Autumn Skin Care

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Autumn Skin Care

As seasons change, so do our bodies in certain ways. And if we want to stay healthy, we have to adapt to these changes by creating new body and skin care habits to keep up with the changing weather. Now, skin care itself is a very normal part of the day for most of us, but actually adapting it to the season is a somewhat different affair.

So here are a few tips brought to you by Skinly Aesthetics which can help you plan out your skin care routine for the most optimal skin condition throughout the colder season.

Keeping it clean.

As I said, most of us already take the most basic steps when it comes to skin care. And we do it multiple times a day. This basic step is washing up. Many people tend to take this for granted, but keeping your body clean is actually the initial step of skincare. But while we all keep our skin clean in one way or another, it’s not always as effective as we think.

Our skin breathes air through the pores between the skin cells. So, it’s pretty logical that if the pores are clogged with gunk, there’s not going to be proper respiration, which could potentially threaten the skin’s immune system and even lead to some health risks down the line.

So, to keep the skin healthy and strong, the least you can do it just to clean the gunk and dirt every couple of times, which you most likely already do. But there are some special ways of freshening up the skin to keep it even cleaner.

Cleansing sounds a lot like cleaning, but it’s a little different. Cleaning can just be washing with water and soap, but there are different kinds of skin cleansing techniques. One of the most popular of which are special cleansing balms and masks, which work to remove the deeper dirt, that’s stuck between the pores. Scrubbing a little harder in the shower can also help, but masks and balms are generally more effective and work the deeper layers.

So, it won’t hurt to go through a skin cleansing once in a while if you feel like normal cleaning routines don’t really get the job done.

Keeping it warm

Yes, everyone has a different reaction to cold. Some of us are really good at handling it, others freeze up at the slightest decrease in temperature. However, regardless of how much cold you can handle, our skin are all equally threatened by too much exposure to cold weather, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

Now, keep in mind, when I say cold temperatures can threaten the skin, this doesn’t mean the second you’re outside and the temperature dropped by a single degree, your skin would immediately get damaged. What this means, is that too much exposure of cold can have negative influence on your skin, especially if you don’t hydrate it properly.

Believe it or not, but colder seasons are actually dried than warm. It’s easy to mistake rains and snows for moisture, but the air itself is actually quite dry. This means your skin is exposed to dry air and itself, becomes dry and flaky.

You’ve probably seen individuals who have flaky skin during the colder seasons; when the skin begins to get crusty and dry. This is because they’ve exposed it to too much cold and haven’t used the correct moisturizer, or even no moisturizer at all. So, to prevent such things from happening, it is highly recommended that you cover up as much of your body as possible when having to spend some time in the cold.

Get to covering yourself up before you go out, don’t leave too many open areas, such as hands. And if you have to, make sure to keep those areas moist enough to keep the skin healthy and durable throughout the day.

Keeping it nourished

As you probably imagine, what you eat has a pretty big influence on how your body performs and how strong it remains. Eating a bunch of junk food that has no nutritional value can pretty much leave your body defenseless during the colder seasons, which in turn allows you to contract more diseases.

Now everyone’s diet is different; people just don’t enjoy the same kind of food. But the most bare minimum of dietary suggestions that most doctors recommend is going for the fruit and vegetables.

Try to keep them in your diet as much as possible.Organic food feeds into every inch of your body, including the skin, keeping it healthy and strong throughout the seasons.
But besides food, there is also one very important thing you should be consuming as much as possible. Water.

Again, water is taken for granted quite a lot, but it is one of the, if not the most important factor of your diet. Not only does it keep you body healthy and strong, but it also helps to keep your skin moist. And as we already know, moist skin is skin that’s able to defend the body, as well as look and feel fresh.

Keeping the small things in mind

As you may have noticed, these aren’t exactly the most specialized skin care tips. No, quite the opposite. These are the very basic things you should be handling before moving on to the more complex techniques and routines.

Keeping the skin moist and clean, properly warmed and well as nourished are the points you should look into before starting any kind of more specialized routines. But the best part about these, is that you probably already have them in your routine. Still, it’s still nice to know that you are actively keeping your skin and body healthy through your smart decisions.

So splash some water onto your face, get your favorite scarf out, pour yourself a cup of tea and get ready for the colder seasons, getting through all the rain and mud as we slowly approach winter.