Skincare: Stuck at Home Edition

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Skincare Stuck at Home Edition

So this pandemic certainly came out of nowhere and completely ruined a ton of plans for you probably. And not just big holiday ones, even small things, like routine visits to the spa have taken a backseat for the sake of your health and safety. Nothing is open and everyone is staying at home until this whole thing blows over. It’s good to be cautious, but just because You’re not going to your favorite medspa, Skinly Aesthetics, doesn’t mean you should be negligent about your skin care.

In fact, you should pretty much establish your own home spa to take proper care of yourself. Now when I say home spa, I don’t mean actually buying the equipment, products and furnishing that you’d find at a normal spa, but rather to make due with what you have and work with whatever comes to your mind.

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you should fall back on your great habits of skin care. But being locked inside for weeks with little or no interaction with the outside world gives you the perfect chance to focus on yourself and your health.

But where else to start than the fundamentals?

Back to the Basics

Proper, home skin care starts with the most basic aspects of your skin: nutrition, hydration and air. Just like the rest of your body, it needs the basic kinds of nourishment in order to function properly and carry out its responsibilities in perfect order.

So for example, keeping skin hydrated is a very important part of skin care. Have you ever had dry skin? You probably have. You remember what dry skin is like: flaky, rough and peels off. This means that it’s weak and the skin follicles aren’t strong enough to stick together.

This is why keeping the skin moist is so important. By keeping it properly moisturized, the cells have enough strength to stick together and deflect all kinds of dirt and gunk that comes into contact with skin.

Moisturizing the skin is something that we all do naturally through drinking water or simply washing ourselves. But if you happen to have especially dry skin or if the area that you live in has particularly dry weather, it’s always good to use moisturizers which are good for your type of skin. Many of these products are also full of special nutrients, which can be even better for your skin, with added protection.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the right product for yourself. Everyone has very different skin, so there exist a wide variety of products, designed to cater to this myriad of variety. Best way to find out what kind of moisturizer you need it to keep track of your skin. Does it get dry easily? Does it flake often? Is it particularly oily? How often do you do pore cleaning or cleansing? Taking these questions into account will help you to find the type of moisturizer you need.

The Sun: Never Forget the Sun

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients your body needs. Without it, your immune system takes a punch, as do other parts of your body, in particular; skin. So to keep your skin properly nutritioned, always remember to get as much natural Vitamin D as you can. What’s the biggest source of Vitamin D, you ask?

It’s our Sun of course, that great, big explosion in distant space that gives us heat and light our days. The Sun is a pure source of Vitamin D and it also happens to be our primary source of it too. Now, you probably know that too much sunlight can and will cause certain kinds of skin damage, some of which are irreparable.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get sunlight. Don’t avoid it, just keep your exposure to a nominal amount. For example, don’t sleep under the Sun, or if you do, cover yourself with something. You don’t have to tan yourself either; you can simply sit outside and read a book or listen to music for a little bit in your back or front yard. Live in an apartment? Sit near the window. Your window doesn’t face the Sun or is blocked by another building? If you have access to the roof, try going up there.

Or if your city allows you to leave your building but stay inside the immediate area, you can always just take a little stroll around your building. As long as you get that exposure to the Sun, you’ll have very little problems with Vitamin D.

Let the Skin Rest a Bit

You know how because of the pandemic, all the factories, roads, manufacturing plants and a bunch of industries are put on pause and the environment is recovering from this? You’ve probably seen those viral internet photos of fish swimming in the canals of Venice, which they never did before. Well, similarly, your skin is also having this type of a hiatus from things like outside dirt and, the big one: make up.

Think about it: for days on end, your face is constantly covered in makeup, the pores of your skin full of foundation and creams and whatnot. Now that you’re not going anywhere and don’t have to put on makeup, your skin can get a little bit of rest from the constant pressure of being covered by it.

This is a great opportunity for your skin to finally breathe a little air and take it easy while you yourself also relax from all the work and classes.

Don’t let this lockdown keep you down. Stay home and stay safe. And make this lockdown an opportunity to take better care of yourself, not just the ones you love.