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CoolTone Muscle Toning


CoolTone Muscle Toning – CoolTone utilizes Electromagnetic stimulation to induce intense muscular contractions that slim and tone targeted muscle groups, which is equivalent to doing 20000 crunches. Whether you want to lift your booty or add abdominal definition CoolTone is the solutions! Treatments should be repeated every 1-2 weeks to maintain best results.

  • Multiple muscle groups can be targeted during single treatment to achieve levels of a very intense workout
  • The treatment is completely non-invasive with no downtime
  • You can tone your hands, booty, abs and legs
  • Results take a few days to show and continue to evolve
  • Maintenance treatments are recommended

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CoolTone Muscle Toning: $250 for 1 treatment, CoolTone Muscle Toning: $400 for 2 treatments, CoolTone Muscle Toning: $450 for 3 treatments and above

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