Reduce Submental Fat & Say Goodbye to Double Chin with Kybella Injections

  • Up to 25% fat reduction after just 1 session
  • Can be combined with CoolSculpting for better results


About: Kybella is a cosmetic injectable made of deoxycholic acid designed to break down subcutaneous adipose tissue in the areas in which it is injected. The treatment is minimally invasive with minimal risks, side effects, or downtime.

Safety: After several successful clinical trials, Kybella was FDA approved in 2015 to safely eliminate unwanted fat in the submental region of the face with limited risks or side effects when administered by a qualified injector.

Cost: The average cost of Kybella is $600 – $3500 per session.

Efficacy: Clinical trials have provided evidence that 82.4% of patients have noticed significant reduction in treated adipose tissue and an improvement in their overall appearance after just 1 – 3 Kybella treatments. 


If you have been struggling with resistant fat around your chin and jawline, you’re not alone. In fact, many of us, regardless of our lifestyle and overall body weight, tend to store fat in the submental and submandibular region due to genetics, medical, and hormonal factors. Unfortunately, even with a strict diet and rigorous exercise, it is physically impossible to naturally target-reduce localized fat deposits. However, there are medical options to treat your double chin and get rid of it once and for all.

Kybella was developed by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and later adopted by Allergan cosmetics in 2015. The medication is a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid, a substance that is naturally found in the human digestive system to break down fat. Kybella is FDA approved in New York and used in adults to destroy submental adipose tissue upon injection and is an efficacious alternative to surgical means for the treatment of fat. Following the injection process, the dead adipocytes are processed and metabolized by the lymphatic system over the course of 1 – 2 months, leaving patients with less fat and more definition along the chin and jawline.

before and after Kybella and CoolSculpting Mini treatments for double chin fat


Kybella is an adipolytic medication, also known as sodium deoxycholate and is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a bile acid produced by intestinal bacteria in the digestive system to break down lipids. The medication is injected into subcutaneous adipose tissue, causing focal adipolysis, the destruction of localized fat cells through erosion of the lipid-laden cellular membrane. Following adipolysis, an infiltration of macrophages takes place, causing the cellular debris, fragments, and free lipids within the adipocytes to be filtered out by immunologic cells in the lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body. 

As a result, the treated fat cells are unable to store or collect fat, permanently clearing out the fatty deposits in the treated area. On average, optimal results are seen after 1 – 4 sessions using 1 – 3 vials per session. The entire process including the metabolization of the dead fat cells takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

Adipose tissue can be compared to grapes, adipocytes being the individual fat cells. Kybella causes lipolysis, which is fat cell death. In essence, Kybella is injected into the bunch of grapes and bursts the individual grapes causing them to die and get “flushed out” by the body. 

The synthetic deoxycholic acid itself is broken down through the body’s natural metabolism and excreted by the kidneys.


Kybella was developed over the course of 9 years and FDA approved and confirmed it as a safe and effective method to permanently remedy unwanted submandibular fat, after over 20 successful clinical trials of nearly 3000 patients.

The treatment can be used in various regions of the body with limited risks, side effects, and downtime. In order to ensure patient safety, Kybella should only be administered by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive procedures and injectables, like Dr. Schwarzburg in New York. If injected by an inexperienced or unqualified injector, Kybella can cause serious damage including nerve damage, lumps, or skin deformities.

before and after double chin removal results with Kybella and CoolSculpting


Kybella has many benefits and some downsides. Because it does not require surgical intervention and is an injectable medication, it is considered a minimally invasive procedure and comes with limited risks and side effects. It is safe and clinically proven to be effective in treating stubborn double chin fat. However, cons are that the results are not immediate and may take up to several months and more than just 1 session to become fully distinct. In addition, deoxycholic acid is only ideal for smaller pouches of fat as a larger collection of adipose tissue would require such a significant amount of product, that surgical intervention would be more suitable. One of the primary side effects associated with Kybella injections is edema and inflammation due to cells spilling out lipids and other inflammatory agents into the interstitial space. This swelling may last up to 2 weeks and is sometimes accompanied by bruising as small blood vessels get punctured during the injection process causing bleeding and minor hematomas underneath the skin.


Both Kybella and CoolSculpting are non-surgical methods to kill off unwanted fat deposits. Kybella is considered minimally invasive, as it is an injectable treatment made of deoxycholic acid, while CoolSculpting submental fat is non-invasive and requires only a topical applicator in the problem area without puncturing the skin. CoolSculpting for double chin utilizes cryolipolysis freezing technology to kill off fat cells in targeted regions of the body, while Kybella breaks down fat cell membranes via injection. Both treatments show gradual improvement over the course of 1 – 4 months post-procedure, as the adipocytes are first destroyed and then metabolized by the body over time. In terms of treatment areas, Kybella is typically best used on smaller pockets of fat under the chin, around the armpits, and bra bulge, while CoolSculpting can be used to tackle larger fat pouches around the abdomen, back, and thighs, though it is also great under the chin if there is enough fatty tissue to fit an applicator.

Kybella and CoolSculpting are both non-surgical alternatives to more invasive surgical procedures for fat reduction. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure using cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology to kill off fat cells which are then metabolized and excreted by the body over time.

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment that breaks down fat cell membranes, turning them into cellular debris, which is then metabolized by the body over the course of several weeks.


If you have small collections of excess fat on your body or around the jawline that just won’t budge even with diet and exercise, you aren’t alone. Kybella can be extremely helpful to address these areas once and for all, leaving you with a snatched and chiseled jawline that you’ve been working towards. Kybella is most commonly used and FDA approved to treat submental and submandibular fat, also known as the double chin. However, it is often used “off-label” in other regions of the body including the arms, armpits, back, bra bulge, buttocks (for banana rolls), flanks, legs, and knees. It is sometimes also used in the face for buccal fat reduction.

Kybella Treatment Areas Graphic


Yes! We all have fat on our legs, which is normal and healthy. However, some of us have unflattering fat distributed right above the knees, superior to the patella, which can get in the way of wearing shorts or short dresses making us feel insecure. This fat can be removed with 1 – 3 sessions of Kybella. Keep in mind that what you may think is knee fat may also be skin laxity, in which case Kybella will not be helpful. It is best to consult with Dr. Schwarzburg at his dermatology office in NYC to confirm that Kybella is suitable for your knees.


Bra fat is an issue that affects most women, even those who are generally lean. Any woman knows that a bra that does its job never sits loosely, which is why excess fat often bulges out on the sides of the strap. Kybella can be used to address this unflattering flab, making it more comfortable to wear a bra and improving the overall appearance of your back and under arm area.


Facial fat is important when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance under the eyes and in the medial aspect of the face. However, some of us have excess facial fat, namely in the lateral temporal cheek and middle compartment, also known as buccal fat and jowls. These superficial fat pockets can be reduced via injection of a diluted version of Kybella, though this area in particular should be carefully administered by a board certified cosmetic physician with extensive experience in medicine and minimally invasive cosmetic injectables, like Dr. Schwarzburg in New York, to avoid permanent damage to healthy fat cells, facial tissue, and nerves. If this region is injected improperly, you may also end up looking older and gaunt.


Flabby arms are never welcomed, though a lot of us deal with them. Armpit fat can make it uncomfortable wearing spaghetti straps or tighter shirts; the good news is that this underarm fatty tissue can be eliminated with 1 – 4 sessions of Kybella. Armpit fat is commonly treated with Kybella injections and leave patients with incredible Kybella for armpit fat before and after photos!


Let’s face it – we live in a world that is run by social media, advertisement, and the influence of models, celebrities, and social media influencers. A chiseled jawline has been “the look” for decades, and that Audrey Hepburn and Gigi Hadid facial structure is what most women strive for, while many men want a prominent jawline. As such, jawline contouring is popular amongst New Yorkers, both men and women and is mostly observed from a profile perspective where the true shape of your mandible region is most evident. 

Submandibular fat, also known as the dreaded double chin, is common, even in those of us who are in an overall healthy weight category. In fact, a survey taken by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) found that 47% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 struggle with submental fullness, and 49% feel that it carries a negative impact on their appearance altogether, both personally and professionally. In addition to the unfavorable appearance of a double chin, it can also cause skin laxity and turkey neck with age. Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that so many of us focus on our facial profile and are constantly looking for ways to improve its appearance.

before and after results of Kybella treatment for double chin fat reduction


Excessive adipose tissue in the submandibular region is observed in a wide range of both men and women of various ages. This doesn’t only apply to the general population; even our favorite, seemingly flawless celebrities struggle with their double chins. This can be present in even underweight models, personal trainers and athletes that are otherwise in amazing shape, and of course, you, your friends, and family. Oftentimes, people resort to surgical procedures including liposuction, submentoplasty, and neck lifts to get rid of this unwanted chin fat, subjecting themselves to a long list of possible risks, side effects, and complications. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) has released recent survey statistics demonstrating that two thirds of patients are unsatisfied with their facial profile, particularly their double chins. While surgical intervention is always an option, many of us want to avoid going under the knife, which is why Kybella has become increasingly popular in New York in the past few years given addiction of New Yorkers to perfection and looking great from each and every angle. 

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment formulated with synthetic deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that is naturally found in the digestive system to break down and absorb fats. Due to its minimally invasive nature, there is little risk, minimal side effects, and no downtime associated with the drug. Kybella allows patients to eliminate uncomplimentary chin fat in a more natural way by destroying targeted adipocytes and gradually reducing the fat as the body naturally flushes out the dead fat cells through the metabolic and lymphatic systems. 

This gradual process also minimizes the risk of being stuck with loose skin once the fat is gone, as the dermal layers are able to adjust to the moderate digression of adipose tissue. Recent studies have found that 45% of Kybella patients are new to cosmetic medicine, which suggests that its minimal invasiveness is more appealing to the general population than liposuction. Kybella has been FDA approved in NYC as a safe and effective means to mitigate a flabby double chin without the need for surgery and all the downsides associated with it.


The first step to finding out if you are a candidate for Kybella is to consult with a board certified physician, like Dr. Schwarzburg in NYC who will examine your anatomy and conduct a thorough analysis based on your medical history, aesthetic goals, and current physical state.

Kybella is great for both male and female patients who are uncomfortable with stubborn fatty deposits in “hard to reach” areas such as the double chin, underarms, or knees, that are resistant to diet and exercise. You may even be a personal trainer yourself who is generally in great shape but just can’t get rid of that little bit of fat around your armpits – if this, or something similar applies to you, then you are most likely a candidate for Kybella in New York City.

The treatment is ideal for smaller pouches of fat that won’t fit a CoolSculpting applicator to ensure that fewer sessions are needed for optimal results. 

There are some contraindications associated with Kybella including bleeding disorders, pregnancy, breast feeding women, and certain medications and supplements, which is why it is vital to disclose your medical history with your provider. If you are heavily overweight or obese, Kybella may help, but will take a considerable number of vials, sessions, and time to reach your desired outcome. If you have turkey neck or loose skin, a non-surgical skin tightening or lifting procedure such as a PDO thread lift will be more appropriate.


Once you have had your consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg at his private office in Manhattan and your appointment is scheduled, there is little preparation needed for Kybella. Dr. Schwarzburg recommends discontinuing blood thinners like warfarin, ibuprofen, and alcohol one week before your treatment to avoid excessive bruising. If you have a beard and are looking to correct your double chin, you should shave before coming in to allow precision during the injection process for optimal results. If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up, you should plan your Kybella injections in New York City accordingly and consider a minimum of 2-4 weeks of recovery as swelling is a common side effect. Keep in mind that your results may not be evident until 1 – 2 months post-procedure and could require 2 – 4 sessions.


Before your Kybella injections in NYC, you will undergo a physical examination and consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg in which you will have the opportunity to vocalize your questions, concerns, and goals. At his private plastic surgery clinic in New York, Dr. Schwarzburg will thoroughly assess your facial anatomy including your submental zone, buccal zone, and masseteric zone alongside your projected mandibular angle, and take your medical history and desired outcome into consideration as he formulates a unique Kybella treatment plan for you. It is important to disclose your medical history with Dr. Schwarzburg; if you’ve had previous surgeries or medical issues in this region, it may change his approach and the technique he uses to carry out your Kybella injections properly.

Once the appropriate steps have been planned out and confirmed, Dr. Schwarzburg will begin with pre-treatment prep by sanitizing your chin and submental region followed by a local lidocaine injection to avoid discomfort. Next, we will mark the injection points with a skin safe marker in a grid-like fashion to ensure precision during the injection process. The actual injections are spaced out 2 cm apart to allow appropriate diffusion and coverage. The medication is then injected into the premarked injection sites, which takes a total of 15 – 20 minutes. After sanitizing the treated area once more, you will be provided with ice packs to minimize swelling after which you can continue with normal activities throughout the day. Dr. Schwarzburg recommends anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen to help with tenderness and inflammation.

before and after results of Kybella injections for reduction of double chin fat


Kybella injections are uncomfortable, though the numbing agent provided often mitigates the pain. Most patients describe the sensation as a stinging and tingling feeling during and after the treatment. Post treatment discomfort and tenderness are normal and usually subside within several hours and can be minimized with oral over the counter painkillers and cold compresses.


Kybella is minimally invasive and doesn’t come with significant downtime. However, edema, minor hematomas, and local skin numbness can be expected for up to 2 weeks following your injections. Because of the swelling, especially if you live in a large city like New York, you may not want to attend social events like weddings, professional or corporate work functions, until it has subsided, though there are no true restrictions in terms of medical downtime. You should, however, skip the workouts, heat, and alcohol for the 2 – 3 days following your NYC Kybella appointment to prevent unnecessary excess swelling secondary to vascular dilatation and increased blood flow to the treated area. In addition, you should avoid touching, pressing, rubbing, and massaging the treated area for 5 days post-injection to ensure that the product does not migrate or cause unintended damage. If you feel that more product is needed, there must be a 4 – 6 weeks healing period in between each session. In some cases, patients have the tendency to swell beyond the standard 2 weeks, in which case you should contact your provider immediately to confirm that everything is healing properly.



Patients are advised to purchase over the counter antihistamines such as Benadryl before their appointment to avoid irritation. After the treatment it is helpful to apply an ice pack to the treated area and keep it elevated to minimize swelling on day 1. 


You should avoid oral consumption of fish oils, blood thinners, and vitamins one week prior to your Kybella appointment. After the injections, do not apply pressure, rub, or massage the problem area as this may cause unintended distribution of the product in non-targeted surrounding areas. Exercise and heat should also be avoided for 3 – 5 days to steer clear of profuse swelling.


Kybella is generally a low-risk procedure; nevertheless, just as any minimally invasive procedure there are a few potential risks and side effects to be aware of.

Minor and more common side effects include mild tenderness, as well as focal skin insensibility, itching, redness, and bruising. This can be slightly uncomfortable for some patients, but typically only lasts up to 2 weeks. Keep this in mind before scheduling your appointment as these side effects could get in the way of feeling and looking your best if you are attending a special event, whether that be a party, work function, photoshoot, or even a parent teacher conference!

More serious but rare side effects include ulcers, necrosis (cell death), and infection. While ulcers and infection can be treated, necrosis is more serious and is not reversible. The depth of the injection is crucial to prevent unwanted complications or lack of results. Submental Kybella injections must be precisely put in small aliquots into the preplatysmal fat. If they are placed too superficially, instead of dissolving fat Kybella will melt subdermal tissue and result in skin ulceration and necrosis. If Kybella is injected too deep into post-platysmal fat, the true submental fat will be minimally affected, and all you will have is just profuse swelling of the submental region without any appreciable results. 

If Kybella is performed by an inexperienced or unqualified injector, or too close to the marginal mandibular nerve, nerve damage is possible, causing transient slurred speech or partial facial paralysis and asymmetry usually lasting up to 1 month. A 2019 study found that in some incidents, hair loss can occur in men, though this is extremely unlikely.

The best approach to fight shy of such risks and side effects is to seek out a skilled and qualified injector in NYC, preferably a board certified cosmetic physician who specializes in minimally invasive Kybella injections, like Dr. Schwarzburg. This ensures that the proper injection technique is used for patient safety and satisfactory Kybella before and after results.


Edema is the most common Kybella side effect and its severity depends primarily on the initial fatty volume that needed to be treated and how much product was necessary to do so. On the whole, swelling lasts for approximately two weeks. In rare cases this can last longer, particularly if the surface treated covers a large area. Dr. Schwarzburg explains that Kybella induced swelling is secondary to breaking the outer walls of cell membranes of the adipocytes and spilling their debris into the surrounding tissues with severe inflammatory response. In contrast, CoolSculpting for double chin causes painless involution of the cells and aseptic apoptosis.


How many treatments are needed to achieve your desired outcome depends on several variables such as the percentage and proportion of adipose tissue initially present, what you ultimately expect to look like once everything has settled, and your individual physical response to deoxycholic acid. In New York City, most patients require 2 – 4 sessions of Kybella to get rid of under-chin flab, each of which should be administered in 1 month intervals for a flawless outcome.

It is essential to consult with an experienced and qualified Kybella doctor with complete understanding of your anatomy, because every patient is unique and requires a different treatment approach. There is no “one size fits all” approach to Kybella, which is why you should see Dr. Schwarzburg in his private Manhattan dermatology office to compose the optimal procedural process for you.


The number of vials needed is completely variable and is contingent on how much adipose tissue is set to be eliminated as well as the number of sessions needed for each individual patient to actually reach their desired result. Most patients get 1 – 2 vials per session for submental fat, though others may need 3. Allthogether this can add up to 2 – 12 vials. During your consultation with NYC certified Dr. Schwarzburg, he will be able to give you an estimate on how many vials you might need to successfully reach your aesthetic goals.


Worldwide clinical trials, including ones that were run in New York, testing the efficacy of Kybella by injecting patients every 4 weeks over the course of 24 weeks found that most patients (80%) demonstrated significant improvement in submental fat reduction after 12 weeks, though results began to become evident within 4 – 6 weeks in most subjects. You can expect to start seeing your Kybella results after 1 month to 6 weeks and see full improvement 12 weeks after the proper number of vials has been injected.


Think about all the reasons why you are considering Kybella; maybe you’ve been working on your self esteem by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, but your double chin is still getting in the way of your confidence boost. Perhaps your bra feels like it’s sitting a bit too snug, because of the bulges of fat pouring out of the side, even though the rest of your body is lean. You may have also been working on sculpting your legs spending hours at your favorite NYC gym, but are still left with resistant little pouches of inner thigh fat. 

After your Kybella treatment in New York performed by Dr. Schwarzburg, these random collections of fatty tissue will be minimized or even fully eliminated, leaving you with a more defined jawline, no bra or underarm fat, and the sculpted thighs you’ve been working so hard towards. Regardless of where and for what reason you as an individual opt for this minimally invasive fat killer, your Kybella before and after results will blow you away, and leave you more satisfied and comfortable in your own skin, long term.


This synthetic version of deoxycholic acid is specifically designed to destroy subcutaneous lipid deposits in areas that are difficult to address through natural means, and will not be effective in tightening the skin. One benefit of this treatment, however, is that the results develop gradually, allowing the skin to adjust to the proportional changes over time, precluding the possibility of loose skin after the fat is gone. 

During your visit to Dr. Schwarzburg’s private dermatology clinic in NYC, he will be able to identify whether your problem area is due to skin laxity or buoyant fat pockets, which will help him determine whether a skin tightening procedure, like Secret RF, Fraxel, or a PDO thread lift are more fitting for you.


Kybella lasts indefinitely as it permanently destroys the specifically aimed adipocytes. However, the injections do not stop you from gaining weight or developing new fat cells and should not be considered as a weight loss solution. If you are maintaining a balanced lifestyle and not actively gaining weight, and just living a hectic lifestyle of an average New York City resident, then your Kybella results will be long term. However, an increase in caloric intake and decrease in physical activity after the treatment may not only cut back on your overall results, but can cause them to disappear over several months. It is important to have realistic expectations in terms of what their personal outcome will be based on their lifestyle and regimen moving forward.


Kybella NYC is often combined with a variety of other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures for jawline contouring and an overall improved appearance. CoolSculpting can be used in areas that may not be ideal for Kybella injections, like more moderate to severe fullness in the thighs, abdominal region, love handles, and chin. You may have made your way to see a provider, only to find out that what you thought was fat, is really just loose skin – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dr. Schwarzburg offers various skin tightening procedures that are often used alongside Kybella not only to tighten, but lift the treated area for an even firmer and more chiseled jawline. PDO threads are manually inserted along the jawline to lift saggy jowls and really perfect that “snatched” look. In addition, for less severe laxity, collagen stimulating treatments like Fraxel laser resurfacing and Secret RF (radiofrequency microneedling) can be used to tighten, firm, and improve the texture and quality of the skin.

Another way to reduce the risk of developing a turkey neck in the first place is a Botox nefertiti neck lift. Have you ever noticed those vertical bands along your neck when you flex it or during your workouts? Those are the platysmal bands and actually cause your neck skin to stretch with age, leaving you with a saggy turkey neck. When Botox or Dysport are injected into the platysmal bands, they become relaxed and no longer cause the skin to expand and hang. 

If you are wondering what else you might benefit from, you can ask Dr. Schwarzburg during your consultation to get his professional opinion and for him to incorporate other cosmetic adjustments into your treatment plan.


Ultherapy is a noninvasive skin lifting and tightening treatment using microfocused ultrasound (MFU) to produce thermal coagulation points in subcutaneous tissue. This thermal damage causes collagen stimulation which in turn contracts and tightens the treated area. It is often used to treat the double chin and turkey neck as well as lax skin in other areas of the body. Kybella is typically administered first and carried out until all the fat in the targeted area is gone. This is then followed by Ultherapy treatments to enhance and tighten the remainder of tissue for additional lift and contour.


The cost of your Kybella treatment primarily depends on how much product is needed in your particular case. If you have significant submandibular fullness, you will likely need several vials to achieve a visibly contoured jawline. However, many providers offer package deals if you purchase a certain number of Kybella vials in bulk. The area of concern plays a huge role in the total cost of your Kybella injections as some areas naturally carry more fat than others, and may be more difficult and take more time to inject. 

The qualifications and skill levels of your provider may also affect how much you will pay, as a board certified surgeon like Dr. Schwarzburg with years of experience will charge higher than a registered nurse. In addition, the location of the clinic itself may add on to the pricing; larger cities including New York and Manhattan are generally higher in Kybella price than suburban areas, which also applies to cosmetic treatments. Overall you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $3000 per session based on the above mentioned factors. Keep in mind that there are some deals online that may spark your interest – make sure that your provider is reputable and trustworthy before you start focusing on the best deal. No one wants to get ripped off, but getting ripped off with a good deal and being left with potential permanent damage is the last thing you want.


Kybella has become one the most popular non-surgical options for double chin fat reduction and a lot of patients wonder if the hype is really worth it. Both clinical evidence and patient feedback convincingly demonstrate that Kybella reliably and repeatedly melts stubborn fat in hard-to-reach areas including under the chin, around the bra, and in the jowls. It is a relatively low-cost non-surgical option that removes fat once and for all, so patients have never to worry about it.   An online review aggregator and cosmetic surgery resource RealSelf currently rates Kybella at 79% satisfaction rate meaning that 9 out of 10 patients will recommend Kybella treatment to a close friend or relative. Patients frequently share their testimonies about the amazing results of Kybella treatment on social media and they demonstrate consistent satisfaction both with the procedure and the outcomes.


Kybella is a cosmetic procedure and is not medically necessary. As such, it is not covered by insurance. However, here at Skinly, we do accept FSA and HSA flexible spending cards, as well as CareCredit payment plans!


If you’re reading this, then you are likely one of the millions of people who struggle with submental fat or resistant flab in little nooks and crannies along your body. Unwanted fat is present in many of us, including A list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Jenner amongst many others. Kybella is an FDA approved innovative medical solution to this common concern allowing you to rid your chin of excess fat without the need for invasive surgical intervention and all the downsides associated with it! Results can be observed within 4 – 6 weeks post-procedure, sometimes requiring up to 6 sessions for optimal results, leaving you with a contoured and flawless jawline and profile.


With the growing demand for minimally invasive methods to eliminate stubborn fat, Kybella has become increasingly popular and thus, is offered at multiple medical spas in New York. When you search online for “Kybella near me” inevitably a lot of clinics pop up on the map making it difficult to find a reputable doctor. Kybella injections require the skill and medical knowledge to properly perform the treatment and if it is administered by an inexperienced or unqualified injector, the chances of developing nerve damage and complications are significantly higher. For this reason, it is extremely important to find a board certified cosmetic physician who specializes in minimally invasive Kybella treatments, like Dr. Schwarzburg in New York City. Dr. Schwarzburg is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who has over a decade of experience in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and has mastered Kybella injections at his NYC medical spa. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of the anatomical complexities involved in Kybella injections, Dr. Schwarzburg’s clinic is an excellent option to get Kybella.


If you are looking for your go-to spot to get Kybella injections to finally get rid of that flabby double chin, Skinly Aesthetics on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is your place! Owned and operated by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schwarzburg, with over a decade of experience in minimally invasive procedures and injectables, including Kybella, Skinly offers a wide range of minimally and non invasive aesthetic treatments, all of which are administered by Dr. Schwarzburg himself. If you’re ready to move forward with your consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg to put a permanent end to your double chin trouble, you can contact Skinly at (212) 774-4264 or email us at


How much does Kybella cost?

Kybella cost ranges $500-800 per 1 vial

Is Kybella safe?

Kybella is FDA approved and completely safe

When will I see results after Kybella?

It takes 4-6 weeks before you start seeing the results

How long do results last?

Once the fat is destroyed, Kybella results are permanent

Does Kybella hurt?

Local anesthetics will be applied to you skin to minimize pain.

What are Kybella side-effects?

Minor bruising and mild to moderate swelling are expected after Kybella

What is Kybella postcare?

Ice packs and NSAIDs to minimize bruising and swelling

How long is Kybella procedure?

It takes 20-30 minutes for the entire procedure