Skin Care Tips for Hot Summer

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As far away as summer is, it always feels like it’s just around the corner. And now it actually is just around the corner which means that is the perfect time to remind ourselves about the different ways that we can take care of our skin and keep it from frying up.

Now getting your skin fried is a bit of an exaggeration but many of us forget that the Sun can and will cause a lot of damage to our bodies. This is why dermatologists always recommend that people take extra good care of their skin when they go out in the summer. And while there are skin care guides for fall, winter, and spring, and is in the summer when you have to be extra careful.

However, these tips from Skinly Aesthetics are not anything but are hard to process and are very easy to implement into your daily skin care routine.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this one so much that at this point it is getting on your nerves but it is very important to stay as hydrated as possible. Water is the building block of life and it is without a doubt one of the most important things that we put in and on our body. If you live in an area of the world that gets super hot in the summer then you need to stay as hydrated as possible. It is easy to lose a lot of moisture as you sweat and your body will need to be refreshed.

Drinking water is not the only way to stay hydrated, however. Hydration is also about exposing your body to water and having it on your body. Sure, drinking plenty of water is very important and a great way to keep your body running efficiently. But in order to get the most hydration, remember to also get some water on your skin too.

Whether through regular baths, washes, even swimming; all of these are great ways for you to get hydrated and your body ready to take on anything. Remember to regularly wash your skin, take plenty of showers, and of course, drink all the water that you can.

Regular Scrubs and Cleansing

While washing up with water is always a great way to open up the pores and keep your skin healthy and strong, there are some problems that are deeper rooted and require something more specialized. For those with oily or sweaty skin it is highly recommended to get regular scrubs and cleansing treatment. There are other ways of getting rid of that excess sweat in the summer, such as with a Botox injection, but simply keeping the pores clean and open is more than enough for the hot season.

This doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated or difficult for you to do yourself. Some simple masks or creams are more than enough for you to cleanse with and can get you the refreshing results that you need to stay healthy and strong through the whole summer. If you look at the skin through a microscope, you will see that it is not a smooth, plain surface. It has all kinds of ridges, crevices, and pores. This is how all skin is naturally. These pores are used for your skin to absorb some extra air and oxygen. When they get clogged up, they can no longer get their supply of oxygen and moisture which causes the skin to grow weaker.

Without the right resources to keep it strong and healthy, you will notice as your skin gets drier and flaky. This means that it is very vulnerable and can be susceptible to damage from external sources. The simple solution to this problem is with cleansing and regular detox. Make sure to keep those pores as open as possible, especially during the summer when they need the most oxygen and moisture. While even a simple wash on a regular basis can keep them clean, to keep the skin at its strongest, remember to cleanse.

Stay Away from the Sun

In the summer this is very hard to do for two reasons: when else are you going to get this much sun and also because it is literally everywhere. It can be very hard to get away from it when you have to go to lunch in the afternoon when it is at its brightest. Now do keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being exposed to the sun. In fact, it is our primary source of vitamin D, which in turn is one of the most important nutrients as it keeps our skin healthy and strong.

Just remember to limit it in some ways. This does not mean staying at home the whole day and pulling the shades down when a little light pierces the window. It means that you need to be aware when you are getting too much sun and how to avoid being damaged by it. For example, if you know you are going to be under the sun for a long time as you are going to the beach, take sunscreen with you. If you are walking out for lunch and one side of the street is always scorching hot while the other has plenty of shade, walk on the other side.

It’s with these smaller steps that you can jump over the bigger hurdles that come with summer skin care. Keeping your body strong and healthy through the summer does not have to be anything too complicated; streamline your habits and your routines to keep the amount of sunlight you are exposed to under control.

These are just the three fundamentals of keeping yourself strong and healthy through the summer. Making these the cornerstones of your self care routines will make huge improvements in your physical health and you will successfully get through the scorching hot summer. Implement these aspects of self care into your own routine and see how your habits change for the better.