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Bra fat, a notorious nuisance, often stands as a silent critic when you’re trying on that favorite dress, swimsuit, or form-fitting top. The unappealing bulge around your bra not only limits wardrobe choices but also dents self-confidence.

While exercise and diet play essential roles in maintaining a healthy body, they sometimes fall short in addressing the stubbornness of bra fat. Enter Dr. Schwarzburg of Skinly Aesthetics, a physician renowned for his expertise in employing CoolSculpting to bid adieu to bra fat.

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    CoolSculpting, grounded on the principles of cryolipolysis, offers a non-invasive method to shed bra fat. Through controlled freezing, fat cells are targeted and, over time, naturally purged from the body. Here’s a breakdown:

    • The Technology: Cryolipolysis is the genius behind CoolSculpting. By freezing the troublesome fat cells in the bra area, they’re eventually eliminated from your body.
    • The Process: Curved CoolSculpting applicators, designed for the bra area, attach securely to the skin. While they work their magic over 35-45 minutes, you can relax, perhaps scroll through Instagram.
    • The Results: Post just one session, you could see up to a 30% reduction in bra fat. Over subsequent weeks, these results solidify, giving you that sleeker silhouette.
    CoolSculpting for Bra Fat reduction


    • Safety: An FDA-approved method, CoolSculpting ensures the elimination of bra fat without the risks linked to surgical procedures.
    • Pain Level: Surprisingly for many, the process is almost painless. A slight sucking sensation is felt initially, followed by a brief massage of the frozen area.
    • Result Timeline: Though immediate results aren’t visible, patience pays off. Between 4-6 weeks, as the body naturally expels the frozen fat cells, evident changes emerge. The rewards? A toned bra area, ready for any fashion choice.
    • Permanency: Once removed, and with a balanced lifestyle, bra fat remains a memory.
    • Cost: The expense hovers between $500 – $1000 per applicator. Factors like the fat volume and sessions required influence the final tally.
    • Treatment Count: Typically, 2 applicators per session target bra fat, but achieving the dream silhouette might entail up to 4 sessions.


    Determining the right medspa in New York is crucial. Not only should the place ensure safety and effectiveness, but also exude trust. 

    Skinly Aesthetics, with Dr. Schwarzburg at its helm, meets all these criteria. With thousands of successful treatments under his belt, his clientele’s before-and-after photos are a testament to CoolSculpting’s prowess in eliminating bra fat.

    If those vexing fat bulges have been dictating your fashion choices, it’s time to take control. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg at Skinly Aesthetics to carve out a path to a more confident you. Contact us today at (212) 774-4264 or email

    Embrace a new chapter where bra fat is history.

    Explore treatment options tailored just for you. Schedule your consultation right now.

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