Biggest Recent Trends in the Cosmetic Industry

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Biggest Trends in Cosmetic Industry

As cosmetic treatments become more and more accessible to a significantly larger audience than ever before, it’s easier to see that certain procedures get more popular than others. this can be attributed to many factors, among which are how successful the treatment is, how financially accessible as well as the celebrity endorsement here and there.

But at the heart of all media coverage and advertising and endorsement from a famous actor or two, there is a cosmetic treatment that is capable of changing lives and letting people look into the mirror and see the kind of body that they’ve always wanted to see. This is why cosmetic treatments become trendy and popular; not just because someone saw a video of their favorite actor getting treated. But because they saw the need for it and found a way to improve themselves in their own eyes.

But that’s enough for sentimentality for now, because we have to look through some of the most popular cosmetic treatments that you’ll find in pretty much any modern clinic, such as Skinly Aesthetics, out there. And if you’re not one for going after trends, you can always look through some amazing tips on how to take care of your skin under lockdown or in general taking your skincare routine to the next level.

The Big B

Botox has been a name that’s been attributed to many things. Even if you know nothing about the beauty or cosmetics industry, you’ve probably still heard of the word “Botox”. it gets thrown around a lot by people who don’t actually know what it is and it’s become an umbrella term for cosmetic treatments as a whole.

But Botox is a lot more than just a single word to describe all kinds of treatments and procedures that modern clinics offer. It is quite possibly one of the biggest discoveries made in the field of medicine and cosmetics.

The Botox compound doesn’t just exist to smooth out wrinkles and make faces look younger. It’s a much more versatile chemical that can give doctors medical professionals better control over a body. Botox, in the scientific world known as the botulinum toxin, it’s capable of numbing certain nerve endings which control different parts of the body. This can be quite dangerous if it gets out of control, however, in the hands of seasoned medical professionals, they can use this compound to their advantage.

For example: the earliest use for Botox was in the 1950s, when doctors injected it into the eyelid muscles of a patient suffering from chronic twitchy eyes. When the compound was injected, it soothed the nerves that were responsible for causing the muscle contractions in the eyelids. As they calmed down, so did the muscles and the eye stopped twitching.

Tuesday Botox is used in a wide variety of medical applications, anything from joint pains, migraines to reducing sweatiness, hair loss, and even clinical depression. And while these are still being tested out and aren’t official solutions to these medical problems, they are showing some great signs of progress and may be used in the near future.

Dermal Fillers and Friends

After Botox, another huge lineup of compounds are the many brands of dermal fillers. Unlike Botox which works on the muscular level of the body, dermal fillers work directly with the skin. As time goes on and gravity wears our bodies down, our skin gets saggy and begins to droop and places that are unfortunately quite visible.

Thermal fillers are injected into key areas of the face, where they lift up the skin, smooth it out, get rid of all those wrinkles and make the face look younger. So, as you can see, dermal fillers are a very versatile tool for clinics. They’re one of the easiest and safest ways of restoring youth and vigor to the face.

The dermal fillers don’t just work for the face. There are other kinds of compounds similar to dermal fillers that are used on other parts of the body. For example, special filler compounds exist solely to add more curvature to the body.

Much like how dermal fillers lift up skin on the face, compounds like Sculptra are injected into the posterior, where they are able to give the buttocks a firm, round shape. This allows clinics to augment an individual’s body proportions to the point of their satisfaction. and there are plenty of more applications for dermal fillers and similar compounds out there and you yourself have a chance to take advantage of them yourself.

Microneedling, Exactly What It Sounds Like

We’ve talked about microneedling before, and for a good reason. It’s become a pretty big trend across the country and it makes sense why we should pay more attention to it.

Wrinkles are just one of the many skin related problems that we find with age. But then there’s also things like uneven skin, scarring especially after acne, trenches and so much more. Which is why there are many different kinds of skin leveling procedures and one of the best ones happens to be microneedling.

Best part about microneedling is that it utilizes your body’s very own ability to regenerate damaged skin cells. The microneedling tool pokes a bunch of holes into the surface of your skin, which are deep enough to cause any injuries, but are deep enough to trigger your body’s regenerative abilities. Where’s the holes are poked the skin is stimulated into regenerating the holes and replacing the damaged cells with fresh new ones.

The result is a smooth, soft skin, which is regenerated completely naturally making microneedling a minimally invasive procedure. This means that you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions from compounds that you know nothing about, nor do you have to worry about a bunch of stitches having to heal.

It’s a quick, safe, effective way of leveling the skin, making it perfectly smooth and supple to the touch.

And these were only a few of the biggest trends that modern clinics have to offer. It can find a lot more by looking through the Skinly Aesthetics website to see what other cosmetic marvels would be right for you.