Say Yes To A Sexy Butt With The Sculptra Butt Lift!

Now anyone can get buns of steel using the latest advancements with Skinly.

Get your Sculptra butt in NYC without surgery and very little recovery time

Enjoy a lasting upside-down heart butt for 2-4 years

Sculptra shots will lift, contour, and increase the volume of your bum using natural collagen stimulation

Get the Sculptra booty you want with customized care that meets your expectations

There’s nothing sexier than a curvaceous bum that just won’t quit. But so many people have complained that getting this booty through exercise feels like climbing a mountain they just can’t get to the top of. After all, when you work out enough, you could lose weight around your bum which could take away from its feminine shape, and lunges often just don’t produce the specific results you’re looking for because of the anatomical limitations related to how your muscles are attached and how the fat is distributed.

As much as you want that Hollywood caliber butt, you also may not want to go under the knife to get it. Well, with the latest advancements in minimally invasive butt enhancements, you don’t have to! Here at Skinly, we have mastered and perfected the Sculptra butt lift (Sculptra BBL) and you’ll be happy to know that it’s a completely non-surgical BBL with no associated side-effects or prolonged recovery period!

How is this even possible, you ask? Well, instead of going the liposuction or butt implant route, both of which involve going under the anesthesia, surgical harvesting of fat from other body parts, purifying it and then injecting it back into the gluteal region, you can choose a more natural and less invasive approach. By utilizing the body’s own ability to produce collagen, we can give you a dermal filler that naturally, but effectively, nips and tucks your butt for great results! So, say hello to your upside-down heart BBL without the risk of surgery and extended recovery period.

Now you don’t have to go to all the trouble and expense of getting a Brazilian butt lift in NYC – you can rather choose to have your own collagen for buttocks that will look flawless in a pair of jeans. And all this involves is some Sculptra collagen injections that will induce slow volume growth and butt increase, that looks and feels completely natural and authentic. But What is Sculptra for buttocks? you may be asking. Well, let us explain!

Sculptra butt lift - BBL

The Sculptra Before and After Bum Is All The Proof You Need!

Once you’ve seen examples of the before and after shots, you’ll feel confident that this is an approach that really works. The process is also so simple that you’ll be amazed to see what kind of impact it has on creating that bootylicious butt you’ve always wanted!

We will give you Scupltra injections that will naturally induce the collagen related volume increase you need to add sexy curves to your butt. These minimally invasive dermal filler injections will quickly and effectively fill out your booty in all the right ways, giving you that naturally looking enhancement you’ve already tried to get through workouts. This approach is the clear winner if you’re looking for a less invasive alternative that doesn’t have serious side effects, prolonged recovery period and will last 3-4 years. Plus you’ll have Sculptra butt lift before and after shots that will really impress everyone around you!

Rest assured, the Scupltra Aesthetic is a dermal filler that’s approved by the FDA so you know that it’s completely safe. You may be wondering What is used in buttocks injections? Well, the dermal fillers that form part of the Scupltra treatment are made of poly-l-lactic acid which is responsible for stimulating collagen growth around the tiny particles of polylactic acid. And if you’re wondering How is Sculptra injected? or How many Sculptra treatments are needed? you’ll be surprised to find out how low maintenance and low key the entire process really is!

We inject Sculptra straight into specific buttock areas, and most patients usually need about three treatments (though it does vary depending on the person). We space each treatment 4-6 weeks apart to give your body enough time to respond to each injection, and will start seeing improvements approximately 60 to 90 days afterwards.

The real upside to this approach is that the treatments don’t interfere with your day-to-day life, because of the minimally invasive nature of the treatment. Unlike other practices Dr. Schwarzburg uses a blunt tip cannula technique and at most 2 entry points per butt cheek, the patients are comfortably situated in prone position, and only a local anesthetic is used to ease any pain or discomfort. This means that, straight after each session, you can just get back to it with no one the wiser! With Sculptra butt injections, there will be no if, and, or butts – just stunning results!

Why waste any more time trying to get the butt of your dreams the difficult way? Rather than experiencing the sweat and tears of physical workouts that don’t produce the results you’re looking for, you could quickly and easily get Sculptra injections for buttocks that blow people away! This is the latest advancement in aesthetic butt sculpting and works with your body for a natural yet obvious enhancement of your booty. The experts at Skinly are here to make sure that, when you put your butt on the line with us, you get exactly what you wanted. Now’s the time to get your butt sculpted with Sculptra and have your before and after selfies serve as a testament to its efficacy and astounding results!

If You Have A Sculptra Question, We Have The Answers!

How much do you charge for a Sculptra vial and is one vial of Sculptra enough?

More specifically, if you’re busy wondering, “How much is it to get Sculptra for buttocks in New York City?” then we can only say that the average vial of Sculptra costs anywhere from $400 to $1000 and depends on multiple factors including clinic location, the anatomical difficulty of the procedure, the expertise of the doctor and the number of vials used during each session. Hence, the entire cost of Sculptra butt lift can be anywhere from $4000 all the way to $20000. Always make sure that the treatment is administered by a board-certified physician because this is a very advanced and complicated procedure that may end up with serious health problems if done incorrectly.

While every person is different, normally it takes two to three treatments to achieve the full effect your body is capable of, and this will require anywhere from 8 to 50 vials of Sculptra. The range for the number of vials is so broad because the outcome depends on how your body responds to this dermal filler, as there are poor, average and excellent responders, and it’s impossible to know beforehand which type you belong to.

How quickly will I start seeing results after my first treatment?

The speed with which you see an improvement and volume increase in your butt depends on your body’s unique ability to produce collagen, and this takes some time. Most clients start seeing initial results 6-8 weeks post their first treatment. Most of the patients share their before and after Sculptra butt results on their social media profiles and that is a great way to see where approximately you could end up along the spectrum of possible results.

How should I look after myself following each treatment?

With a Sculptra filler for buttocks that doesn’t involve surgery, you don’t have to worry about doing much to recover. It is important to avoid strenuous exercise for the next week to avoid filler migration. Additionally you will have to gently massage the injected areas for five minutes, five times a day, for the next five days to prevent formations of granulomas – an extremely rare side effect related to development of small firm nodules under the skin. Even if they do form, however, there rarely is any visible cosmetic deficit. Massaging also ensures that the polylactic acid is adequately distributed across the important areas for better results.

Are there any side effects if I get a Sculptra bum lift?

Since this treatment doesn’t involve surgery, the side effects are minimal. In the vast majority of cases you will experience mild discomfort and soreness around the injected areas, and a minimal degree of swelling and bruising, but this will all resolve within a couple of days of receiving your treatment.

Sculptra butt lift | Side effects

Is the Sculptra filler for buttocks a safe treatment?

Sculptra butt injections have an excellent safety profile when administered by a highly trained and board certified physician. There are various ways of administering this treatment, and it’s important to choose one that is associated with fewest possible risks and complications. Dr. Schwarzburg, unlike other physicians, is a fan of blunt tip cannula to inject Sculptra in the subcutaneous tissues with minimal damage. The round tip of the cannula ensures that the instrument glides freely through the tissues and causes minimal damage to surrounding structures. This procedure is FDA-approved and has been around for decades, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with getting this treatment from a licensed and board certified professional.

How long do Sculptra butt injections last?

One of the important reasons why people choose to undergo this procedure is how long Sculptra BBL results last. PLLA particles take a long time to break down, and the collagen scaffold that grows around them lasts even longer. In fact, the results can last as long as 3-4 years and even beyond, which is a remarkable feature compared to other dermal fillers that last up to 18 months at the maximum. The longevity of results with Sculptra BBL is comparable to surgical fat grafting minus all the possible side effects, risks and extended recovery. Not only will you carry around your Sculptra booty for a long time, you will also enjoy the absolutely natural feel of it as if it was your own.

Will my butt look natural after injections? I read online that butt implants never look natural.

Sculptra butt injections are considered butt implants by definition, however not all implants are created equal. First, there are permanent implants and temporary or dissolvable implants. Sculptra is a temporary and dissolvable implant that lasts only a few years. Second, is its ability to conform to your body’s own curves as the filler settles and increases in volume over the period of a few months. The newly grown collagen is your body’s own collagen and that means that it looks and feels completely natural to touch – no one will ever tell whether your booty was made through injections or not.

On the other hand permanent butt implants are made from silicone, which when inserted in the gluteal region will create an inflammatory cascade that grows a fibrous capsule around silicone as the body’s response to contain foreign material. These kinds of implants rarely look and feel natural and it’s relatively easy to tell that the booty was surgically manipulated to create a certain look. Also, there is no limitation to physical activities with Sculptra augmentation compared to a relatively long list of restrictions associated with silicone implants.

To sum it up, Sculptra butt implants look and feel completely natural with nobody’s being able to guess how you got that sexy and attractive bum!

Sculptra butt lift | Natural result | Before and after

How should I look after myself following each treatment?

Believe it or not, Sculptra started out as an injection used to treat HIV patients. These individuals commonly developed lipoatrophy, also called “wasting syndrome”, where they would lose a significant amount of fat, making them look gaunt and depleted. But with Sculptra injections, they were able to replace that lost adipose tissue volume via production of collagen in their systems, which led to the FDA approval of Sculptra in 2004 so that it could also be used to treat the general population. Go ahead, and make the most of this opportunity by getting your own tailored BBL with Scupltra!

What Are Other Applications Of Sculptra?

Sculptra isn’t only used as a source for achieving good butt injections – you can also apply it to your face and the rest of your body to get really impressive rejuvenation results all around. These are all the aesthetic challenges that Sculptra can effectively treat:

  • Cellulite
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Chin and jaw
  • Décolletage
  • Hip Dips
  • Sunken cheeks and temples
  • Facial jowls and marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Buttocks
  • Hands
  • Inner arms
  • Upper knees
  • Stretch marks

Sculptra Is The Solution For Body Contouring

Using Sculptra to create the ideal shape for your body is a major breakthrough in body enhancement and rejuvenation. Not only can you plump up your booty, but you can also make your hands, hips, and face look much younger. Sculptra really is the silver bullet that can treat such a wide range of areas, that you won’t ever be tempted to use surgical procedures again.

It also gives you the control you need to enhance your body exactly as you would like. So, whether you want a sensual round backside or an upside-down heart shaped butt, we can easily oblige so that you are completely ecstatic about the results!

How Sculptra Treats Different Skin Irregularities

With new collagen comes firmer, smoother skin no matter whether you have wrinkles, stretch marks, or even acne. By adding more volume exactly where you need it, you can treat dimpling and even cellulite when this is combined with Qwo cellulite decreasing technology. You can also deal with your stretch marks more effectively by combining Sculptra with Secret RF radiofrequency treatment and microneedling. Even use Sculptra on acne scars by combining it with additional dermal fillers like Juvederm injections.

Sculptra body shaping

How Does The Consultation & Treatment Process Work?

If you’ve never received professional medical aesthetics care, it can definitely be intimidating and nerve-racking. Here’s how the process works at Skinly to ensure you always feel comfortable and at ease:

  1. Initial Consultation – We will start with a private consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg where he will perform a thorough examination and ask you lots of questions to make sure he has a complete understanding of your health and lifestyle. Based on the assessment and your expectations, Dr. Schwarzburg will provide you with a range of treatment options.
  2. Treatment Plan – Once you’ve decided which kind of treatment you want, Dr. Schwarzburg will formulate a concrete treatment plan where he will advise you on how many sessions you should book and how many vials of Sculptra are needed to achieve optimal results.
  3. Sculptra Sessions – If you’re a good candidate for Sculptra treatment and choose this option, we will apply a topical numbing cream about an hour before your session to help manage any potential discomfort. We advise clients to avoid Aspirin, blood thinners, Vitamin E, multivitamins, fish oil, or herbal supplements that may thin the blood and cause bruising a few days before your treatment.
  4. Aftercare – We will space your treatments out to allow your body enough time to produce collagen. In general, people typically need 2 to 3 sessions – with one every 4-6 weeks for it to be most effective. Patients can get on with their lives as normal after each treatment, but we will advise you to avoid any strenuous exercise depending on where you get the injections. It can take up to 4-6 months to experience the full effects of the treatment.

Sculptra BBL In New York City

For the best BBL in NYC, you can make a stop at Dr Schwarzburg’s cosmetic surgery clinic! As one of the leading experts in minimally invasive laser and cosmetic procedures, you can trust that he will administer Sculptra dermal fillers buttocks injections safely and competently every time. Unlike hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Sculptra can’t be dissolved, and this means that the perfect placement of the injections is absolutely crucial to achieve the best effects. Face treatments are likely to take about 20 minutes, but because a larger area needs to be covered with buttock filler injections, you should expect to take closer to an hour for this treatment.

Fancy A Sculptra Face Treatment Instead?

If you thought the Sculptra BBL before and after results were impressive, then wait until you see what our clients think of Sculptra before and after results in the facial area! If you’re struggling with wrinkles, acne, or a lack of firmness, then Sculptra can drastically improve the overall quality of your skin. This is your chance to get an effortless liquid facelift as Sculptra can be injected in most areas of the face for a complete transformation that will blow your expectations away.

What Can You Expect From Your Sculptra BBL Results?

Get the upside-down heart booty you’ve always wanted when we strategically inject your buttocks with dermal fillers that will last approximately 3-4 years. This procedure has become particularly popular in New York City where countless clients are choosing to treat everything ranging from the hip dip, the hollows of the hip, and the volume of the bum.

Your specific treatment plan will be formulated based on the shape you’re looking for. And if you’re wondering how many vials of Sculptra for buttocks are required, it will depend on the desired volume you want to achieve as well as your anatomical landscape, so it will differ depending on the person. One thing we can say is that if you’re looking for a lot more volume, you will need more vials as this requires a greater amount of collagen stimulation to produce the wanted effect.

Slimmer patients tend to have a dip between the thigh bone and hip, and it’s more obvious the less weight you carry. We can effectively replace this volume using Sculptra dermal fillers for buttocks. This will enable us to fill out your hip curves, and it usually involves 3-4 treatment sessions that require 8-10 vials of Sculptra per session. With this minimally invasive procedure, you can easily get the body of your dreams!

Sculptra butt lift result

Does Sculptra Help With Cellulite?

So, maybe your main concern is not the shape or volume of your booty, but rather the appearance of the skin around that area. Well, in that case, you’ve found the right solution! We can improve the appearance of cellulite by creating new collagen that will make your skin look firmer and smoother. All it takes is a few Sculptra treatment sessions, and if you want even more impressive results, we also combine Sculptra with other procedures to really boost the outcome. This means you won’t ever have to experience the embarrassment of not looking your best in a bathing suit again! So many of our patients can’t believe how effective Scupltra has been in getting rid of that stubborn cellulite they’ve had most of their lives.

Sculptra cellulite treatment

Recovery Rules That Will Have You Up & About In No Time!

The beauty of a minimally invasive procedure like Sculptra is that you won’t have to worry about any of the risks that come with going under the knife. This is nip and tuck like you’ve never experienced before, and with a fool-proof process that every patient can follow, we can assure your fast recovery. This is how we will take care of you:

  • Ice Is Nice – Straight after we’ve given you your non-surgical BBL injections, we’ll apply ice packs to the relevant areas to make sure we prevent as much swelling as possible. The areas may also be mildly bruised, but soothing them with a cold compress will control most of this.
  • No Nos – We advise every patient to avoid taking fish oil, blood thinners, and multivitamins a few days before the treatment to make sure there’s as little bruising as possible. We also recommend that you avoid drinking alcohol a day before your Sculptra treatment.
  • The 5, 5, 5 Rule – The best way of making sure that you achieve the best results is to massage the injected areas for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days. This effectively distributes the Sculptra particles, boosting the production of collagen to its maximum potential to have the most transformational outcome. It also stops nodules from forming.
  • Six Months For Full Impact – Since you are likely to have three to four treatment sessions, each of which will be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, you will only see the complete effect of Sculptra BBL after six months. But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait! Remember that it takes your body time to respond to the treatment as PLLA molecules enable the natural production of collagen, which means you’re working with your body, not against it. If you are planning a big vacation or any other major event where your booty look is important make sure you plan ahead accordingly so everyone around you can appreciate the before and after difference that Sculptra BLL doctors in NYC can deliver.

So, What Are The Side Effects?

As an FDA approved treatment, we can say without hesitation that this is a completely safe procedure. And because you won’t need surgery of any kind, we can also promise minimal side effects that won’t interfere with your ability to get back to your life straight after each treatment session. Every person is different, so we can’t fully predict what your reaction to the treatment will be. Needless to say, you could face some discomfort, if any. So, what are the most common side effects that you can expect?

  • Swelling – The treated area may be somewhat swollen afterwards, but that is why you will apply ice packs directly after the procedure to manage this as much as possible.
  • Redness – Your skin may become irritated secondary to the injections, but a cold compress and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen should also help to soothe the area so that this goes away fairly quickly.
  • Bruising – Since we’re injecting into a deep subcutaneous region, you may experience some bruising in the treated areas which will also be eased with the application of ice packs. But because a non-sharp cannula is used throughout the procedure it causes minimal damage to surrounding tissues and bruising is essentially minimal to non-existent.

Keep in mind that once you check out the Sculptra injections before and after shots, you’ll definitely realize that the possibility of these minor discomforts are totally worth the transformational results you can expect to experience when you try Sculptra!

Who’s A Good Candidate For Sculptra Shaping?

Dr. Schwarzburg carefully walks every patient through the kinds of results they can expect after being treated with Sculptra injections, and he makes sure that Sculptra is the best treatment to reach your objectives before creating your treatment plan. What we can say is that optimal candidates for this non-invasive procedure are generally healthy individuals who lack the volume and weight they would like to have a shapely booty. People who have good skin turgor, as well as older patients who battle with skin laxity, are ideal for getting the full effects of the Sculptra aesthetic. While we mostly cater to female patients, we also treat men, and LGBT community as Sculptra is very effective at treating sagging skin around the knees and arms or adding volume near the neck where one’s skin tends to age and become thinner. Other good candidates include those who want to heal acne scars, improve skin tone, and enhance texture for a more beautiful appearance.

Who ISN’T A Good Candidate For Sculptra Shaping?

Even though this BBL non-surgical procedure is safe, it’s not advisable for just anyone to go through with it. We generally discourage immunocompromised people from getting this treatment as well as those who struggle with autoimmune problems, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Vasculitis, or MS. We also won’t treat patients who are younger than 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding. And given the nature of the treatment, we additionally discourage patients with keloid or those who have experienced hypertrophic scarring from getting Sculptra injections.

Can You Combine Sculptra With Other Procedures?

Sculptra BBL can be combined with other procedures to augment already beautiful volume producing results. Juvederm fillers can be used to correct small dents and dimples in the skin easily and with no downtime. Coolsculpting is a body sculpting solution for freezing excess fat around the bottom of your butt and thighs. Qwo injections and Secret RF microneedling help with cellulite elimination to create a smooth and flawless skin. An elegant solution to naturally lift your booty without sweating is Cooltone, which causes muscular contractions through electromagnetic stimulation and is completely non-invasive.

The Skinly Philosophy For Cosmetic Care

Skinly is Dr. Schwarzburg’s brainchild and is a center where anyone can receive the non-invasive treatments they want for effective aesthetic enhancement. What sets Dr. Schwarzburg apart in the field of non-surgical butt augmentation with Sculptra fillers is the fact that he really sees every individual client as unique, with distinctive needs that must be met if the treatment is to be successful. He pays close attention to what every client tells him about their health and lifestyle to make sure they receive the treatment and care that will make their gluteal regions look exactly the way they want to.

Dr. Schwarzburg’s fundamental treatment philosophy is to try and preserve the natural aesthetic of the gluteal region as much as possible so that treatments have the most flattering effect, contributing the rejuvenation and enhancement that will make the client feel and look their best. And as a leading expert in executing minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments, Dr. Schwarzburg will always aim to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Sculptra butt lift is Dr. Schwarzburg’s winning approach to making New Yorkers and international patients’ aesthetic dreams come true. This treatment gives NYC residents the option of non-surgical facial and body sculpting, allowing them to rejuvenate their appearance without the risks or side effects of going under the knife.

Sculptra is a completely safe, synthetic, biocompatible material that not only treats depressions or surface irregularities on the skin, such as wrinkles and stretch marks, but also adds volume in all the right places for a beautiful face, body, and butt. You also don’t just have to get a BBL with Scupltra because it can be used to treat the face and body in a subtle yet natural way that will make you feel great about yourself!

In the spirit of Dr. Schwarzburg’s highly customized approach, we put every effort into gaining a complete understanding of every client’s background and goals before proceeding with treatment recommendations. At Skinly, we really care about providing you with the minimally invasive cosmetic care that will both satisfy your expectations while also being the quick and easy option compared to other treatments. Choose Skinly for highly specialized services that are perfectly executed by a leader in the industry!

Dr. Schwarzburg’s Credentials

If you search for Sculptra BBL in NYC, Dr. Schwarzburg’s name and practice are sure to appear! That’s because he’s one of the leading doctors in NYC for BBL and other types of butt augmentation, and has an extensive medical background that is sure to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for!

While he started his training with a Bachelor’s in molecular biology with high honors (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Schwarzburg went into medicine when he attended the McGovern Medical School in Houston. And throughout his career, he completed so many qualifications and achieved so much that he was invited to become part of the prestigious Ivy League residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital, joining the Columbia University College of Surgeons and Physicians.

Dr. Schwarzburg is currently a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Specialties, and is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. With his long list of credentials, you are sure to be in the most competent hands for each of your Sculptra treatments in New York.

With this list of achievements, you will never have to be concerned when you meet with Dr. Schwarzburg. Not only is he the top professional in his specialist field, but he really cares about giving clients the results they’re looking for so that it looks natural and beautiful! So come to him for the best Sculptra buttocks results today.

What Are You Waiting For?

We have given you the full low-down on Sculptra BBL in New York, so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Skinly Aesthetics not only provides you with the best in the business, but is also committed to complete transparency and the conscientious care of all our patients. We want to make sure you are entirely satisfied with your newly improved butt, face, and body. Just let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help! Also check out Sculptra buttocks injections reviews to see what others say.

Sculptra BBL in NYC

Dr. Schwarzburg’s practice is based on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and is a perfect location not only for those based in New York, but also the surrounding areas. When outcomes, safety and lack of downtime are on your priority list for non-surgical butt lifts make sure to contact Skinly Aesthetics. For additional information and to schedule your appointment, call our office at 212-774-4264 or submit your request online.