, infusing hydration to the area.
    • For a bolder lip transformation reminiscent of the striking Kim Kardashian effect, Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus come highly recommended. They’re renowned for granting a marked boost in volume, making them perfect for those who desire a pronounced lip augmentation.
    • Juvederm Voluma is recognized for its robust and structured consistency. It shines when used with the Russian Lip Technique, a sophisticated method that elevates the lips’ vertical height. This particular technique is a specialty of Dr. Schwarzburg, available exclusively at his Upper East Side medical spa in Manhattan.


    Selecting a provider for any cosmetic procedure requires trust, skill, and a proven track record. Dr. Schwarzburg embodies all these qualities at Skinly Aesthetics. As a board-certified physician with extensive training in cosmetic dermatology, he prioritizes patient safety and delivers naturally beautiful results. Patients repeatedly commend his meticulous attention to detail and the individualized approach he brings to every consultation. 

    At Skinly Aesthetics, the focus isn’t just on enhancing beauty but on restoring confidence. Beyond technical prowess, Dr. Schwarzburg is lauded for his genuine care and dedication, ensuring every patient feels heard, valued, and understood. It’s not merely about the procedure, but the unparalleled experience and transformative journey Dr. Schwarzburg offers at Skinly Aesthetics.