The Basics of Skin Cleansing

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The Basics of Skin Cleansing

There’s a lot more to skin cleansing than you probably already know, but have you ever wondered exactly why you do it and how does it help you? Knowing and understanding skin cleansing is super important for keeping a steady routine.

We’ve already spoken about quick skin care tips for different holidays, like our little Thanksgiving skin care tips, as well as the tips for winter holidays. But what about the routine skin cleansing that you should be doing? This isn’t something you’re going to leave for each and every holiday; that’d be too long. According to experts at Skinly Aesthetics, skin cleansing should be a lot more regular in your hygiene routine.

How Is It Different from Standard Washing?

We can safely assume that you already wash your face regularly. After you get up in the mornings, throughout the day during your breaks from work, after you get home and before going to sleep. And there’s also showering, which you probably do multiple times a day.

Obviously these are great ways for you to keep your skin refreshed and clean, but it’s not enough to get it into perfect condition. Skin requires deeper maintenance. The standard washing and cleaning methods will only get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up on the surface, but what about all the stuff in between?

That’s what skin cleansing is for. Unlike standard washing methods, skin cleansing gets into the deeper layers of skin and can remove the dirt and gunk hiding below. Standard washing is just not that thorough and can’t reach the deeper pockets and crevices. So, you’ll need specializing cleansing techniques to get the job done.

There’s a lot for you to try out too.

Why Cleanse Skin?

If you’re new to specialized skin care, you probably don’t understand why everyone bothers with face masks or hot towels. What’s the point if you can just wash the skin and not put on makeup?

While not putting on makeup will help keep your skin fresh and vibrant to some extent, the reason why you cleanse your skin doesn’t have as much to do with appearance. Skin cleansing can have a direct impact on the quality and health of your body. If you look at your skin through a microscope, even a simple magnifying glass, you’ll see that it’s not the smooth surface you imagined it to be.

It has bumps and holes and pores, which are all necessary parts of the skin. The pores exist to let your skin breathe and sweat, as well as receive some much needed moisture. These are the building blocks of healthy skin. So, when the pores get clogged up with dirt, they can no longer perform their functions.

If the skin doesn’t get enough air or water, it loses its strength and becomes very susceptible to illnesses. So, to keep it healthy and durable, many people choose to get skin cleansing to empty out their pores of all the gunk that’s built up over the weeks.

How Often Should You Do It?

Skin cleansing, being a lot more specialized than your standard body washing and cleaning, makes it a little harder to determine the exact frequency. Depending on the quality of your skin, how oily it gets, how much it sweats, even where you live, your skin cleansing routine is going to be different from everyone else’s.

Consider the fact that people who live in the countryside, for example, aren’t going to need skin cleansing as often. There’s just not as much gunk floating through their air. Compare that to people who live in a huge, sprawling metropolis, like NYC, where the air is filled with pollutants, all kinds of chemicals and who knows what else. Naturally, these people are going to need their skin cleansed a lot more often.

Which is why spas find so much success in big cities. You spend enough time in a busy city with a few million inhabitants, and you’ll start to feel the grime spread on your skin like icing. And while you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, then you clearly haven’t spent a few months in NYC.

So, determining exactly how often you should cleanse your skin doesn’t have a static formula for everyone. The skin is a very complex part of the body and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to it. Your best bet, would be to simply ask your medical professional, preferably a dermatologist, who can give you all the tips you’ll need.

But typically, regardless of where you live, your skin or any other factor, most doctors recommend cleansing every three to four weeks, preferably once a month. This is a good middle ground for pretty much anyone looking to make cleansing a habit in their skin care and will ensure that your skin stays strong throughout the entire year. The darkest winters and the hottest summers won’t hold you back.

What Methods are There?

Modern skin cleansing comes in all kinds of methods and techniques. You can choose from a lot of them, but only a few are going to be the best picks for your skin.

For example, there’s steaming, which pretty much works for everyone. It’s a process during which your skin’s pores are widened, allowing all the gunk and dirt to be easily cleaned out. Usually done via a hot towel or even inside a sauna room, depending on which one your spa provides.

There are also face scrubs, exfoliators, and carbon laser treatments, which not only help to clean out the pores, but they also get rid of dead skin cells. They’re a great way to refresh the skin and keep it healthy. And not to mention; there are so many kinds of scrubs and exfoliators to try, that you’ll have no trouble finding one that works for you.

These are only a couple examples of the many skin cleansing methods you can choose from. Believe me when I say there are metric tons of others for you to pick from. It’s just a matter of finding one that not only properly cleanses your skin, but makes you feel good afterwards.

Everyone has their own preferences, so see if you can find your own.