Perky, peachy and plump butt has always been in style, but now has essentially become a cult because of how simple and easy it is to get one. Not just butt, but shapely and round hips are also a sign of youth, beauty, and attractiveness. But that dream look you’ve been trying to achieve for a long time with squats, lifestyle and diet changes just doesn’t seem to be working despite your best efforts.

There is now no need for you to worry. If you want to have a fuller backside, then a Brazilian Butt Lift or it’s minimally invasive alternative Sculptra Butt Lift are here to save the day. Brazilian Butt Lift New York is a procedure that involves taking fat from other places of your body and injecting it into your backside for a fuller and rounder effect. It does not require implants, which could be potentially attacked by your body’s immune system.

So, if you are someone who wants your clothes to fit you better and have a stronger and more supple butt, our professionals at Skinly Aesthetics in New York are here to help you achieve the figure of your dreams.

What to Know About Butt Injections

Who does not wish that they could simply take fat from one area of the body to transfer to another area? This might make the idea of Brazilian buttock enhancement injections seem too good to be true. But when you come in for the procedure, you will quickly find out that it is highly effective and will leave you with a fuller backside.

Brazilian butt lift requires the use of liposuction to obtain the necessary fat. Excess fat is removed from other areas of your body such as abdomen, back or thighs with the help of cannulas. The more fat there is, the better the results will be. This fat is then suctioned into a container that is meant for isolating the healthiest fat cells. However, it is important to note that fat harvesting can cause dangerous and undesirable side effects, among them being scarring, bruising, and body surface irregularities.

The fat is then injected into your buttocks and hips. Special care is taken to make sure that your hips and buttocks are contoured and sculpted in such a way that will match your expectations and that will look good on your body. The amount of fat that will be injected depends on how much was removed during liposuction, but your results will be individualized, which will ensure that you will remain pleased and confident when you leave our office.

While the procedure has been around for decades it has certain inherent side effects and disadvantages compared to other butt enhancing alternatives. Scar formation, bruising and contour irregularities are some of the most common occurring side effects. Even more severe complications can happen resulting in skin necrosis and fat embolism. However, fillers like Sculptra are not associated with such severe complications and their safety profile is unparalleled. Sculptra injections work slowly by stimulation your own collagen production and gradually increasing the volume and size of your buttocks.

brazilian butt lift result

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Brazilian butt injections NYC is a procedure that tens of thousands of people get every year to achieve the look of a round, lifted and supple backside. You need to remember that the size of your butt depends on many intrinsic factors, such as genes, body fat composition and skeletal structure. Hence, it is almost impossible to achieve the butt you always dreamed of with targeted workouts and diet adjustments. This is where intervention through Brazilian butt enhancement comes in. Unlike butt implants, Brazilian butt lifts will improve the overall shape of your body and give you a stunning new silhouette. You will be able to have shapely and perky buttocks that you always wanted within a matter of months. Our professionals at Skinly Aesthetics will be happy to assist you in getting this Instagram-worthy appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure: FAQ

Are non-surgical butt lifts safe?

While this is a procedure that does require surgery through liposuction, it has been FDA cleared. All of our professionals at Skinly Aesthetics are highly certified and qualified to carry out such a procedure. However, there are several side effects that can be severe, such as infection, pain, scarring and skin deformities all of which can make this procedure less desirable for you.

What type of Buttocks shape do you have?

During the process of planning your BBL, your doctor will take a few things into consideration to ensure the best possible results. One of the most important factors to consider is the size and shape of your overall backside to confirm that the way the injections are placed will match the shape and form of your overall body. This is why it is incredibly important that your surgeon knows and understands the anatomy of your buttocks and overall body to determine which approach would be the most appropriate for you. There are four classic shapes and types of buttocks that are typically taken into account, including V-shape, A-shape, Square shape and the Round shape.


The V-shape butt is characteristic of a fuller hip and less volume around the bottom of the buttocks.


The A-shape buttocks is similar to the shape of an upside-down heart as the bottom part of the buttocks has more volume. Many women who get a BBL want this particular look as it goes hand in hand with that hourglass figure.

Square shape

A square shaped buttocks is typically flatter in shape with less volume around the waist and hips. This shape may require more than just one fat transfer depending on the patient’s particular response to the treatment and their desired result.

Round shape

The round shape is typically characterized by overall volume with fat distributed in all areas of the buttocks and hips.

When will I see my BBL results?

The initial results are usually very obvious and noticeable; however, you are not going to see the final results for at least few months. You will be able to walk out of the clinic seeing a change immediately, but Brazilian Butt Lift results actually need around six months to take on their final form. In most cases, more fat is injected than necessary because your body is going to absorb up to forty percent of it. When your body has flushed out all of the excess fat, you will see the final results.

Sculptra BBL is different and the results are not seen immediately after the procedure. Since Sculptra is meant to stimulate the production of collagen in your buttocks, it usually takes two (2) to three (3) months before you start seeing the results. However, the size of your buttocks will increase over time due to the increase in collagen production that causes volume, whereas it would decrease with regular BBL because of the fat injections.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

As long as you follow all the directions for aftercare carefully, you will have long-lasting results from a Brazilian butt lift lasting on average five years. Up to forty percent of the fat cells that are injected will die because they cannot establish their own blood supply. Of course, if you gain or lose any weight, the appearance of your buttocks might change.

Sculptra BBL injections are equally long lasting with the results lasting up to 4 years, and usually there is a residual volume left, so that the size will not decrease to the one you had before the procedure.

What is the Brazilian butt lift recovery time?

It is important to realize that you will need approximately 2 weeks to recover and will have to refrain from most activities during this downtime after classic Brazilian BBL done with liposuction. You will have to come to all follow-up appointments. After about 1 month, you will be cleared to participate in all your regular activities. In contrast, with Sculptra BBL you do not need to take any time off, and there is no downtime whatsoever! You can immediately return to all your daily activities without restrictions.

Where are the most common places for taking fat?

Fat is usually removed from areas such as the thighs, back, waist, and abdomen because it is safest to remove larger amounts of fat from these areas, and you also will be able to have a more contoured body as a result. If patients do not have the adequate amount of fat for harvesting, it is not possible to carry out BBL at all. This is one of the most important considerations because for thinner and more petite patients Sculptra is the only viable alternative to achieve a desired look. This makes Sculptra a much more versatile and accessible option.

Can I use a friend’s fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

While it would be nice to take a friend’s fat and put it into your butt, you can only use your own fat for this procedure. If you were to use someone else’s fat, your body would recognize it only as a forein material, and either get infected or destroy it. If you do not have enough fat for the treatment, you can either gain some weight to use your own fat, or get a butt implant or Sculptra butt injections as an alternative.

How much fat will stay in my buttocks?

The fat injected into your buttocks will stay for decades, until your body metabolizes it. However, many patients end up getting butt lifts years later to combat the natural aging process which may result in some sagging. Some people also get additional fat transfers or other butt injections to enhance their results over the course of the years following the initial BBL procedure.

Am I a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

Even though Brazilian butt lifts are relatively safe and meant to provide you with a voluminous backside, they are not necessarily a perfect fit for everyone. Mainly, it is not suitable for men and women who are extremely thin, petite or athletic with low percentage of subcutaneous fat, because an adequate amount of fat is needed in order for this procedure to be even possible.

How much is a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift cost varies depending on where you live, what shape you are trying to achieve, your body structure and composition. It is crucial that you go to a place where certified professionals have performed thousands of injections. Schedule your appointment at Skinly Aesthetics to get the butt of your dreams today!

What are some of the side effects of NYC BBL?

The procedure is very invasive and requires multiple steps to be successfully completed and each of those steps carries potential complications. You can have complications from anesthesia, liposuction and then fat injections.

Most common liposuction associated side effects are uneven fat removal and skin deformities, moderate to severe bruising, scar formation and post procedural pain and discomfort. Side effects related to fat injections are scar formation, bruising, uneven fat distribution, contour deformities and in rare cases life threatening fat embolism to the lungs.

Sculptra on the other hand has a much more impressive safety profile because it is so minimally invasive in nature. Because very small cannulas are used during the procedure there is virtually no bruising or scarring. The most common side effect that patients are experiencing are minimal swelling, redness and tenderness at the injection sites, which resolve in a few days after the procedure.

Can I sit after the surgery?

You should not be sitting on your buttocks for an extended amount of time until a few weeks after your initial surgery. Your physician will show you how you can sit and sleep to make sure that you are able to heal properly from your treatment.

What is Brazilian butt augmentation aftercare like?

Aftercare is one of the most important parts of butt augmentation procedure because it is what the final result will be based on. It is inevitable that some fat cells will die, but putting too much pressure on your buttocks will affect the results.

It is absolutely important that you avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least 6 weeks after the procedure. There are special pillows meant for people who have had a Brazilian butt-lift that make the experience a lot easier. You cannot sit directly on your buttocks, sleep on your back, exercise, or even bend over for the first few days after the procedure. Avoid activities that involve bouncing. You will typically be able to do activities such as walking after about a month.

Keep the compression garments on for the next 8 weeks so that you will not experience too much swelling and so that the overall shape of your buttocks will improve. You must make sure to eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep.

It is recommended that you take between 10 to 14 days off of work, school, or other activities so that you can completely focus on your recovery. Do not do too much physical activity until around 6 weeks after the procedure so that the results will not be impacted.

The same is not true for Sculptra BBL, as you will not see the results right away because collagen production and the subsequent increase in volume in your butt takes time to fully grow and develop. It takes a few rounds of injections and approximately two to three months to see optimal results. However, since Sculptra does not require any surgery, there is no downtime or any side effects associated with classic BBL, and you can return to your regular life immediately after getting injections.

How do I maintain my butt lift results?

In order to maintain your results, you should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight at the point it was at the time of your procedure. If you lose or gain too much body fat, it may affect your results. If you lose fat, you may lose the fat in your buttocks, just like you will in the rest of your body.

Can I exercise after the surgery?

While you should rest during the first two to four weeks after your treatment, there is nothing wrong with exercising once you have healed. In fact, we encourage our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet.