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When evaluating facial beauty, the chin, and jawline significantly shape our perceptions. As we browse popular magazines or observe renowned social media influencers, we often encounter images showcasing chiseled jawlines and graceful neck contours. A common misconception is that dedicated workouts or facial exercises can redefine a soft, fleshy jawline. Many strive for that sculpted look, investing time in such routines, but often find the results wanting.

The truth? While maintaining good physical health may play a role in reducing facial fat, achieving targeted fat loss through “spot reduction” remains a myth. For those wrestling with persistent submental fat, there’s hope. Kybella injections in NYC stand out as an effective, minimally invasive solution. Remarkably, a single Kybella treatment can diminish fat in the specified area by up to 25%.


Embarking on a cosmetic journey, especially with treatments like Kybella, requires careful consideration. While Kybella has secured its FDA-approved status since 2015, the real determinant of your treatment’s success lies in the expertise of the injector. For those in NYC, Dr. Schwarzburg of Skinly Aesthetics is a name that stands synonymous with trust and proficiency in this domain. Here’s why choosing Dr. Schwarzburg for your Kybella treatment is a decision in favor of excellence:

  • Expertise & Personalization: Dr. Schwarzburg is renowned for his natural results in various procedures and stands out with his tailored strategies developed during one-on-one consultations.
  • Reputation & Comfort: With a legacy in fat reduction, Dr. Schwarzburg’s state-of-the-art Medspa on Manhattan’s Upper East Side assures both luxury and efficacy.



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    Kybella stands out as a revolutionary, non-surgical solution designed specifically for addressing stubborn fat, especially in the submental region. Its rise in popularity stems from its array of compelling benefits:

    • Sought-After Contours & Precision: Achieve a celebrity-endorsed jawline with precision that targets only the desired fat, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.
    • Minimally-Invasive & Customized: Kybella offers a surgery-free approach, with Dr. Schwarzburg ensuring tailored treatments to match individual aesthetics.
    • Permanent & Natural Results: Not only does Kybella offer lasting fat cell elimination, but its effects also emerge subtly for a genuine appearance.
    • Efficiency & Confidence Boost: Quick sessions fit into any schedule, and the contoured results foster elevated self-assuredness.


    Kybella is an innovative treatment that uses deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, to target and break down fat cells. When injected into the submental area, Kybella disrupts the cell membranes of the fat cells, causing them to release their contents. These fat cells are then processed and naturally eliminated by the body. One of the key advantages of Kybella is the permanence of its results; once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate. Thus, while the remaining fat cells can still expand with weight gain, the total number of fat cells in the treated area is permanently reduced.


    Originally for submental fat, Kybella’s versatility addresses various fat-prone areas:

    • Double Chin: FDA-endorsed, Kybella refines the jawline, ensuring a seamless transition from chin to neck.
    • Neck: Attain a youthful, chiseled look by minimizing neck fat.
    • Bra Bulge & Armpit: Say goodbye to back fat and the notorious “armpit puff” for a smoother silhouette.
    • Knees & Thighs: Enhance leg shape by targeting the knee region and pesky thigh pockets.
    • Banana Roll: Sculpt beneath the buttocks for a firmer appearance.

    Kybella offers a solution to various localized fat challenges, showcasing its adaptability in cosmetic treatments.

    Kybella Treatment Areas Graphic



    If you’re pondering Kybella for tackling that double chin, here are the key criteria for an ideal candidate:

    • Target Area & Age: Best suited for individuals 18 and above with a prominent double chin, once facial development is complete.
    • Health & Expectations: Those in good health, with realistic expectations about multiple sessions for desired outcomes.
    • Skin Quality & Lifestyle: Individuals with good skin elasticity for smoother results, and those not currently pregnant or nursing.
    • Ingredient Safety & Persistence: Ensure no allergies to Kybella’s components and consider the treatment if a double chin remains despite diet and exercise.

    Consulting with a specialist like Dr. Schwarzburg will ensure a personalized assessment.


    Consult with professionals like Dr. Schwarzburg before deciding on Kybella. Generally, the following factors can limit eligibility:

    • Motherhood Considerations: Not advisable for those pregnant, intending to conceive, or nursing.
    • Health Concerns: Existing infections in the desired area or significant medical conditions, especially bleeding disorders.
    • Allergic Responses: Previous allergic reactions to Kybella’s components or excessive scarring history.
    • Submental Fat Amount: Not recommended for those with limited fat beneath the chin.


    The journey begins with an essential consultation phase. Here, Dr. Schwarzburg delves into your medical history and conducts a physical examination of your facial zones. Not only does this ensure that Kybella is the right fit for you, but it also allows the doctor to customize the procedure to your unique facial structure. This session is your golden opportunity to discuss any apprehensions, ask questions, and clarify your cosmetic goals.


    A local anesthetic is administered to ensure you’re comfortable throughout. Using a skin-safe marker, Dr. Schwarzburg strategically marks injection points on the skin, ensuring uniformity and precision. Kybella solution is then injected into the designated areas. The entire injection process typically lasts between 15-20 minutes.


    Kybella injections might cause mild discomfort, often described as a brief sting or burn. However, numbing agents are typically used to ease any pain, and OTC painkillers can manage post-procedure discomfort.


    Immediately post-treatment, Dr. Schwarzburg will provide ice packs to help reduce any swelling or discomfort. To further alleviate tenderness or inflammation, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen or Naproxen may be recommended. Patients are allowed to resume regular activities soon after, but it’s wise to monitor the treatment area for a few days for bruising and swelling. This helps ensure everything is healing as expected and you’re on your way to achieving the desired aesthetic outcome.


    • Common: Swelling and bruising often appear post-treatment.
    • Sensory: Temporary numbness or altered feelings may occur.
    • Skin: Mild itching, redness, or irritation at the injection site is typical.
    • Cosmetic: Asymmetrical results can happen but are often correctable.
    • Rare: Infrequently, nerve injury or under-skin lumps might develop.


    Kybella’s results emerge gradually over weeks to months post-treatment. Initial swelling and bruising might mask the effects, but clearer results typically surface around two to four months as the body processes the treated fat cells. Factors influencing the timeline include the number of Kybella sessions, individual metabolism, and following aftercare guidelines.


    Undergoing Kybella treatments not only reshapes the physical contours of the face but also rejuvenates the spirit. The visible reduction in submental fullness post-treatment often brings a renewed sense of confidence and self-assuredness. As patients witness their before-and-after transformations, many experience a boost in self-esteem, no longer feeling overshadowed by the pesky double chin. This newfound confidence radiates outward, impacting their daily interactions, body language, and overall outlook on life. In essence, Kybella offers a dual transformation: redefining both facial aesthetics and inner self-worth.


    The price for a Kybella treatment typically falls between $600 and $3,000 per session. This variation is influenced by factors like the clinic’s location—with urban areas often being pricier than rural ones—and the provider’s expertise and reputation. The clinic’s prestige can also play a role in determining costs. Additionally, the total expense is shaped by the number of required sessions and the amount of Kybella product used, as treatments range from needing 2 to 6 vials depending on individual needs and goals.


    If you’re contemplating a transformative journey to redefine your facial contours, then stepping into the world of Kybella might be your next move. When you’re ready to embark on this aesthetic adventure and bid farewell to that persistent double chin, Dr. Schwarzburg is the trusted expert to turn to. His comprehensive approach at Skinly Aesthetics ensures you’re not just another appointment but a valued individual seeking change. Initiate your Kybella journey by reaching out to Skinly at (212) 774-4264 or via email at

    Consult with Dr. Schwarzburg