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Perfect Pout Lip Filler


Perfect Pout Lip Filler – Lip fillers are no longer a fashion statement, but a lifestyle accessory to make everyday seamless – you no longer need to worry about applying a lip liner or put a special balm or elaborate makeup – your lips look glorious and gorgeous all the time! Nobody knows how to achieve that perfect and natural lip look better than Dr. Schwarzburg!

  • Artistically augmented lips accentuate the natural beauty of the lips without making them look overdone
  • Dr. Schwarzburg performed tens of thousands of lip injections and knows all the nuances and understand the complex anatomy involved in lip injections
  • Dr. Schwarzburg uses a variety of techniques to achieve a perfect pout that best fits your face for the most balanced look
  • The results last 9-12 months.

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Glamour Pout Lip Filler $800 for 1 syringe

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