Cosmetic Treatments Perfect for the Winter Holidays

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Cosmetic Treatments Winter Holidays

Last month we got ready for Thanksgiving skin care , a little before that we looked into some popular trends in the beauty industry, so now, let’s combine the two themes and see what cosmetic treatments are perfect for the winter holidays.

Regardless of what you’re celebrating, where and with whom, (I won’t even go with “how”), you need to look your best, or at least, the best that you see yourself. Last year we also talked about holiday cosmetics and how to look like for holidays. But this year, I want us to look into which treatments you should keep an eye out for that’ll give you a quick refresher, with the little time you have left  for yourself during the holidays.

Here are a few that you should definitely try out in time for all the celebrations and gatherings.

Dermal Filling You Heart With the Holiday Spirit

Ignoring that bad pun, you’ll find that Juvederm dermal filler based treatments at Skinly Aesthetics are really great, especially for someone in a rush to get something done before going out for the holiday festivities. When I say “before celebrating”, of course I’m not talking about half an hour, or a couple minutes before.

Dermal fillers will still require a couple days out of your time, for the procedure, as well as the recovery period. But the procedure itself only lasts around an hour if not less. This is all thanks to filler compounds being injectables, which not only means that the procedures are short, but that the recovery is also pretty fast, since you don’t need to worry about stitches or anything else.

You just go in, get injected into your face, and then wait for about a week as side-effects go away and the results of the treatment come together. Compared to many other treatments that can compare to the effects that dermal fillers can offer, this amount of time is basically nothing.

What dermal fillers do, is they lift up the skin in key parts of the face, to allow the wrinkles to smooth themselves out. The skin gets tightened, restoring volume and overall youth to the face. Initially, it won’t be that easy to see the results of the Juvederm injections. But even directly after the procedure, you’ll still notice some bit of a difference.

As the recovery week goes by, you’ll notice your face getting smoother and smoother, until the dermal filler compounds into its final position and is ready to make your face look young and vigorous.

Microneedling: the Name That Says it All

Among the fastest and most effective treatments out there is also microneedling, which is also referred to as “dry tattooing”. You may have already heard of it a few times and perhaps even seen the cosmetic needle gun, which is a tool that’s used for many treatments, most notably for microneedling.

Microneedling is a very unique cosmetic treatment, as it takes advantage of your skin’s ability to regenerate dead or damaged skin cells and replace them with new ones. When the needle gun pokes microscopic holes into the surface of the skin, these holes regenerate and replace the old cells with new ones.

This has several advantages, such as the skin becoming much smoother, with wrinkles disappearing under the layer of fresh skin. It also fixes some skin pigmentation like sun spots or other age marks that you consider to be a nuisance. But among the best results that it gives you, is that the surface of the skin becomes silky smooth, almost like you completely shed it.

As your skin cells regenerate, you get this smooth layer of new skin, that feels supple and fresh. If you have a tattoo, you’ve essentially already experienced what microneedling is capable of. Since tattooing works with the same methodology of poking tiny holes into the surface of the skin, you can run your fingers across the tattooed area and feel the smoothness for yourself.

Skin Cleansing for the Quickest Smoothness

But if you’re not looking for anything too complicated, for something a little more simple, even if it doesn’t smooth out wrinkles or age marks, then you should try skin cleansing, which is offered in tons of cosmetic clinics, as well as pretty much in all spas.

Your skin has a surface with a lot of bumps and holes and ridges. These holes can collect a lot of dirt and grime that floats around in the air, getting clogged up. Not only is this nasty, but it’s also unhealthy for your skin, which doesn’t get as much air or moisture as a result of this clogging.

Cleaning these pores out will allow your skin to breathe easier, absorb more moisture, and simply have the advantage of not being dirty.

They say dirt runs deep, and they’re not lying. There are tons of different ways you can clean out the skin from its deepest pores, all the way to the top. There are chemical based cleansing treatments, which do a very good job, but you may not want to have chemicals on your face, though they’re completely safe.

You can also try out some masks, different creams and salves if you’re into quicker, easier cosmetic cleansings. There’s a large variety of options for you to pick from, and best of all, they barely have a recovery time. Judging by the quality of your skin and the kind of cleansing you want, spas and clinics will offer you different treatments, that’ll go best with your needs.

Before you know it, right as the holidays are around the corner, you’ll be looking your absolute best, with a fresh layer of skin and won’t have to worry about putting on extra make up just to not look tired after all the holiday chores. It’s another thing to be happy about this holiday season, even if the year wasn’t exactly an easy one.

And with that, we wish you Happy Holidays and hope that you stay and strong through the holidays and on into the coming year.