Tips for Skin Care in the Rainy Season

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Tips for Skin Care Rainy Season

You’ll be happy or sad to hear that winter has gone by, taking all the cloudy weather, snow and wind with it. Or has it? Depending on where you live, it’ll probably be cold during spring as well. There are tons of places in the world with strong winds and snowfall even in the spring season.

This means that even if you’re seeing a little more Sun than before and even if the calendar says “March”, you still need to be careful with your body and how you take care of it. But each season comes with its own steps and precautions when it comes to skin care. Which is why you need to know what to do when the rain starts, along with all the blooming nature and Spring allergies.

So here’s a quick little guide brought to you by Skinly Aesthetics on how to take care of your skin when the rain starts pouring.

1․ Keep It Moist

Sure: springs are definitely not as dry as winters, thanks to all the pouring and the cloudiness. There’s a lot of precipitation in the air, which means that you don’t have to be worried about the skin drying and cracking too much. Emphasis on the too much, since keeping skin moist should be a priority in any season.

Now granted, you may not have to do it as much in the spring, but it’s still very important to make sure that your skin is moist, since this hydration is what keeps the skin healthy and strong. And in a dirty season like spring, where there’s a lot of mud on the ground, gunk in the air, dirty rain water hitting your skin, the last thing you want is weak skin cells which can’t take of these external conditions.

2․ Deep Cleaning

Obviously you probably already wash your skin on a daily basis as it is. Which is great, since washing skin is a very basic way of not only keeping the surface of the skin clean, but also keeping it moist.

However, skin cleaning isn’t as simple as just splashing some water onto its surface. If you live in the city, gunk and dirt can pierce the skin quite deep. There are a lot of pores in the skin which allow it to breathe. With all the gunk that’s flying around in the city air, these pores can get clogged up very easily.

Now, not only is this bad because this means the skin isn’t breathing, but also, who wants to have gunk burrowed in their pores? Which is why simple cleaning doesn’t always work and something a little more specialized is required. Tons of clinics offer cleansing treatments, which basically clean out your skin from a deeper level.

These treatments vary in type; they could be creams and special salves, masks, or even certain kinds of baths. What is important is to clean these pores out and let the skin breather, get all the proper moisture it needs and just look nice without tons of gunk clogging up every trench and hole on the skin’s surface.

3. Mind the Rain

Some people really like rain. Maybe it’s the romanticism that’s implied, or maybe it’s the comfort of sitting at home in silence listening to the rain hitting the window. But while these kinds of things can be soothing about rain, there is still some hard science to rain, and that happens to be that if you live in the city, the rain may look like clean water, but it is very far from it.

City rainwater tends to be very dirty and while it may not be immediately dangerous for your body or skin, it can cause some damage to skin if there is enough exposure. This is why many dermatologists recommend avoiding rain as much as possible. Now again, this doesn’t mean that if you see rain outside, you must avoid going out at all costs. No, it just means to be a little more careful with how much exposure to rain your skin goes through, and of course, to wash it properly after exposure, to make sure that nothing nasty stays on your skin for too long.

There is no need for panic if it rains, in fact rain can be a good way to keep the skin hydrated to some extent, but there are much safer and healthier ways to keep it moist and rain’s just not as benign as most people think.

4. The “Fresh” City Air

Living in the city is convenient, but not always the most sanitary part of life. There are tens of thousands of cars on the road constantly, if not more than that, exhuming fumes which go into the air and pollute it. This is, obviously, bad for your health in general, but it’s especially unhealthy for the skin.

Much like the rest of your body, your skin needs to breathe air. And not just any kind of air, but fresh air. If you live in the city, this may sometimes feel impossible. Where do you go to get fresh air in a huge metropolis like NYC, for example? You could always take a little trip out of town for a couple days or go to a sea, since sea air is generally very refreshing for the body and skin. Take every opportunity you can get to leave the city, even if it is for just a little bit, to let your skin breathe a little easy once in a while and get all the healthy, clean air it will need.

In springtime, with all the showers and moisture in the air, there’s gunk everywhere, which is lifted from the ground and into the air. So springtime can especially have some very dirty air. Make sure you get a little fresh air once in a while, so that the constant muck and gunk that’s lifted by the rain doesn’t cause damage to your skin in the future.